Make San Antonio weird!

As a kid, wandering the streets of Philly I never was once repulsed to see a homeless man peeing on a car, I saw no shame in riding the bus/train, and I definitely thought it was acceptable to be 14 years old drinking a 40 oz. behind some abandoned building on South St. Growing up and being exposed to big city life you definitely grow accustomed to certain things. I was fortunate to have two wonderful parents who took me to museums and plays but also took me to concerts and baseball games. I grew up having so much culture and so many new experiences at my fingertips that I took for granted what life would be like elsewhere.

Since my high school graduation I have lived in nine states; NJ, DE, MD, PA, CA, FL, OH, WA, and TX and man has it been a crazy ride. I have found both good and bad, mostly more good than bad, in the places I have lived and have tried to adjust the best I knew how to these new cultures. I can definitely say that there really is a huge difference living in blue states versus red states but this isn’t about politics, this is about lifestyles.

I was not easily won over by San Antonio. It was such a tough transition at first that I almost packed up and left.  I know it was a combination of the situation and the unfamiliarity of it all that made it hard to adjust to life here. However, I am happy to say that after 1.5 years San Antonio is starting to grow on me. So today, I would like to share some of the things I have experienced while living here- some of my favorite things about San Antonio.

  • First Friday’s in San Antonio’s Southtown neighborhood.  SA, like Philly, has first Friday’s (minus the free booze) which is cool. Paul and I have been a couple times and hopefully we will make a few stops back over the spring/summer. Got to love them for promoting the arts and their local vendors.
  • Alamo Drafthouse: by far the best movie theater I have ever been to. Not only do they have a great beer and wine selection for you to enjoy while you are watching a movie, they also have super yummy food. They show current movies but they also show cult classics like the Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as cartoons, girlie movies and macho tough guy movies too. Next Sunday, Paul and I are going to see “The Jerk” there. This place totally rocks!
  • Boardwalk on Bulverde: 7 days a week you can find a cluster of fantabulous food trucks chillin at this spot in San Antonio. I am love with the fact that SA is starting to embrace the food truck phenomenon. Maybe they aren’t lining the downtown streets like you might find in other cities but for me I am glad this location exists for the trucks, and even happier it is not too far from my house. Coming soon to the Boardwalk: Pakistani street food. Here, in San Antonio. I can hardly believe it but I love it!  
  • Woodlawn Theater: tomorrow I am going to see “The Cure: the Vampire Musical” at the historic Woodlawn Theater. This place opened in 1946. Some fun facts about the Woodlawn: it was here that John Wayne hosted the premier of his directorial debut for “The Alamo” and this was also the site of the first Pink Floyd laser light show.
  • The San Antonio Rampage: who would have thought I would have moved to San Antonio and fallen in love with their AHL hockey team? Not me. The Rampage are like San Antonio’s best kept secret except for the fact that everyone knows about them. Good thing for me San Antonio isn’t crawling with crazy hockey fans because tickets are dirt cheap. They also have great food and beer specials, crazy fun events, and they support the military, which makes them ok in my books.

Well, that is about it for now. I actually have to get ready to go to a Rampage hockey game. I hope that this post might help inspire you to go out and try to find some new places in your community or maybe just go visit someplace you already love.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. hookerchick replied:

    That’s awesome that you’re starting to like it there. Sometimes it takes a long time to get used to a new place. I’ve been in PA 4 years now and I’m still struggling with it.

    But I have to agree with you about the Alamo Drafthouse…best place to watch a movie ever!

  2. hookerchick replied:

    OK, I give up. How do I get my profile pic to show up on these comments? I’ve been trying for a few days and can’t figure this out…

  3. Thoughtful Thursday « thirtythreeandcounting replied:

    […] about the San Antonio food trucks and how much I love them. I posted about them a few months ago here. Well, the owners of two of our local trucks, Tin Can Tacos and Wheelie Gourmet, packed up the TCT […]

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