Catching Up…Part 1

OK, so I just wrote a post on everything that I have been up to this week and when I hit ‘Save Draft’ it freaking disappeared. This happened on Monday when I was writing up the post from the 5K. I had to start from scratch. WTF WordPress! Why??? Why when I have no free time would you keep eating my posts??? I used to type them up on a Word document and then copy paste but for reasons unknown when I do that now it copies over weird and I spend a half hour playing with the formatting. Blerg! Both options suck! Crap. I lost my momentum. Here is a very abbreviated version- I don’t have time to write it all up again. Will post more later.

Walked 6 miles on Sunday with new friend. Saw pretty flowers.




Broke treadmill at apartment complex gym. Got in less than one mile of a three-mile walk. Awesome. This is the second time this has happened. See post from Feb. 23. I don’t dare link- I may anger the WordPress gods.

I officially hate Wednesday evening Bikram classes. They are always too full. Yesterday there were 37 plus the instructor. Not more than two inches between mats. Too crowded! Going to that studio (Bikram Yoga San Antonio) only on the weekends until my Groupon is used up.

Paul fell in the shower and hurt his rib cage. Then last night he dropped eye dropper in his eye. Not a great week for him.

Can’t wait to move. Six days until we sign the lease. Did I tell you the house has a fenced in yard? Great for the doggies especially this goofball.



Maggie is laying next to, practically under, our bed while right behind her is her doggie bed. Silly dog!

Can’t wait to move out of the ghetto. They tore up our parking lot yesterday to get to a water leak. Three or four parking spots were ripped up. It’s pretty dangerous and of course no one should be walking or parking there. They needed to put up caution tape.


And of course what better way is there to secure caution tape than by wrapping it around two upside-down computer monitors and an upside-down shopping cart- everyone knows that. Where did that stuff even come from? So ridiculous.

Finished ‘Catching Fire’ yesterday and then proceeded to start ‘Mockingjay’ which is the last of the three books in the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy. Loving my Kindle. Can’t wait to see how it ends. The first two books were great and I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t read the series.

Work is great. Actually doing real work now on my own. Ate in the cafeteria today. They have a sweet salad bar- it has edamame. I am in love. No more packing my lunch! Yay!

Life is good. Really happy lately. Think I might have a good weigh-in this week, maybe. We’ll see. I am ok with whatever the outcome is. I am starting to come to terms with the whole process. I feel good which is the most important thing.

Think that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. yerttle replied:

    pretty flowers…sorry to hear about Paul’s injuries…2″ is not enough room…blerg is a funny word…yay! for good cafeteria food…yay! for feeling happy

    grrrrrrr: to the WordPress gods. ..!..

  2. shrinkingwmn replied:

    I love those books! My roomie borrowed them from someone so i borrowed them from her and loved them. I know they are meant for like 12 year olds but whatever, so was Harry Potter and look how that turned out? lol

    WordPress has done that to me too, what’s with that?

    Love the caution tape, really fills me with confidence that the area is secure 😉 teehee

    Sucky about the injuries, broken equipment and overly crowded class but at least you handle it all in good humour…or at least are able to post about it in good humour lol for all I know at the time you were raging (but I doubt that!)

    • Dacia replied:

      Yes, I love HP too! The hunger games series is so different though. It kind of reminds me of lord of the flies.

      Paul is doing better and I have adapted my workout plan for next week to circumvent crazy crowds and broken treadmills. No rage though. Just some head shaking, eye rolling and lots of laughter. Oh and cursing under my breath 😉

  3. Simply Sidney replied:

    Poor Paul, I hope his week gets better!! Overly crowded classes and broken equipment are the worst!! Love all things technology, except when they don’t work right!!! Pretty astonishing how quickly I can move from love to hate. Which brings me to the caution tape picture, too funny, it looks so silly, kind of lightins my day.

    Interesting week for you Dacia. You keep trying new things, even when you are in the middle of so much. Life is certainly what you make of it and it’s no wonder you’re holding your head high and feeling good!!

    • Dacia replied:

      I try to stay positive and have fun while doing it. It’s weird how things that would have sent me off the deep end before and probably led to me giving up now just make me laugh, roll my eyes, and think how I can talk about it in my blog. Lol!

    • Dacia replied:

      Oh, and Paul is doing better. Still sore but better.

  4. averageinsuburbia replied:

    I really, really, really loved The Hunger Games Trilogy! I cannot get my 20 year old daughter to read them…so frustrating 😦 Be sure to let us know what you think about the ending!

    • Dacia replied:

      I just finished yesterday. I was definitely somewhat surprised by the ending. Don’t want to comment anything too revealing for those who haven’t read it but I can definitely say I was shocked. Such great books!

  5. Malavika replied:

    oh my gosh, Maggie does remind me so much of April! She is soooooo adorable! You must be a proud mama

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