Wordless Wednesday

We went to see ‘The Three Amigos’ at the Drafthouse on Cinco de Mayo. They gave us cap guns and moustaches. There is something off-putting about firing a (fake) gun in a crowded movie theater but it was a great time nonetheless.

I noticed these flowers around my apartment complex. I have never seen them, or anything like them, before. Very interesting with the giant pods and bright pink flowers.

On Saturday we went to MJ’s first birthday party which was so much fun. Lots of great people and yummy food. Look at the cake KJ made- it was so cute!

Paul and I joined in on a game of ladder golf (I think that was the name) and it is played using two of these PVC ladders and six pairs (three per team) of golf ball rope things, two golf balls attached to either end of a piece of rope, that you throw at the ladder for points. Please note the house in the background. These are the houses for enlisted soldiers on post, so when we move it will be into a house just like that.

Sunday morning SM and I extended our normal 5K walk to 10K in order to test our endurance. We will be walking a 10K in the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge on May 22. We walked the distance of the entire Salado Greenway Trail and back for just shy of a 10K- 5.99 miles. Sadly, San Antonio is in a drought so most of our wildflowers have died off and our creeks are bare. I took a picture of some flowers still surviving the drought and a crane (I think) standing in a dried up creek bed.

Speaking of dying flowers, Paul gave me a miniature orchid plant last week but it was not doing well in our apartment. I don’t think it was getting enough light. I brought it into work since I have a lot of natural light at my desk and it is doing wonderfully.

Yesterday I went to support the ISR softball team that Paul plays on. They are really bad. Really bad. To make matters worse, they look like a bunch of misfits compared to the other teams they play against. Can you see the other team in the background in their nice uniforms?

Afterwards I went to the gym for a workout on the recumbent bike. I set out to try and bike 25 miles over 75 minutes. I didn’t quite make it but I am still pleased with the workout. My legs are feeling it this morning. I was also joined by two other people and their two dogs while I was on the bike. It was weird because the people were just hanging out on the machines, not actually exercising, for like 20 minutes while their dogs ran all over. I like dogs so I didn’t mind, it was just unusual to see them at the gym.

Here is my dog Ruby, looking quite sad. I think she misses me since I am at the gym all the time. Although when I am home she just sleeps most of the time so I am not quite sure if she cares. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. jamesandjax replied:

    I adore this “wordless” (HA!) post. I loved seeing the sticker “card” Jax made for you in the background of the pic of the orchids. The dogs at the gym are still funny, even the next day. Those pod-flowers are freaking weird. Just bizarre.

    • Dacia replied:

      I know, I am really bad about the wordless part. I always like to talk about each picture but that kind of defeats the whole purpose. Oh, well. I should probably rename it to pictures with words Wednesday. Lol! 😉

  2. cassiebehle replied:

    In Nebraska, we call Ladder Golf “Monkey Ball!” 🙂 Beautiful picture of the crane.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks! Actually the people we played with, the owners of the set, are from Iowa and they call it something not really PC for my blog so I opted for ladder golf. Going forward I will call it monkey ball- I like it!

  3. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Paul should wear that mustache all the time! Where is a pic of you with yours?

    • Dacia replied:

      I didn’t think to have Paul take one, I wish I did though. I looked hot. Mine was a handlebar mustache which everyone knows is the best kind of mustache. 😉

  4. shrinkingwmn replied:

    I am doing the same weight watchers walk but mine isn’t until June…good luck with yours, I’m sure you’ll do great! I haven’t even started training for mine yet lol. Oh, and Cutest dog ever! (yours, not the ones roaming the gym). 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      I think they moved our walk up because of how hot it is in June in many places. It’s going to be super hot on may 22 as we are already in the mid to high 90’s most days. It’s going to be hot!

      And yes, my dog is super cute and she knows this. She demands everyones attention at all times and if you are petting or playing with our other dog, or any other dog, she will squeeze in between and expect you to play with her instead. She’s funny.

  5. Ginger replied:

    It’s so funny that dogs were in the gym. So weird, but funny! Ruby is adorable! Good job on the bike, you weren’t far from goal at all! 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      I pretty much thought the same thing about the dogs. I was actually petting one of them while I was riding the bike. Quite an unusual situation.

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