Weight Watchers Weekly Update

I am happy to report that even through all of the chaos this past week I was still able to pull off a loss on the scale and it was a big one – 5.2 pounds to be exact. It was my biggest weekly loss so far and I was pretty darn happy about it. This brings me down to 242.8 (getting close to saying goodbye to the 240’s) for a total loss of 37.2 pounds since joining Weight Watchers. Woo hoo! During the meeting I was awarded a 5 pound sticker (which everyone gets every time they hit another five pounds lost) and I was given a sixteen week charm (a gold pair of hands clapping with the number 16 etched in) to put on my Weight Watchers key ring that I received when I lost 10% of my initial body weight.  You receive this after you have attended 16 meetings. This past Saturday was #17 for me but they forgot to give it to me last week. After the class, Sally, my WW group leader gave me a second 5K charm for completing the 5K last week. She told me for each one I complete she will give me another charm so I can celebrate each race individually. It’s pretty cool to have these tokens to help remind me of my progress.


As you know, we are getting ready to move this week. Paul is going to sign the lease for our house on post this upcoming Wednesday and that is when the fun times officially begin. We couldn’t be happier to be moving. Almost every day we think of another reason why life will be better living on post most of which, for me, revolve around proximity to the Synergy Studio. Sometime in the next few weeks I will be joining as a monthly member (instead of buying packs of 8 or 20 classes at a time) which will allow me to take unlimited classes. I will still be doing boxing at the Club KO and Bikram Yoga (until my Groupon runs out) at Bikram Yoga San Antonio but by now I am sure you have realized that I am in love with the classes, and people, at Synergy and becoming a monthly member means I don’t have to pick one class over the other, instead I can take whatever I can fit into my schedule. This makes me extremely happy.

You will be happy to know that I did finally break down and help with the packing. Yesterday, I packed up a very large amount of the kitchen items which was no small feat. I know Paul was probably happy for the help since his ribs are still bothering him and any lifting or bending he does just irritates his injury more. Poor guy. He is pretty great though, he doesn’t really complain about the pain or the fact that I am not pitching in as much as
I should. I told him that I think subconsciously my mind feels it is ok to skip packing in order to go to classes because I had to do all of the packing for the move from Philly to San Antonio by myself and now it’s his turn ;)Seriously though, I am just so afraid of taking a week or so off and losing what little endurance I have. I may work out a lot and have definitely become far more active than I was just 5 months ago but the fact of the matter is I am still 90+ pounds overweight and a week off will make a huge impact on my physical abilities. So, I keep going to class and Paul understands why. I think it’s one thing if I skip packing, or cleaning, in order to exercise – that’s ok with him. However, if I just wanted to sit around and watch TV while he was working that would not be acceptable. I am definitely lucky to have such an understanding husband when it comes to these types of things.

Oh, and did I tell you he is training to do a half marathon in the fall? Well if I did, I lied. He is actually training to do a full marathon as part of the Army team which will be running in the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio. I think that’s just crazy. I don’t know how people can run that far, for that long. It seems exhausting. I am literally getting exhausted talking about it. For all of you out there reading this who have done marathons-you are amazing! I have nothing but respect for anyone who can endure something like that. But I also think you are probably slightly mad for doing it 😉

For me, I am on a hiatus from my half marathon training. After I missed three short walks and one long walk over the past two weeks I decided I would take the next two weeks off and decide whether or not this is something I seriously want to train for. I am losing motivation to do it because outdoor walks are becoming next to impossible in this heat and I hate walking on a treadmill. It takes up so much of my time and there are so many other things (like boxing, tai chi, nia) I would rather be doing. I love walking and hiking and enjoy being outside but I am just not sure I can want to even want to continue training. It’s a tough call because on one hand I want to test my limits, to see if I could physically do it, but on the other hand I am starting to dread my walking workouts which is just no fun. So, stay tuned. In a couple of weeks I will decide what I want to do and let you know.

Well, I am off to Poi Spinning in a few minutes so I have to get going. I need to mentally prepare for what I am about to do to my body. Hopefully no more poi to the throat again 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    wha, wow, 5.2 pounds, that’s so awesome!!! watch out 230s, here comes Dacia, enjoy her while you have her b/c she wont be around for long 🙂

    Hold up for a minute, “what little endurance I have,” what are you talking about chica??? You’ve got crazy momentum going, like you said, you’re far more active now. Think for a second about where Dacia was just after the New Year and think of where Dacia is now. You are on a roll and on your way to everything you want!!!

    I actually think you’re smart to think about putting a hold to the half marathon training. I couldn’t handle training in MI heat, so I have no idea how to handle it in San Antonio!! Treadmills make me feel strange or I’m sure I’d have one already. I do think that half of my wanting to walk/run is me wanting to be outdoors. It’s still on my to do list and I’m sure it will stay on yours. Get back to walking in the fall, you’ve got plenty to challenge you, so it’s not like you’ll lose any momentum.

    Thanks for the update and goodluck this week with your “fun times” 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Sid! It’s been an adventure, to say the least.

      As far as my endurance goes, I am leaps and bounds in better shape than I was in february but intense activity, like boxing, is still really hard. Once I went a week between boxing classes and almost died that first day back. Never again. You lose cardio endurance so quickly. It is so easy to fall out of shape when you are out of shape. That’s why we keep pushing, right?

    • Dacia replied:

      Also, I want to send you something if that is ok by you. If you don’t mind, could you email me your address? Axid200@gmail.com

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