Versatile Blogger Award

I am excited to announce that today I received this:


This is my first blog award so I am pretty thrilled. I kid you not; I almost did a little dance when I saw my blog listed in Ginger Couturier’s post as one of her recipients. I love Ginger and was honored to receive this from her. Her blog was one of the first one’s I subscribed to when I started blogging and have been faithfully following her journey ever since. In case you don’t subscribe to her blog, which you totally should, you may remember it from this post that included the best-ever brownies which I won from her blog giveaway. This chick is pretty rad; brownies and then a blogger award. I am so lucky!

As I read through her post and checked out the other blogs she listed I realized that this meant that I would have to figure out who I would be giving this award to. I was excited to accept this award but in order to do so I had to meet two conditions: share 7 things about yourself and pass on the award to other wonderful bloggers.

I am ok with the sharing part but trying to pick others to receive this award is comparable to Sophie’s Choice. This decision is made only slightly easier by having two blogs eliminated from contention; Ginger’s and Yerttle’s– as she was another recipient of this award from Ginger. I really would like to give this award to everyone on my blogroll but I will follow along with the conditions and will choose seven, although it doesn’t specifically say how many, bloggers to receive this award. I hope I get more of these in the future so I can pass them along to other bloggers not on the list this time. You all deserve this!

Recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award- please show them some love!

* In no particular order…..

Haath Se [By Hand] / Simple Beauties – one blogger, two blogs

Kitchen Tutor / Team Dewhurst – one blogger, two blogs

Simply Sidney

Cassie Behle

James and Jax

My Happily Ever After

Amy’s Journey to Health

Hopefully you are still reading and not unsubscribing from this blog instead 😉 Seriously, it was very difficult choosing just seven because I love and read so many that are deserving of this award.

Well, I still have another condition to fulfill which is to share with you seven things you might not know about me. Here you go:

  1. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic
  2. As an adult I have lived in nine different states, six of which I have lived in with Paul since we were married six years ago.
  3. My career goal is to become a college professor and to get a PhD
  4. I have a birthmark on my upper left thigh that somewhat resembles the state of Florida
  5. I only cut my hair once a year.
  6. I am very superstitious and believe that any change in my routine or even wearing certain articles of clothing can impact the outcome of things.
  7. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know me outside of this blog, Dacia is my real name and it is pronounced day-sha; the –cia make a sha sound like in Marcia or Patricia.

Don’t forget to enter my blog giveaway– the deadline is 1159 pm CST TODAY! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    Simply wonderful!!! You are a versatile blogger. I always look forward to reading your blog and get a happy face when I see you’ve posted, as I’m excited to see what you’ll have to say. I’m speechless that I made your 7, how very very cool. I can’t wait to pay it forward!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks! I am so glad you are excited to read my posts as I feel the same way for yours. Can’t wait to see your 7 and learn 7 things about you!

  2. kitchentutor replied:

    What a great idea!!! Thanks!!! I see what you mean about now having to pick blog favorites… oh boy…

    • Dacia replied:

      Yeah, it is a difficult decision. Can’t wait to read your post though. I love learning about the people behind the blog.

  3. Versatile Blogger Award « My Happily Ever After replied:

    […] The Versatile Blogger Award comes with great responsibility!  First, I must choose 7 other bloggers to pass it along to.  I read a whole lot of blogs so it was a bit difficult to choose!  So, here is a variety of  the blogs I make a point of reading every single one of their posts. […]

  4. bridgesburning replied:

    congrats on getting the award! I popped over from Cassie Behle to say hi!

  5. SAJ replied:

    thanks again for the award Dacia – you definitely deserve it as well!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! You inspire me every day!

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