Goodbye’s Suck!

Today is the last day at my current job and I was greeted with mixed emotions. Happy to be starting something new, excited to meet all of my new co-workers and start my new job, nervous as to how I will fit in and how my new work schedule will mesh with my classes/workouts, sad to leave some great co-workers /friends behind and anxious to leave someplace where I feel so comfortable and head into an unknown situation. I know all of this is normal and thankfully it’s not nearly as traumatic as when I left my job in Philly. That was devastating. Multiple going away parties, lots of tears, and I still miss that place even to this day.  But that is life. Here’s to new beginnings!

When I started this blog over four months ago one of the things I wanted to fix in my life was my career situation. I didn’t talk about my job too much, other than venting about it every now and again, but it was clear to me then that I felt like my career had stalled. Actually I felt like I had taken three steps back on my career path and that had made me feel kind of crappy.  I had different expectations as to where I should be at this point in my life and to not be there, especially after progressing nicely prior to moving to TX, was such a disappointment.  I wanted to change jobs, I wanted to feel better about my career and its progression again, but I was only willing to leave this job for something better. Luckily a friend of mine found a job posting that was in my field and passed it on to me and here I am today, looking forward to starting that job on Monday. It will be great. It’s a pay increase which I am not going to lie, is much-needed, but it is also the type of job that will challenge me and allow me to grow within the company and I am most happy about that.  Just like all the other aspects of our lives, it is important that we step outside of our comfort zone in order to allow ourselves to grow.

Speaking of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I went to my second Bikram class last night and I am so glad that I did. The second time around was so much better, still hard as hell, but better. Paul liked it so much more because of the instructor. This instructor started off the class by telling the group that he hated Bikram and most days he had to force himself to do it. However, it was because of Bikram that he was able to do all of the other activities in his life that he loves to do, like wakeboarding. He said that Bikram helped him through a surfing injury, one that should have required surgery, and now he is stronger than ever and able to do so many more things than he ever could prior to Bikram. He told us to treat Bikram like it is our medicine, 90 minutes of medication, and we should just suck it up, take the medicine, and then go on with our lives. I think that speech brought some perspective to both Paul and I. After that we both viewed the class a little differently. I also think knowing what to expect made the second class much easier to get through. For me, I like to know when I am in the home stretch- it helps keep me going- and since we cannot wear watches and there are no clocks in the room the only way to know it is when it is close to over is through the poses which are done in the same order every time. Once we hit rabbit pose I knew it was almost over and I started singing my happy song,  in my head of course.

As the class was coming to an end the instructor said something to us, something he was told by another yogi, and I wanted to share it with you. He said for us ‘to be fearless, not reckless’ which is applicable to our yoga practice and really life in general.  So, I will leave you with that thought for the day.  Come Monday, I will try to be fearless and I hope you can do the same when faced with difficult situations.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I got called away when I was writing the last line of this post. Several co-workers had a card and a gift they wanted to give me as a farewell present.  They bought me a Kindle! Isn’t that crazy? That was such a sweet thought and it meant so much more because they said it was so I could have my own and won’t have to keep stealing Paul’s. They know me so well J


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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Reading your blog always leaves me happy about the world and life. Thanks!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Kathleen! I feel the same way about yours. I also love how it makes me feel connected to you and Matt and the boys which is great!

  2. amysjourneytohealth replied:

    I love that yoga teachers outlook! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the second class even more than the first. You make me want to go back to Bickram! 🙂

    Like you, my career seems to have stalled. There is a possibility on the horizon but I’ve been waiting nearly a year for it… how long do you keep holding on to what feel like empty promises??? I cannot wait to hear what this new job brings for you. I’m so excited for you and I know you will do AMAZINGLY well!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you Amy! I am definitely liking the Bikram more now that I have heard that way of approaching it. Makes it easier to handle.

      Good luck with you, too. It sucks being stuck in limbo waiting for something to change.

  3. jamesandjax replied:

    Wow, what a thoughtful and generous gift! I’m excited to read about your first day at the new job–you’re gonna be great! And thanks for sharing your teacher’s wise words!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Jaime! I was pretty thrilled to get a Kindle- it was very, very nice of them to do that. I definitely felt the love on Friday!

  4. Simply Sidney replied:

    so very thought provoking, thank you for sharing!!! After my first was born I decided to kind of put a hault to my career, right decision for me and my family, but it’s tough. Who knows where my career will go now. I’m still working in my field, but on a much smaller scale. I am excited for you!! Knowing you’ve earned and deserve this new job is pretty cool!! It is also awesome to know you are loved by those around you and a kindle certainly says that!!! 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Sidney! I am excited to start something new and hopefully it will be the change I was looking for. I am glad to be apart of your journey too!

  5. Tamara replied:

    Change is difficult, but it can also be quite rewarding. Congratulations on taking that leap and making a change that is sure to be a positive one.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Tamara! I believe it will be a positive change as well. If nothing else, I know it will be an opportunity to expand my knowledge base in a sector I have never worked in before. Which I expect to be both challenging and rewarding.

  6. yerttle replied:

    Wow! A kindle! That’s an awesome gift, so thoughtful. 🙂 Happy ending one chapter, happy beginning a new one, happy happy happy happy. 🙂

    (and good job on the yoga. I think you’re terribly brave.)

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Yerttle! I hope your week of house arrest, I mean medically prescribed indoor activities, brings you much more enjoyment than you expect. 🙂

      I am super excited for the Kindle and to start a new job and to take more Bikram classes. So much to be happy about right now!

  7. thoughtsappear replied:

    Congrats on the new job!

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