New Orleans- Day 4

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures from this days events. This is partly because the ones I took at night came out very blurry and I diddn’t have my camera with me to take some while we had Easter Brunch and watched the parade going down Bourbon St. The Easter parade we saw was supposedly the fun paprade- very wild and eclectic, which it was. We heard that there were other parades around the city but that this was supposed to be the best. This was our last day in New Orleans and there was still so much of the city we didn’t get to explore. I cannot wait to go back!

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde- we finally made it!!!




After breakfast we stopped off at Harrah’s to play some slots before heading back to our hotel. We won $30- woot! Lunch was Easter brunch at the Red Fish Grill and the Easter parade down Bourbon followed by a nap and some NHL playoffs.

We met up with my parents for dinner at Acme Oyster House. We had lots of oysters and crawfish as well as some gumbo and étouffée. It was fantastic!








After dinner Paul and I went out for a bit back to Cafe Beignet for some coffee and live music. It was the perfect ending to our long weekend in New Orleans!





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  1. ambers0182 replied:

    Love the pics!!! It sounds like you guys had a blast. I’m so glad you had a great vacation. 🙂 I can’t wait till I get to go, but it will prob b next year. I will have to get ur opinion on all the best places to go. 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      I will definitely give you the scoop on all my favorite places. You will have so much fun! There are still so many things we didn’t get to see- will definitely be making more trips out there!

  2. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Thanks for sharing all the photos. I agree with Amber, sounds like you guys had a great time! Makes me want to shoot over now! Yay vacation!

    • Dacia replied:

      Yes, it was definitely a great time. Can’t wait to come out to San Diego and hang out with you!

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