The beginning of my new weightloss journey…

Yesterday I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was nothing like what I expected. In my mind I envisioned it to be like Overeaters Anonymous where the meetings are more on an individual level; where people share their stories and struggles and find comfort in the support of other members. That was not at all what it was like. It was basically thirty minutes of listening to the meeting leader discuss one topic. Yes, people did chime in here and there with their comments but it was really more sitting and listening to the theme and thinking of how it applies to you.  No, it wasn’t at all what I was hoping for but that doesn’t necessarily mean I was disappointed.  I am just going to realign my expectations for what type of services Weight Watchers will provide me with.

Now I am not sure if I can post about the exact theme of the meeting so I will give you my summary- finding/knowing the one thing that helps you stick to your diet. I knew right away what this was for me; planning. If I plan out my meals, my workouts, my splurges, and my activities for the week I have no problem whatsoever sticking to the plan. It is the weeks where I don’t plan in which I truly struggle. So for me, I know in order to be successful I need to make weekly plans.

I talked before about how I have been spending one weekend day devoted to cooking all the meals for the week but that I don’t actually eat them. I cook them for Paul so a) I don’t need to worry about cooking after work- which cuts in to my gym time and b) so that Paul doesn’t eat fast food every day. I had been drinking a slim fast shake before my workouts and then just eating some fruit after opposed to eating what I had made for Paul. Well, now that is about to change.

I joined WW last Wednesday and started tracking my food points. On normal weekdays I was only using up half of my points which I didn’t think was a big deal until I went to my first meeting and was told repeatedly that I needed to use all of my points in order to lose weight. So now I will be eating dinner with Paul which is ok, especially since I will still be making all our meals ahead of time. It will probably take some time before I am adjusted to eating and then working out or vice versa but if I need to use up all my points in order to lose weight on this plan then I guess I don’t have a choice. On a side note; I tried really hard yesterday to use up all of my points and still fell short one point. It is going to be a big change eating that much food especially since my usual snacks are fruits and veggies and they have no point value!

Sorry, got kind of off topic; back to planning. What I found works for me is a day or two prior to grocery shopping (which is normally Sunday, which is also my normal cooking day) I sit down with Paul and we decide on the dinners for the week. I try to find dishes that freeze nicely and reheat well, utilize mostly fresh ingredients, and aren’t too complicated to make. That gets us set for the week on dinners. On Sundays I also peel and chop a very large bag of carrots and chop up a few heads of celery that I eat as my midday snack throughout the week. I look at my calendar and see what events I have scheduled; for example this week we have a Thursday Spurs game as well as Friday and Saturday Rampage games. I will take Thursday off from the gym because I know I will not have enough time to come home and eat, go to the gym, shower, and make it through Spurs traffic in time for the game. Now my gym schedule is set for the week. I also know that on Rampage game days I usually get an ice cream cone or pretzel so I factor those in as splurge days and then I don’t feel guilty when I do eat that stuff.  Voila! My week is planned. See, pretty easy!

I am very happy about joining Weight Watchers and I think the transition into their methods will be pretty easy. They preach what I was already incorporating into my routine; moderation not sacrifice and not letting slip ups or setbacks derail you completely. I think WW and I will have a very long-lasting friendship.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about my weigh-in yesterday I was at 277.6 without my shoes. Before I went I weighed myself at home, with and without shoes, to see the difference between my scale and theirs; my scale read one pound less exactly. So, for ease of tracking I will be using the WW scale and reporting that weight as I progress. Even though I started my journey here on this blog at 286, when I joined WW I posted my weight on Wednesday at 280 so I will be using that as my starting weight. I will post my weights for you weekly so you can see my progress.  So for today: 280/277.6/150; starting, current, goal.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Yay for you!!! As you loose weight you will also start loosing the number of points you get for the day. Its funny how difficult it can be to eat all your points initially and how you end up having to adjust again as you move toward your goal. I know this plan works for me and I hope it works for you too.

  2. C'est moi replied:

    Welcome to the Weight Watcher club!! I am also on WW although it is the European ProPoints plan so a little different! You can also follow my progress and hints/tips!

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