Moony Monday

Today’s post is definitely going to be a mish mash of random thoughts, my weekly goals I didn’t discuss on Saturday, and a list of healthy snacks compiled from comments left on my ‘S.O.S.- Save Our Snacks’ post. This post will be representative of how I feel today, scatterbrained and exhausted. I mean, it is Monday and this is normally how I feel after a fun and exciting weekend. So I will apologize in advance for today’s post- hopefully it won’t be too bad. 😉

This morning, while I was on the recumbent bike, I thought about how in just 6 weeks since I started this journey I have changed up my diet and exercise routine several times. Initially I started out using the slim fast shakes as meal replacements and trying my hand at jogging on the treadmill. Now I am on Weight Watchers and I mostly avoid the treadmill and stick with lower impact machines. I bring this up because I think there are a couple of important lessons here. First, know your body and listen to it when it says STOP! I wanted to jog, I really wanted to spend every day on the treadmill and transform myself into a runner. However, I am just not there yet as far as physical strength goes and I ended up pushing myself too hard which led to two weeks of no workouts while I healed. I learned not only that I need to learn the difference between good pain and bad pain but also learn to realize when I have reached my limits. I found out that I am just not in the shape I would need to be in to spend each day on the treadmill but because of this I have found out what routines work for me; weights, elliptical, recumbent bike and even one or two outside walks a week.

Another thing I realized is that it is important to find a routine you can love because fitness doesn’t end once you meet your goal weight. For me, I have a very long road ahead just to make it to my goal weight. However, this is a habit I will need to have for the rest of my life in order to maintain a healthy weight. It is important, or at least it is for me, to look at exercise as just another required daily task in order to help make that transition into something that NEEDS to be done. Now that I fully understand what my future life will be like I know I need to find something I love doing in order to help keep me motivated; it truly has to be something I want to do not something I dread doing. Being open to try new things, or change-up the routine as you see fit in order to stay motivated, is also key.

On Saturday I wrote that my goals for this upcoming week would be the same as last week’s. However that may be true but I did want to expand a little on a couple of them.

Continue planning! Plan meals, workouts and events and stick to it the best as possible. This makes life so much easier for me.

Eat my points! This week I want to focus on using my daily points and my weekly points. I had an additional one pound loss last week when I used up my daily points each day, now I want to make sure this week I use my weekly points as well. Thankfully, I have almost reached this goal as going out for Margaritas and Mexican food on Saturday used up my entire daily point allowance and most of my weekly point allowance. It was so worth it though! Yum!

Be active! From working out I have seen both an increase in energy as well as an increase in my strength and stamina. My workout routine is very important to me because I really don’t want to be thin and flabby. I would much rather prefer to be lean and muscular which is why I really try to push myself (within reason) when I am at the gym.

Have fun! In order for me to be successful I need to plan, that’s just my nature but this week I am going to try to plan and still have fun. This goes hand in hand with what I said earlier; in order to be successful in the long-term I need to do activities I love. I spent three days last week outside of the gym and not only did it provide me with a great workout it was also a lot of fun. I am happy to be finding my groove when it comes to my workouts; it truly makes life so much better when you enjoy what you are doing.

Healthy Snack List

Thanks again to everyone who left comments- I was thrilled with the response and am currently incorporating these recommendations into my daily snacks.

Nuts; Recommended brand: Planters Nut-rition® line

Yogurt mixed with granola

Fage® fat free Greek yogurt plain or with a little honey.

Chobani® yogurt – vanilla mixed with granola or Just Bunches® cereal

Chobani® yogurt- flavored. Recommended flavors- pomegranate and peach

Granola bars

Peanut butter and banana

Peanut butter and apple slices; recommended PB choice: fresh ground honey roasted peanuts from Whole Foods

Apple slices with cheddar cheese sticks

Pirate’s Booty®

Cottage cheese; recommended both plain and Breakstone’s ® cottage cheese doubles

Hershey’s Kisses®

Individual serving microwave pop corn

 Cheese sticks

Red bell peppers with hummus

Tomato slices with salt

Cucumber slices with salt, pepper and lemon or Indian Chaat Masala

Milk; skim, low-fat or light soy milk

Dips with the veggies; recommended dip- Wholly Guacamole® 100 calorie packs

Special K® Protein Shakes

Jell-O® sugar free puddings

Crackers and cheese

MorningStar Farms® Breakfast Sausage Patties are a great (quick) addition to a breakfast

Olive oil, avocado, crumbled feta, and a little lunch meat on a salad to keep full longer

I apologize for making you hungry 😉 Hopefully the next time you need a quick bite you will reach for something off of this list of yummy, healthy snack suggestions contributed by some of my readers. Please feel free to send any additional ideas/suggestions you may have after reading this. I can never have enough healthy snack ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Latina Barbi replied:

    Try this workout every so often…I walk on the trreadmill at 15% incline at 3.5…you can burn about 100 calories every 6-7 minutes…AMAZING and don’t forget to hold on for you dear life..I do this duing my lunch..MUAH!

    • Dacia replied:

      LMAO!!! When I was jogging on the treadmill I always had to hold on for dear life- I have very bad balance. This past saturday I was out on the track with my husband doing intervals and was struggling without the handrails. I almost fell over like 5 times, just from running! LOL!

      I will definitely try out your workout some time soon! Thanks!

  2. jakennicksmomma replied:

    You did make me hungry! Luckily Matt has the day off and is cooking breakfast as we speak…yum!

    • Dacia replied:

      Sorry! Good thing you have Matt handy to whip up something yummy! Enjoy!

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