Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge

As you know from Friday’s post, I was planning on participating in the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge by doing a 10K walk on Sunday. Since I found out about this event through WW I have been walking weekly and working out almost daily to prepare for it. Unfortunately, my body had different plans for Sunday’s walk. Due to the insane amount of walking I did on Saturday, in the crazy heat and humidity nonetheless, my body just couldn’t push through another long walk in the same awful weather. Instead I convinced my friend SM, who was walking with me, to do the 5K instead. So that is what we did.

SM looking great at the start of the walk!

Once we got there and signed in we were allowed to start. We all started at the same place just not at the same time. This challenge was all about the walk and being able to set goals for ourselves and complete them because of this the walk (not race) was not timed. This allowed everyone to just get out there, walk, and have some fun. SM and I were joined by one of my WW online friends, SF, whom I had only known through the WW website. It was great to finally meet her in person. She is someone who encourages me and gives me great advice through the program and hopefully will become a regular participant in my walking group.

Can you see how low the lake is? The water has receded and the bed is starting to dry up. San Antonio is hurting for rain.

The event was scheduled to start at 8am but like I said we just started once were signed in. We followed a path down to a looping trail that went around Mitchell Lake. I had never been there before but was told that it would be a dirt trail and that there would be no shade. We were lucky that it was overcast and that there was a slight breeze because it was so hot and humid, even at 8am, that without those two factors we may have collapsed somewhere along the trail. The walking was somewhat treacherous in parts; some places were paved, some dirt, and some were paved at one point but now were just broken up chunks of pavement on a very uneven surface. This made walking very difficult for me having rocks pushing up under me feet which were still blistered from the previous day. Ugh, that was definitely the downside of that trail but the three of us persevered and in no time the walk was over.

The start/end point of the walk was also where we got our goodies. Yay free stuff!

I was happy to have spent the morning with two incredible women and really did enjoy the company and comradery of the other participants in the walk. Everyone was friendly and respectful of each other which helped make it such a great experience. Once completed, those who were Weight Watchers members received a 5K charm to go on the WW key ring you receive once you have hit your 10% weight loss goal. I have not gotten 10% yet but am excited to have something to put on the key ring once I do. It is nice that WW gives you these types of tokens to serve as reminders of your successes. All in all it was a pretty great experience and I do not regret my decision to switch from the 10K to the 5K. I am actually happy I did since my feet and knees were somewhat sore after the walk. I know a 10K could have possibly pushed me over the brink and caused me to actually injure myself. It is important to push yourself but more important to know your limits.

Heaven for my poor feetsies!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. thedelishdish replied:

    looks like a really fun walk and sounds like you had a great time!!

    • Dacia replied:

      It was alot of fun. I am thankful that I had great people to walk with and keep me distracted or I wouldn’t have been able to forget how hot and uncomfortable I was 😉

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