Weight Watchers Update- Week 12 and Weekly Goals

Weight Watchers Update

So another Saturday has come and gone without an update from my weigh-in. I am really bad at getting these Saturday posts up in a timely manner. I think if I had an iPad it would make blogging much easier; hint, hint 😉 As per my usual routine I went to my Weight Watchers meeting which was good. I was somewhat blasé about this weigh-in because it’s my TOM and I am super bloaty and I had a crazy big drop last week so I went in thinking it could go either up or down but hopefully just a small amount. I was correct; I lost 0.6 pounds last week which made me happy. I always like to see that number on the scale decreasing. For those of you keeping track, I have lost 19.8 since joining WW and I am down about 27 pounds since I started in February! Yay!

The meeting topic was ‘best supporting actors’ and sadly, we did not discuss the academy awards. I think we were supposed to be talking about people in our lives that help us through this process but somehow we got off track and ended up talking about finding nutritional information and ordering off the menu at restaurants. These are my least favorite meetings- when we get off subject and end up talking the whole time about food. It makes me hungry! Blerg! But overall, we did hit a few key points which made the meeting worthwhile; that we have the support of others in the meetings if/when we need it and the importance of educating the people in our lives about the program in order to have them help us better. So, if any of you ever have any questions at all about Weight Watchers please ask. If you want me to explain in more detail about the program or what I do while on it please let me know.


Weekly Goals 5/30 – 6/5

Let’s see how I did last week…..

Keep moving! I think I did a pretty good job this week; here are my results.

Monday: 2.5 mile walk plus swimming

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Combo class (1/2 boxing, 1/2 weights) Kickboxing because I cannot tell time/read a schedule so I missed the combo class

Thursday: Recumbent bike: 20.3 miles in 65 minutes

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: Recumbent bike: interval training on the bike: 5 min. low resistance/fast, 2:30 high resistance/moderate speed for 60 minutes, 2 mile walk with Maggie

Sunday: 5K walk with Stephanie and then I took my first Nia class (60 minutes) which I will talk about in another post

Clean House! I did ok with this one. My house is definitely much cleaner. I still struggle with getting much done during the week but I made up for it yesterday and today and am pretty pleased.

Eat Whatever I Want! I like this goal and I think that ‘eating outside the box’ is helping me to make meals more fun to prepare and eat. Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast?

Read more! So, I didn’t read poolside except for on Monday but I am 30 pages from finishing a book I started on Memorial Day so I think I will say I met this goal too. After I finish writing this I am going to finish that book and hopefully start another one tomorrow.

Weekly Goals 6/6 – 6/12

Keep moving! I know it’s repetitive but I just can’t take this one off the list. My biggest fear is hitting a plateau and quitting because I can’t handle not losing weight. I am so sick of being this person that I don’t want anything to get in my way and I feel like if I just keep at it, keep putting forth the effort, then I will continue to see results on the scale.

Schedule: Monday – off, Tuesday – boxing, Wednesday – off ( I have two season ticket holder events this week; Monday is hockey and Wednesday is WNBA so no workouts), Thursday – Nia, Friday – boxing, Saturday – recumbent bike, Sunday – walking and Nia

Clean House! I need to keep this on here because I NEED accountability when it comes to this part of my life. I still have not caught the neat-freak bug and live like a messy college kid.

Read More! It’s good to make sure we set aside time to enjoy some of our favorite hobbies and for me reading is one of them. I read before I went to sleep every night and I found this to be very therapeutic so this one is staying on the list too! Sorry for all of the repeats.

Contribute More! This is not really a weekly goal; it is more like an ongoing goal. I want to do more; more for my community, my family, my friends, and try to help others in the way others have helped me. I having been half-heartedly trying to find ways I can give back to the people directly impacting my life and starting now I am going to try to really put some focus on this. I have some ideas of things I would like to do but I need to put some more thought into it. I will definitely keep you posted. Hopefully I can come up with something wonderful!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. amysjourneytohealth replied:

    I need the clean house accountability too! lol this weekend I did get a LOT of it done, but the bedroom is still a disaster. 🙂 We’ll get there. You are doing so great on your weight loss! I love the chart too. Keep it up girl! You are such an inspiration!!

    • Dacia replied:

      I am glad to know I am not alone when it comes to being messy. It’s definitely something I need to improve upon. We will get there though 🙂

      Thanks for your support! You are an inspiration to me! Together we can win this battle!

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