{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Catching Up

I went to Ft. Hood for Paul's graduation from WLC. He made the Commandant's List. I am so proud of him!

The long bridge at LBJ Park on the Salado Greenway is actually called Morningstar Boardwalk which is named for Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Morningstar, a local serviceman who died in Iraq

Went for a hike with SF around Commanche Lookout Park. This tower was at the top. I am guessing this is where they looked for Commanches? On our hike we also saw a bunny. So cute!

Yummy vegan sandwich from Twin Sisters Bakery. It was loaded with fresh veggies and miso peanut butter. An odd combo but it worked well.

Paul and I took the girls to their favorite place- the dog park. Ruby really was much more excited than she looks.

Maggie had so much fun that she was smiling happy on the ride home.

In the waiting area with Paul before his eye surgery. I actually watched the procedure and wanted to take pictures but there was a nurse talking to me the whole time so I couldn't take any.

I knew I was fast but I had no idea they needed to post signs telling me to slow down 😉

Finally breaking in my new sneakers. I love them!



Thanks for your help. I would be lost without it 😉

Pretty flowers!

My father bought this from a young artist at an exhibition at a local college. The young artist just happened to be my wildly talented cousin, John.

 Thanks for reading!


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  1. yerttle replied:

    “you are here”…that’s hilarious! To go home, just follow that splinter to the knot, then turn left at the crack.

    Your cousin rocks!! Wow!

    I love new shoes! I seriously have a shelf of “I need these but I’m not sure why” sneakers. All Nike. …I have issues.

    Awesome photos! Thanks!

    • Dacia replied:

      Lol! Thanks! You run in Vibram’s, right? Do you switch between them and other types of running shoes?

  2. Brittany replied:

    yay for new shoes! What kind did you get?! I love that people from different states have different names for “running shoes”! I call them tennis shoes! Any kind of athletic shoe is a tennis shoe!

    • Dacia replied:

      I used to call them tennis shoes because that is what my mom calls everything. Now I call everything sneakers. Lol! Ummmm..they are adidas but I am not sure what the ‘model’ (is that the right term?) is. I would have to check. I bought them a month ago but have been avoiding wearing them- I hate breaking in new shoes. These will be my half marathon shoes so I figured I better get used to them 😉

  3. juleen76 replied:

    That drawing from your cousin is INCREDIBLE!!! Does he have other work available to be viewed online? I’d love to check it out!

    • Dacia replied:

      He does! He posts his work on his website: johnmitchell.carbonmade.com Most of it is for sale, you can email him if you have any questions mtchll48@gmail.com

  4. kitchentutor replied:

    Great pics! I was laughing out loud at the map and the slow down sign. Also, at the pic of the tower where you mention looking out for Commanches and then Hey, we saw a bunny! Thanks for sharing! Love reading your stuff!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you!!! I am glad you liked the pictures!

  5. Simply Sidney replied:

    The map and signs were awesome!! The vegan sandwich does look yummy, cant believe I said that, hmmm, I think I should try something like it, oh boy a new adventure for me 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      You definitely should try something like that! I am not a vegan but some of my favorite restaurants serve vegetarian and vegan entrees and if they are just as good, if not better, than there meat filled counterpart. Yum!

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