Where Does the Time Go

So here it is, already Wednesday night and I am exhausted and ready for this week to be over. I am not sure what happened this week. Yes, I know I started a new job but I am working the same hours with approximately the same commute time but yet I have felt frazzled and crunched for time every day. I guess I just need to adjust to the newness and the small changes in my habits and in no time I will be back to my old routine.

I have received some comments, tweets, FB messages, and texts asking about my new job so here is a quick update. I will continue to talk about it again in the future when I am actually doing work. Right now I am still getting setup with all my passwords and accesses, meeting co-workers, learning about my work group and our role in the company and all that other fun stuff you do at a new job. However, that being said, I still wanted to give you an update on how it has went so far and I will do this by sharing some observations with you. Sort of a surface level pros and cons list.


Every morning we stretch. Like yoga stretching. I love this. It is great to work somewhere where they put safety first and that it trickles down the office workers. It’s a nice break and really helps set the tone for the morning.

They recycle everything. There are recyclable containers for cans and plastic bottles all over the place which is amazing because this is Texas, we aren’t really known for being an environmentally conscious state.

I love working downtown. Our office building is right on the Riverwalk. I have a view of downtown from my desk.

My co-workers are very nice and they have been quite welcoming. On my second day (the first was spent at orientation) they took me down to Texas Land and Cattle on the Riverwalk for lunch.

The company promotes the use of public transportation and offers discounted bus passes. They also have vehicles you can use if you want to carpool. It’s like I am back in Washington again.

They have Weight Watchers at work and they offer reimbursement of fees if you stick with the program. People in my work area are in the program and talk about it openly 🙂


It is super cold in my office. No big deal really, I just need to wear sweaters to work in 100+ heat.

Because we have so much natural light coming in to our office we don’t have overhead lights. Each desk has a small under-shelf light but mine is behind me. It makes it difficult to see in there. I plan on picking up a desk lamp so I can see better.

My commute to work is shorter mileage wise than my last job and when we move on post it will be super close, like under 5 miles. However, I have to park in a lot about a block away, enter the front of my building to one elevator, take it up all the way, get out, walk across the floor to another elevator and take that up to my floor. This is what makes it a longer commute. Still, it’s really no big deal and if you get there early parking and the elevators are no big deal.

There are people at work who go out running on their lunch break and groups who go out walking.Yay! However, there is only one shower for all of the employees in two office buildings to use. Boo!

People eat lunch at their desk. This is my least favorite thing. I hate ‘working’ lunches. I strongly dislike being forced to take an hour lunch unpaid while there is an existing expectation that I will sit at my desk and work while I eat. Nope, don’t like it, not going to do it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will definitely work if I need to but it shouldn’t be expected and it shouldn’t be every day. Today I brought my Kindle (woo hoo) and turned away from my computer and read. It was nice.

Well, that’s about all I have to report on at this time. I hope to have more to talk about come next week. Thanks for reading!


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  1. cassiebehle replied:

    We have the same problem with a freezing cold office and then 100-degree temps outside. Sometimes I forget to take off my sweater when I go outside because it’s such an extreme difference that I think it must be winter or something. Thanks, Nebraska. 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Lol!!! Exactly. I get outside and am still bundled and then i am running down the street stripping off clothes like a maniac. It’s awesome!

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    Thank you for providing us this post, new jobs can be stressful things and I was worried about you. I’m a creature of habit and all the changes would mess with me and wear me down, causing me to take extra time to do things and my days would disappear too. I’m certain, like you said, that you’ll get into your new routine quickly and be good to go. Sounds like you work at an amazing place, I’m really excited for you!!

    • Dacia replied:

      I think you are right- the changes, the stress from meeting new people and learning a new job, change of pace, environment, etc- it has just been wearing me down. I am ready for the weekend to recharge and start fresh in my new routine on Monday. Thanks for being a great friend and caring about how I am doing. You are very sweet!

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