Weight Watchers Update and Weekly Goals

I’m for the delay getting this post out. Life has been hectic since I started my new job, with the upcoming move, the half marathon training, taking 500 classes a week, and trying to squeeze in a social life. Between all of those things it has been very difficult to make blogging a priority although I am trying. You can ask my friend MS who is a Silver Stars season ticket holder with me. I am sure she loves that I ignore her and the game in order to write my blogs. Although my posts have become more infrequent please don’t lose all hope in me. I am still reading your blogs although I sometimes skip leaving comments in order to read more posts in the sparing free time I have lately. I know I will adjust to this new schedule and once we are settled into our new house in a few weeks things will get easier. Oh yeah, in case you hadn’t heard the news via Facebook or Twitter we are finally off of the military housing waitlist and over the weekend were assigned a house. We sign the lease 7/27. Woo hoo! It even has a fenced in yard which will be great for our doggies. 🙂

Now, down to business. I managed to make to Weight Watchers on Saturday to get weighed in although I had missed the meeting because I was participating in the SARR (San Antonio Road Runners) Women’s 5K; more on the race in another post. I didn’t want to wait around an hour or so for the next meeting so I just got my weigh-in results and left. I was down 1.4 pounds this week which is awesome especially since I had already gotten up, ate breakfast, did the 5K, drank tons of water and coconut water (not very refreshing), ate a bunch of watermelon and then proceeded to weigh in with sweat logged clothes. I was pretty surprised I recorded a loss at all. This brings my total lost since joining WW 32 pounds! Yay! I mentioned in passing that my new job has their own Weight Watchers meetings (Tuesday during lunch) and I am thinking about attending those meetings instead because it would make my life a heck of a lot easier. If I do, my weekly updates will be posted then on Tuesday’s also. Which at this rate what does it matter? It’s not like I have been doing a great job lately posting on Saturdays.


Last Week’s Goals

– love myself more. I definitely have been working on this. This journey although it may seem quite physical is probably 90% mental. It seems every day I battle with myself over appearance, self-worth, desire/motivation, happiness, etc. but the important part is that a persevere through all of it. I have to know that I am worth the effort.

– help with packing. OK, I don’t think I packed a damn thing but I did go to EcoBox with Paul and helped buy some moving supplies. Does that count? Didn’t think so 😦

– be courageous. I need some more courage. Can anyone spare some? When it comes to work, I have been somewhat open with people around me but I still very shy and reserved which is so not me. I did however
meet a Twitter friend for the first time IRL and had no problem whatsoever being open with her.

– eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and be happy. Living this way makes me happy. I tell Paul this all the time; I am happier than I have been in such a long time and that I am truly enjoying life right now. It is all because I try to follow these four little steps.

This Week’s Goals

– help with packing. I promise, this time I will follow through on this goal. Paul may kill me if I don’t 😉

– follow the half-marathon training schedule. Last week I missed a 4 mile walk although I tried three separate times to fit it in it just didn’t work out. This week I will complete all three scheduled walks including the 9 miler on Saturday.

– be proud of how far I have come. You all tell me this all the time and yet sometimes it doesn’t resonate just how far I have come. It’s good to look forward and continue pushing towards a healthier lifestyle but it is also good to stop a bit and think about how much has changed in just 5 months. I should be proud.

– eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and be happy. My new mantra!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    Dacia, I’m so dang proud of you, each week you keep moving toward your goal. You are so very impressive!!! Try not to be to hard on yourself for currently being shy at work. Once you get more comfortable being there your shyness will melt away. I remember about 7 years ago when I started a new job, one of the scariest things I’ve done. I was almost sure no one there would ever like me, they were so different. I soon learned they were worried I wouldn’t like them. Three of the girls I met at that job (for which I left 4 years ago) are still some of my closest friends. I’m certain you will find some good friends at this job too, you are just too likable!!! 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Aw, thanks Sid! I am doing better this week and have been more talkative at work although I am still spending most of my lunch by myself, reading. I can’t help it though. The hunger game series is just so good!!!

  2. July 20, 2011 | Simply Sidney replied:

    […] really see myself, not the fat and stop beating up on myself.  One of my favorite blogger’s weekly goals is to love herself more and I so need to work on this.  I’m still dealing with angry thoughts […]

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