My first post is, of course, all about me…

Preface: I am not a writer. I have never and will never claim to be one. So please no critiquing my writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Some days it will suck. I will do my best to proofread everything multiple times but I make no guarantees that every post will make grammatical sense.

I am starting this blog for two reasons; to allow my friends, most of which are scattered around the country, to stay informed on my life’s goings on, and to allow myself a forum to vent. I promise I will try not to make this Dacia’s personal rants and ramblings. More than anything I am reaching out to the people who are kind enough to read this in hopes they can provide positive feedback and motivations I need to help make me a better person.

Last night I was on the cusp of a full on nuclear meltdown. One of those nights where you just can’t seem to stop crying, you just can’t seem to pull yourself together. I was on the phone with my husband, who is currently in KY, and there was nothing he could say to make it better. It was that kind of night- I didn’t even know what I wanted from him so how could I expect him to know how to help. I of course made some snarky comment about how this is why I never want to open up to him, how he doesn’t care (all of which is untrue) and his response was that what I was saying, what I was upset about was nothing new. Apparently the last quasi-meltdown involved the same topics. I realized he was right- I know what I don’t like about my life but yet I do nothing to change it and then every six months get very upset because nothing has changed. Apparently he knew the problem was with me and now I do, too.  So here is the premise of my blog: personal accountability in taking the steps needed  in order to change my life. It’s nothing new- I am sure there are half a million people blogging about the same issues/problems but oh, well. I am using this as a tool and I see no shame in it.

I have four areas in my life that are in need of a serious overhaul; career, social life, physical health/wellness, and family- or lack thereof. Pretty much right now every aspect in my life aside from my marriage could use some attention so I am going to set out some goals in these four areas and see if I can make some changes.  So, stay tuned.

Oh, and I will try to talk about other stuff too.  They won’t all be boring, I swear.

Thanks for reading!


February 20, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Life.


  1. Jaime replied:

    I hope these things for you: (1) that you become addicted to blogging, because I’m looking forward to reading every post and promise I won’t think they’re boring or judge any poor grammar; (2) that it serves as the outlet you crave, like my blog has for me: (3) that blogging motivates you to make the changes you want to make; and (4) that it’s fun & you “meet” some really great people via blogging in real life and online. I’m so happy you’re doing this!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you Jaime! I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you. You have always been supportive of everything I do and it means the world to have you help guide me through this. I am very excited to join the blogging world and maybe one day I will be able to customize my site a little, add a little flare. Lol! I love the idea of putting my thoughts out there for the world because you never know how it can affect people. It is all very exciting. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything! You are my rock!

  2. labetson replied:

    I’m starting at the beginning and I’ll work my way through. 🙂 I can definitely relate to this first entry. I have similar melt downs often. I just started dieting again. I’ve struggled a lot with my weight over the years. I went through a really rough time and turned to food for comfort. Eventually, I lost 55 lbs on weight watches and it totally changed my life. Then, I gained half back, haha. So, before I spin out of control again, I’m getting back in the saddle. I know you’ll do great, and you’ve got tons of support in your friends. You can do it! One hurdle at a time. And hey, I didn’t even have a wordpress account, but singed up just so I could reply to this. 🙂 That’s how rad you are!

    • Dacia replied:

      First of all; that is awesome that you were able to lose that weight! That is great motivation for me, to know that I can do it too. Good luck on starting again, I know you can do it!

      I am fortunate that I do have a group of friends who are very supportive of me and this whole journey and I am glad to have you following along too! The support is what gets me through everything and allows me to always be honest and not sugarcoat what is really happening in my life.

      Thanks for signing up to word press. I didn’t mean for people to have to do that to subscribe, I think I messed up something in my settings. I am new to all this and it shows. 🙂

  3. labetson replied:

    And don’t worry about your grammar. I can’t even spell weight watchers. lol.

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    […] and check out her amazing post. Then if you are feeling nostalgic, like I was, go check out my very first post from February 20, 2011. Not even a year ago and yet it feels like another lifetime. I know I feel […]

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