You are what you eat…

I believe that 100%. I love marshmallows, I snack on them more often than I would like to admit, and my body is starting to resemble one. As part of my plan to become a better me I have also changed up my diet. In case you were wondering, this is what I have been eating lately.

Prior to Paul leaving for air assault school in the beginning of February we were trying to follow Mark Bittman’s food rules which basically means a vegan diet during the day with little or no meat in dinners.  However, once Paul left I fell off the wagon and pretty much ate crap for the first two weeks he was gone. After reaching the point where I felt so disgusted from ingesting so much crap I decided I needed to start eating better again. Since Paul was still away at training I had the freedom to really cook/eat whatever I wanted but I didn’t really have the time or energy.

While grocery shopping, I found slim-fast on sale and grabbed some thinking it would be a great way to supplement two of my meals while Paul was gone.  Now he is back and I am still drinking the shakes because it fits into my routine really well. Although that means no more daily home cooked meals for Paul, it means more time for me to go to the gym and do other things to help me. Some times we all have to make sacrifices. Sorry Paul.

The great thing about the slim fast is it really helps me to limit how much crap I put into my body. I only have one meal where I can eat so I try to make it something either really healthy or really tasty. During the week I replace breakfast and dinner with shakes and eat lunch. On the weekends it depends on my plans. For example, last weekend M and I went to the boardwalk for lunch on Saturday so I had a shake for breakfast and dinner. However, today I am making Paul a home cooked meal (veggie curry) so I am going to have a shake for breakfast and lunch.

I also try to make sure my snacks (3) are healthy. I eat two bananas a day, usually one before and one after my workouts, and then also have some carrots and celery, too. This doesn’t mean that I will deprive myself of snacking on some popcorn or cupcakes every now and then but it isn’t a daily thing, and when I indulge I do it in moderation.  That’s a new practice for me, moderation, so it’s been hard but I am adjusting.

I also drink insane amounts of water. My day is pretty much spent drinking water and walking to and from the bathroom. Dehydration is not an issue with me. If anything, I fear I may OD on water, or drown.

My lunches during the week are easy. I will eat an Amy’s frozen entrée, which is normally vegetarian or vegan depending on the meal, and an orange. I also bring with me a bag of carrots and celery and I eat half with lunch and then snack on the other half towards the end of the work day. Previously I was trying to limit how much processed foods I was eating but this combo of the shakes and frozen meals is super easy, which really helps me to stick to it. Plus, in the world of frozen foods, Amy’s is really the best you can eat. I also pre-chop all my veggies once or twice a week which makes getting my lunch together very easy.  

I have found this diet to be very easy to follow. I still get to have great food every day; I just limit it to one meal. I don’t ever feel like I am depriving myself of anything which is great since my typical reaction to dieting is feeling like I am starving and then gorge on tons of junk food. The shakes are really great to drink and I have one with a piece of fruit before my workout to give me the calories I need for fuel.

Just like my workout routine, my diet will probably change over time. My only hope is that when I do move on to something new I take with me what I have learned so far, moderation and smart food choices.

Paul busted out the peanut butter for our post-workout snack time last night. I think I am in love- with bananas and peanut butter. Yummmm!!!


March 4, 2011. Tags: , . Diet.


  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Yum, pb & b.

  2. I Lost Over 100 Pounds replied:

    I hope I am not what I eat. I eat a lot of beans that would make me nothing but a bunch of hot air.:D

    Good luck on continued success.

    The Grumpy Man

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Grumpy Man! Yours is officially my first comment from a reader I didn’t have to coax to read my blog- if that makes sense. I checked out your blog and I love it! I will definitely be following you and your progress- great motivation for me! Thanks for reading!

  3. jamesandjax replied:

    If I am what I eat, I guess I’d be cheese. Eww, gross.

    • Dacia replied:

      I think you are cheese based off of the transitive property of equality. I love cheese, I love Jaime, therefore Jaime equals cheese. See, it works. Kind of. Lol!

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