A Day in the Life….

Today I wanted to share with you a typical day for me on the Weight Watchers program. I talk a lot about the new activities I am trying and my workouts but I don’t really talk much on what I eat. I posted last week about some problems I was having with eating at night, both pre and post workout, and how it was causing me to be unable to use all my daily points; which are the basis of the Weight Watchers program. In order to combat this problem I decided that I would increase my daytime meals/snacks point intake and eat a lighter, less filling dinner. Although WW does recommend consuming more points for dinner than breakfast and lunch I have to adapt this program to best fit my lifestyle. So here is a snapshot of what a typical work day looks like for me.


2 cups of Green Tea, unsweetened- 0 pts

Veggie Sausage Breakfast Taco- 7pts

Fresh Pineapple, ½ cup- 0 pt


Chobani Fruit Yogurt 6 oz. – 3 pts

Banana- 0 pt


Salad: spinach, romaine, bell peppers, tomato, English cucumber, mushrooms – 0 pt

Grilled Chicken 6 oz- 6 pts

Ginger Dressing 2 Tablespoons- 2 pts

Pretzel crisps (11) – 3 pts

Grapes- 0 pt


Carrots (2) & Bell Pepper (1/2) – 0 pt

Hummus 2 tablespoons- 2 pts

 Green Apple- 0 pt

2% Mozzarella string cheese- 2 pts


Chicken Salad Sandwich- 9 pts

            4 oz chicken- 3 pts

            2 slice whole wheat bread- 4 pts

            Mayo with olive oil ¾ tbsp- 2 pts

 Fresh fruit- 0 pt

At this point I have used up 34 of my 40 daily point allowance.  I have six leftover to try to use for my last snack of the evening. If I can stomach it, I will usually have a WW smoothie prepared with milk (4 points) and small WW snack bar (2 points) to finish out the day. If not, I will have a WW ice cream bar or maybe some popcorn which still leaves a couple of points left over when all is said and done. Paul thinks I am not eating enough in relation to the amount of calories I am burning working out. He thinks I need to eat more but as you can clearly see, I am eating pretty much non-stop.  The hardest parts about sticking to the program for me is trying to figure out the best balance of point distribution and how to continue eating the food that I like and want to eat.

As far as exercising goes, some weeks are more intense than others. I have found that on days where I don’t have anything planned I will end up exercising in order to keep me from just sitting around and doing nothing. Since I didn’t have much going on last week I ended up exercising every day; I even worked out twice on Saturday. This week, however, is a little busier. I am taking today and Friday off from the gym so it won’t be quite as crazy of a week for me as last week was. I have my two boxing classes, Tuesday and Thursday evening, and I will probably spend Wednesday night at the gym on the recumbent bike. Yesterday, I did a quick three-mile walk with my dog Maggie and then later in the day Paul and I played 5 games of racquetball which took us about 70 minutes to play. I have been trying to walk and play racquetball at least once a week each to add some variety to my routine. I find that any activity that involves other people never seems to bore me because each time it’s a completely different experience.

I read numerous weight loss blogs, I talk with friends about their weight loss journey, I sit in meetings and talk about people’s struggles, and the one theme that continues to surface is needing to be flexible in order to be successful. I hear it all the time and I have probably mentioned it here before. I firmly believe you have to be able to roll with the punches and be willing to change things up to better suit your needs. Not only to better suit your needs but also to better suit your abilities and lifestyle. You need to be adaptable to situations that arise in your life; you cannot stay at home locked away- you have to try to adapt your new life into your old and find a way to make them coincide peacefully.

I know in the past whenever I have dieted I was very strict with what foods I could and could not eat and I would avoid social situations which presented opportunities for me to go off diet. I could stick with the diet for a little while but not very long because I couldn’t handle such a restrictive lifestyle. Now, I don’t avoid these situations I just try to make them work for me. I focus on trying to make smart decisions where I can but if I don’t, if I splurge, I forgive myself and then tomorrow just move on because that is life. I won’t be perfect every day and I am ok with that. I’ll settle for perfect 90% of the time 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Motion and Rest replied:

    I found a Weight Watcher’s buddy! (I started on 4/20.) I love the program so far, but I reeaally need to try different foods before I get burned out on my normal rotation. You’re having fantastic results! Way to go!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you so much. Another great blog for WW is http://reluctantwwfoodie.wordpress.com . She is a WW member but also she has a page on her blog dedicated to her group called ‘the official reluctant losers’ which I am one of. You can become one too if you are interested. Every week the losers submit their gain/loss, comments and the goals they are working towards. I like it because you feel like you aren’t in this alone. Good luck to you! I am here if you ever need anything- just let me know!

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