Weight Watchers Update- Week 6

Sorry for the delay in today’s post. I had some technical difficulties, i.e. no iPhone for over 9 hours, and was running around all day- this is the first bit of time I had free to write up a quick post. Had my weekly weigh-in today which was also my April end of month weigh-in.  I was very pleased to see a loss of 3.4 pounds since last week, bringing me down to 267.8. Hello 260’s! I am super pleased with these results, very amazed I survived NOLA and eating out almost every meal until Thursday and was able to pull off a big loss. However, my overall weight loss for the month only totaled 8.2 pounds so I didn’t reach my monthly goal of losing ten pounds. No worries though, I mean yes I am somewhat bummed I didn’t meet my goal but come on, how can I be sad when I lost over eight pounds. So I will celebrate my (small) victory and vow to try harder in May.

Weekly Goals

Continue planning! I think this is going to always be a weekly goal because it really has enabled me to be successful so far. I will continue to plan meals, workouts and events and stick to the plan best as possible. This makes life so much easier for me.

Tracking! This is a big part of Weight Watchers and I pride myself for being someone who tracks all week long- have heard from people in meetings they only track Monday through Friday which to me seems kind of pointless but I digress. I had a really hard time tracking points for a lot of the foods I ate in NOLA and even at some of the places around San Antonio I ate at with my parents. Because of this I fell out of my normal routine so my goal is to track everything I eat for the next week.

Be active! I know I sound like a broken record but I really cannot stress how much I enjoy being active and the importance it has for me to meet my goals. For this week I have planned out my workouts and classes (yay! Boxing on Tuesday) but it’s also good to throw in some spontaneous activities and break up the monotony of doing the same things over and over.   So this goal is really having fun while being active.

Me time! WW definitely preaches (not in a bad way) the importance of me time and I like to think of my 430am workouts as me time, which they are, but this week I want to increase the amount of time I spend on me. I am fortunate that my husband is super cool about me excluding him from plans every now and again; dinner & bingo, boxing class, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (all with MS), and my Sunday morning 5K (with SM) but I really want to set aside some time for me, and me alone. I miss reading, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and would like to spend a few hours this week reading. Maybe even dedicate some time to a nice evening swim in the pool which is a great way to relax. No one is stopping me from doing either except for me so I am going to try my best to force a few extra hours into doing me stuff because I deserve it.

Stay tuned for next Saturday’s weigh-in where I hope to achieve my next weight loss goal, 5 % loss by May 7, which means I need to be at or below 266 pounds. Wish me luck this week!

Thanks for reading!



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Back in the fashion of previous week’s posts, here are my responses to five more questions from Marc and Angel Hack Life’s list of 365 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself this year. I know it is Friday but my schedule is still a little out of whack so I thought it would be ok if my posts were, too. 😉

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I would say that I feel like a person in their thirties not necessarily because of how I feel physically but because of my station in life. I think that even if I didn’t know I was in my thirties I would still feel that way. Long gone are the rebellious teenage years and the carefree years of my twenties. I have entered into the stage of life where I am settled into a career and planning for things like retirement, mortgages, and college funds have started play a big part of my finances. However, at this point I am still not as financially solvent as I had hoped due to student loans, car payments, and credit card debt (acquired in my 20s) balanced against a job that doesn’t pay very well. To me, this is a definite sign that I have officially reached my 30s.

Would you break the law to save a loved one?

I immediately started to type out ‘of course’ but then I had to stop and think for a minute. It’s hard to think that I would break some laws, like murder or rape, in order to save someone I loved. I would like to think that if it came down to it I would do whatever necessary in order to save someone I loved but I am not sure I could do something that would hurt or kill someone else in the process. If someone asked me to smoke a big joint in order to save my husbands’ life I would do that. I would also jaywalk and litter, too, in order to save him. Just not sure I could do any of the heinous acts that fall under breaking the law.

What makes you smile?

Wow, this is a tough question. So many things make me smile so I think I will make a list.

  • My husband
  • My dogs
  • Writing this blog and reading my blog subscriptions
  • Reading your comments 😉
  • Beautiful sunny days with a breeze
  • Seeing pictures of my friends, from all over the country, smiling and happy
  • Hearing good news
  • Being around friends
  • My iPhone
  • Finishing up a tough workout
  • Attending sporting events, like last night’s baseball game
  • Buying cute little baby clothes for my friend’s babies- baby clothes are so adorable
  • Laughing with Paul
  • Seeing weight loss results and feeling better about myself
  • Long walks or any other activity that gets me outside
  • Summertime and BBQs

I am going to stop here or this list will go on and on….

When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

I really hope that isn’t true. I hope to have done more than I have said. I don’t want my life to be a lot of dreaming with nothing coming to fruition. I want to see the world, I want adventures and to try new things, not a life filled with what-ifs and should-haves. I think that this journey I am on is going to help me make that possible. I already see a difference in my personality and my willingness to be more open-minded so I hope that when all is said and done my life was filled with action, not inaction.

If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?

Nothing will ever change if we don’t try to change it. I think there are people out there who think that nothing they will ever do could ever impact or change the way things are so in turn they never try. I may know enough to understand that I cannot single-handedly change the world but by fighting alongside a group of like-minded people, we can collectively make an impact. It takes a village. So my message would be that we cannot lose hope, we must always continue to fight for what we believe in.

Please feel free to share some of your answers to these questions with me. I am always interested in learning more about my (small handful of) readers!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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I’m baaaaaacccckkkk….

Well, I must admit that although my vacation was awesome I am so happy to be home. It was fun breaking out my routine, seeing new sights, trying new foods, etc., but it is hard to balance that lifestyle with my normal routine which is almost completely based around weight loss. I went into New Orleans with a set of goals and a mindset to stick to them no matter what until I got there and realized I would much rather be out exploring than stuck in the gym. I did go a little overboard when it came to food but I tried my hardest to not go too crazy and most times I would order an appetizer as my entrée to at least help keep my portion sizes down. I am very happy to report that I weigh less now than I did before I left. I doubt the scales will reflect a big loss on Saturday but hopefully I will still see some kind of loss even if it is negligible.  For me, right now my biggest goal is to get back into my routine of eating well and exercising regularly. It is surprising as to how quickly one can fall out of their routine. Hopefully I can finish out this week strong.

I was so happy to read all the comments you guys posted while I was away. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading about what we were up to. It was great to be able to share them with you. I really missed being able to write my normal posts while I was away but even more so I missed reading everyone else’s blogs. I tried my best to read as many posts as I could each day but it was tough and I missed a lot of them. I feel like I am a week behind in my reading and hope to catch up soon. It is weird not reading your blogs everyday- I felt so disconnected from you, it was a very strange feeling. I had no idea how much of an impact your words have on my life. It was amazing and somewhat shocking to have that type of reaction. There are a few blogs I read that are written by my close friends and I use these as a way to help me stay connected to their lives. However, most of the blogs I read are written by strangers (meaning I don’t know them outside of their blog) and it was so weird to be on vacation wondering how they were doing with their weight loss or what recipes they posted today or how their training is going, etc.  I guess my point of all this babble is it is amazing how close you can grow to people just by reading their blogs.

In other news, things have been quite chaotic since my return to Texas on Monday. While we were away our apartment flooded due to a leak from our A/C unit. My dog walker, Olivia, who was staying at our apartment contacted maintenance and they came out to fix it on Saturday. On Monday, we returned to even more water which had spread from the hallway/bathroom area into our bedroom. Tuesday and Wednesday they came out again and have since assured us the problem has been fixed. Now we are just waiting on the carpet people to come out and replace the padding that was removed last week. What a pain in the butt!

Today at work my boss came over to my desk to drop off a sealed envelope. Yes, I had a mini-stroke thinking it was a pink slip. I think he noticed the look of terror on my face because almost immediately he told me it wasn’t pink. As soon as he left I tore it open, of course thinking it was bad news, only to find that it was paperwork from HR notifying me of my merit raise. Woot! Ok, so it was only a 4% raise but I was still happy to get anything as I have only been here since August and the word on the street was that we probably wouldn’t be getting a raise this year due to our buyout. I’ll take that 4% and be happy with it, no complaints here.

Hmmmm….what else??? I feel so out of practice since it has been a week or so since my last real post. Oh, I almost forgot – I have a goal deadline coming up on April 30th, my second one month weigh-in. The goal was to lose 10 pounds in April so we’ll see on Saturday if that happened or not. It will be close, I don’t think I will be able to pull it off but I am going to try my best to lose those last couple pounds before the weigh-in. Make sure to check back on Saturday!

Paul and I registered yesterday for the Gorilla Challenge taking place here in San Antonio. It’s like a giant scavenger hunt around the city with teams competing for a cash prize. There is also a costume contest and a gorilla contest as well as prizes along the way. Apparently these go on all over the country and if it wasn’t for Living Social (half price registration fee) I probably would not have heard about this. It is scheduled for May 21st and I am pretty pumped about this because I have never done anything like this before. It should be pretty cool!

Before I go I would just like to wish my friend MS a very Happy Birthday! Her birthday was Tuesday, I missed it (although I did text, I didn’t forget it) and we are going to be celebrating it together on Saturday. Also, I would like to congratulate my friend KO. She had a second interview today in Georgia- they would be crazy not to hire her!

Thanks for reading! I missed you guys!

P.S. Can you guess which one is my newest addition, picked up in NOLA, to my little collection of tchotchkes on my desk???

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New Orleans- Day 4

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures from this days events. This is partly because the ones I took at night came out very blurry and I diddn’t have my camera with me to take some while we had Easter Brunch and watched the parade going down Bourbon St. The Easter parade we saw was supposedly the fun paprade- very wild and eclectic, which it was. We heard that there were other parades around the city but that this was supposed to be the best. This was our last day in New Orleans and there was still so much of the city we didn’t get to explore. I cannot wait to go back!

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde- we finally made it!!!




After breakfast we stopped off at Harrah’s to play some slots before heading back to our hotel. We won $30- woot! Lunch was Easter brunch at the Red Fish Grill and the Easter parade down Bourbon followed by a nap and some NHL playoffs.

We met up with my parents for dinner at Acme Oyster House. We had lots of oysters and crawfish as well as some gumbo and étouffée. It was fantastic!








After dinner Paul and I went out for a bit back to Cafe Beignet for some coffee and live music. It was the perfect ending to our long weekend in New Orleans!




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New Orleans – some music from day 3

I forgot to include this video in the post from day three. It is just a minute long but hopefully you can tell how great these guys are. It is of the band that plays in front of the Foot Locker on Bourbon St. Enjoy!

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New Orleans Day 3

I completely fell off the wagon yesterday; I ate too much, drank too much and skipped the gym. My only saving grace was walking all over the city and sweating my ass off- hopefully that counts for something. My cellphone ended up dying at the most inopportune time and so I do not have any cellphone pictures of the most upsetting and shocking part of this trip- my time in the lower 9th ward. I have pictures on my camera and once I am home I will dedicate a whole post to what I learned and what I saw down there. Let me just say that I cried the entire time. Yesterday, Paul and I headed out to the French market to hit up the famous cafe du monde. Little did we realize that the crescent city race was going on and the starting line of the race prevented us from crossing the street. We were starving so we stopped at a nearby restaurant for breakfast.







20110424-020358.jpg After breakfast we walked back towards our hotel stopping along the way for some drinks and to admire the surroundings. There is such a crazy mix of formality and poverty, fancy hotels next to smutty stores but somehow it works.













20110424-021014.jpg By the time we made it back to the area of the french quarter where we were staying we were starving and kind of drunk so we grabbed hot dogs from the street cart. Tasty and kind of shady- probably not our best decision.


20110424-021218.jpg That afternoon we headed out on a three hour tour of the city- this is when my cellphone died but not before I got some photos of some beautiful homes and some mausoleums.













20110424-021724.jpg After the tour we walked from the French market to a restaurant for dinner- not very good- and then over to the Balcony Music Club to listen to some free local, live music. Paul and I drank some Abita and relaxed to the beautiful sounds of the jazz ensemble. After a quick stop back at the hotel Paul and I headed out to grab some drinks and bar food. On a hunt for some Abita strawberry harvest, our journey ended back at our hotel to the Davenport Lounge where we finally found the beer we were searching for.




20110424-022244.jpg Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 5

Ok, so I am having a blast in NOLA and really just want to head out to the market so I am skipping my WW meeting. Instead, Paul and I headed to the gym at the hotel for my weigh-in. I had gained 4.4 lbs before I even left which I think was from a combination of bloatiness and constipation, sorry for sharing that, so I was ready to accept a 6 or 7 pound gain. Let me tell you how happy I was to see 271.2 on the scale, only a 0.6 lb gain. I was thrilled- there were screams of joy. I am super pleased with myself right now. Wish me luck for the rest of my vacation!

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New Orleans- Day 2

Day 2 in New Orleans was amazing! I am in love with this place. I took 5 million pictures so I won’t share them all but here is my best editors cut of the day. We started off at Cafe Beignet and indulged in beignets (Paul and I split an order), coffee and chicory, and a veggie omelet for Paul.




20110423-065740.jpg We walked around the area a bit before heading back to our hotel to freshen up.




20110423-070030.jpg For lunch we headed to John Besh’s Restaurant August. The restaurant offers a $20.11 three course lunch fixed price lunch menu Monday-Friday which all of us ate from. Definitely the best meal I have had so far. Amuse bouche

20110423-070344.jpg Appetizers in French on the menu- my basic description is carrot soup, beet salad, and pig pate. Lol!



20110423-070602.jpg Entrees: squid pasta filled with salted cod and veal with ricotta dumplings


20110423-070815.jpg Dessert: panna cotta in strawberry sauce and chocolate peanut butter bars with popcorn ice cream


20110423-070935.jpg After lunch we headed down to the Mississippi river to go on a steamboat ride. According to the captain, this is the last real steamboat operating on the Mississippi.







20110423-071235.jpg For dinner we headed to Domilise’s for po’ boys. This is where Anthony Bourdain
ate on his show No Reservations so I had to check it out. I had the shrimp po’ boy and it did not disappoint. Pretty big sandwich- Paul kindly ate 1/3 of it for me.



20110423-071524.jpg After dinner, and a nap, it was time to explore Bourbon St. The best music spot is in front of a Foot Locker store- these guys are awesome. The lowball glass is an absinthe drink- frappe at tujague’s- from the absinthe house. We have crossed off three of the ten ‘big easy libations’ off our list; the hurricane, the hand grenade, and the frappe at tujague’s, with hopes we will try all ten before we leave.





20110423-072140.jpg Thanks for reading!

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New Orleans- Day 1

Day 1 was primarily spent on the road. Paul and I headed out of San Antonio at 3:30am in order to avoid Houston rush hour traffic. Once we got through Houston we took our time and tried to have a fun, relaxing day. We even stopped at a casino in Lake Charles, LA and played some slots.


During the drive we crossed the tenth longest bridge in the world at 18.2 miles which was pretty crazy. It was magnificent and scary at the same time.



We made it into New Orleans and headed over to the airport to pick up my parents and the four of us headed to the hotel to check-in. We are very, very fortunate to be able to take advantage of the military discounted rates the Marriott company offers and so we are staying at the Ritz-Carlton which otherwise would be well outside of our price range- thank you Marriott! This hotel is amazeballs! I definitely could get used to this!






After a quick shower, which was pure heaven, we headed out into the city. Mom wanted to go to Brennan’s for her birthday dinner- she loves bananas foster! Dinner was very, very good and the bananas foster did not disappoint.









Dinner was followed by some walking around the French Quarter and then an early night for Paul and I- well at least for me. Paul went downstairs to the patio to enjoy a beer and cigar. Also out at the patio- some of the LA Lakers. Yeah, they are staying in our hotel. Crazy!!!






Thanks for reading!

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Wordless Wednesday: Week in Pictures and the Wonderful Weirdos

Here are some pictures from the last week. The weather was very nice so we were able to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Opening Night for the San Antonio Missions

The first pitch was thrown out by a little boy- it was very cute

Our mascot- Ballapeno

Henrys Puffy Tacos taco costume has no face- very creepy. On a side note: they make the best puffy tacos in San Antonio

Paul and I played some mini golf Saturday

Even though his short game sucks he still beat me by three strokes

Then we hit up the batting cages where I saw this ridiculous sign

Since Paul and I will be leaving tomorrow for New Orleans, where we will be meeting up with my parents (who are not really weirdos- no more than anyone else at least, I was just going for some alliteration), I thought I should share with you some pictures from our Mardi Gras themed family reunion (2009) so you can see how truly wacky we are. There are no pictures of Paul because he was at Army Basic Training at the time. I will make up for this by taking lots of pictures of Paul acting goofy this weekend to share with you.

Mom and Dad enjoying the festivities

Mom and Dad posing for pictures- most of us kept our masks on the whole time. My Dad took his off like 5 minutes after it started.

You know you love my glasses and if you look closely you can see my actual glasses underneath. Classy!

I hope you are having a great week! Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!

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