On to Plan B….

Yesterday was day one of my new, fantastic workout program and here is how it went…

Our apartment complex has a fitness center located above the office and it’s pretty ghetto. It has weight machines, two elliptical machines, two treadmills (one of which does not work and has not worked as long as I have lived there) and a stationary bike. The plan I am following is geared for the treadmill as it is mostly interval training mixed with straight walking or jogging. I knew going into this that if I wanted to work out at the apartment complex I would be vying for the one available treadmill. Since I get home somewhat early from work, in comparison to my neighbors, I thought it would be no big deal.

I get home yesterday and quickly change, take the dogs out for a walk and then make my way over to the gym. Of course, when I arrive at the gym someone is using the treadmill. I have a couple of options; go home and try again later but I know I would end up getting distracted by something and not make it back. I could drive up to the gym on post but that is a big hassle. Or I could just wait for the guy to finish, and that is what I did. I quietly waited in the back of the workout area, I didn’t want him to feel pressured to finish his workout but I also wanted him to know that I was waiting.

After about 20 minutes he was finished up so I hopped on the treadmill and got started. I have my iPod with me but the TV in front of me is tuned to ESPN, max volume, which is competing with my music. I am starting to get a headache but I push on. At my 20 minute mark I decide to increase my speed a little, I wanted to push myself for the last 5 minutes before my cool down. Nothing crazy, though, I was still at a walking speed. So I bump up the speed and then BAM! The treadmill dies out on me and I almost fall over from my forward momentum. Oh, shit! Are you kidding me??? I futz around with it for a few minutes but there is no hope. I officially killed the world’s oldest/crappiest treadmill. Yay me!

I leave the gym and head back to my apartment and grab my lab Maggie and finish up my walk with her. She is great to walk with because she will always keep a faster pace than you so you are forced to speed walk. After about 15 minutes I head back home, I have completed day one’s activity of walking for 30 minutes but now I have a new problem, how am I going to continue my work out routine sans treadmill?

The way I see it, I have two options; force myself to go to the post gym, which is a pain in the ass to get to and always super crowded with fit army guys/girls, or join a gym, which would still probably be a pain in the ass to get to but not as bad as going to post. Luckily, my friend K., who is an army wife and lives on post, had mentioned that she wanted to start getting back to the gym. It didn’t take more than a text to her to have myself a workout buddy. Problem solved, plus who wouldn’t want a workout buddy? It might be a pain fighting the traffic and having to change at the gym (I hate gym locker rooms!) but I am sure I will adjust and plus it really is the fiscally responsible thing to do.  Free always wins.

So now I have my new workout plan and today after work I will head over to the gym on post and give it a whirl. I really don’t think it will be as bad as I imagine it to be. I really do like the post gym, I am just not used to going there by myself- K. won’t be joining me until next week- so I guess I have to just put on my big girl pants and suck it up. I am pretty sure I will survive.

Oh, and you know how I say that things always go wrong every time I start a new workout plan? Well, last night I could feel myself starting to get sick so I loaded myself up with juice and vitamins. This morning, I got my period, so I loaded myself up with Midol. I think my body is attempting to sabotage my workout plan but I am not going to let it stop me. I’m not giving up so easily this time….


February 23, 2011. Tags: , , , . obesity.


  1. yerttle replied:

    okay, that’s just weird. My dog’s name is Maggie, also.

    Well…Her Ladyship Maggie Moo. She’s a pound puppy, you see, so we gave her a fancy title. 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Our dogs are Maggie and Ruby and we call them Maggie Moo and Ruby Roo. Great minds!

      Where is your husband stationed now?

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