We’re movin’ on up….

So it’s official- we are moving into post housing once our lease is up this summer. On Friday, Paul dropped off all of the necessary paperwork in order to get us onto the waitlist for housing. Right now there is a 3-4 month wait for housing which is why it was so important for is to decide now about whether or not we should move onto post. We are both very excited about this decision and cannot wait to move. So, if you live in the greater San Antonio area feel free to volunteer some time to help us out with the move. 😉

Previously I had listed some out the pros and cons of post housing and I wanted to revisit this so you can see why we ended up making the decision to go this route.


• Very convenient for Paul- no commuting for work, and for me- easy access to the gym

• Living on post puts us closer to downtown and to the AT&T Center, where we spend a lot of our time.

• We would be surrounded by army people. It might be nice to make some friends that are in a similar a situation. Plus we would be closer to T & K.

New Pros:

We could have a grill. We miss grilling especially since we live in Texas and grilling is possible 365 days a year. This means BBQs and horseshoes!

• We could have a garden, which I am so excited for. I am already planning on what I would like to grow and picking out bins I want to buy in order to compost.

• The dogs will be able to spend much more time outside. I know this will help them get their daily exercise and eliminate the need for a dog walker.

• Closer to T&K means closer to their daughter. I love spending time with the baby and I am sure they will love having us close by to babysit. Also, this means it will be easier to join K for her evening walks up at the track on post.

• Grocery shopping will be less time-consuming as we would be living super close to the commissary. You have no idea how much of a pain it is driving on and off post every time I want to go to the gym or go shopping. It will be so convenient to live near both places.


• It will increase my commute time- actually it is almost the same drive time, I tried it out the other day. It is a further distance but almost all highway driving.

• The houses are teeny tiny and we would probably have to replace all of our living room furniture to fit in the space- Paul figured out a way to make our furniture fit but we still may replace the living room set just because it is time. Also, the houses have a basement and a garage & driveway; which will help with storage space and eliminate the need for me to constantly wash my car- all parking spots at the apartment complex are under trees.

• Living on post would cost the full amount of our housing allowance which basically means we will have to pay more out-of-pocket every month. Our current rent is over $300 less than the housing allowance we receive- we would be paying more for rent but we would not need to put out $50 a week for a dog walker and Paul would not have to drive to work so we would save on gas. Plus utilities are included in the rent amount. Currently we pay anywhere from 130-300 a month in utilities. Therefore, living on post would be cheaper.

 • We would be surrounded by army people. This really could go either way, it really depends on the specific army people we find ourselves surrounded by. It could end up being more annoying than beneficial- there is no way now to know what our neighbors will be like but that is true anywhere you move so it is a moot point. Also, just being closer to our friends who live on post would be nice. Especially since Paul and his BFF T. refer to themselves as the wolf pack- they are both so happy at the possibility of hanging out every single day.

• The only pool is the indoor pool at the gym. Not quite what I am used to and they probably frown on you drinking alcoholic beverages while swimming- I’ll adapt, there will be plenty of drinking going on out on out front porch that I think I can live without drinking by/at the pool. I might actually take advantage of having a real pool that is meant to be used for exercise.

As I said previously, we are both very excited for the move. The more we discussed it, the clearer it became that the best decision for us was to move on post. Now we just wait until August 1st to move but don’t think that I won’t be spending as much free time as possible this summer in the pools at our complex. That really is the only thing I will miss.


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  1. monicaams replied:

    I’m so happy for you guys! It’s going to be a wonderful thing for you to be surrounded by other women going through army life.

    • Dacia replied:

      Yes, that should hopefully be a good thing although I have heard that officer wives tend to look down on enlisted soldiers wives but I doubt I will be hanging with them much as I work and cannot ever attend all the army wife events they have- always during the day. Luckily my neighbors will all be enlisteds so it should be good.

  2. yerttle replied:

    we used to live over on Artillery post loop, in the big quad-plex. When we first rolled onto post, I said, “I bet a General lives there!”

    Well…no. There are four apartments, hard wood floors, no noise insulation (if you know what I mean…I could hear my upstairs neighbor pee!), and the black mold was awful.

    …the porch was cool, though. ;P

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