Because I’m a dork….

I am a dork and I love charts. Not sure if you have heard of or have used Tableau before but it is an amazing software that takes data and allows you to easily manipulate it into charts, graphs and other visual representations. The best part is they have a FREE public version that you can download and use to build interactive charts and graphs right into your blog. Once my home computer is set up I will start using this capability to display my weight loss data and it will allow you to play with the charts and data too. For now, since I am posting from my phone, you will have to just settle for pictures of some of the graphs I built. This is a truly amazing, easy, and fantastic tool to use for just about anything involving data. I highly recommend this software if you are a chart-loving dork like me! Tableau Public



Thanks for reading!

*These are my personal opinions. I have not been paid nor have I been contacted by Tableau to endorse their product.


July 29, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Tableau Software, Weight Loss.

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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    I am a super dork and LOVE tables and charts too! Thank you for sharing and look at those big hills of weight loss. You are literally kicking your own ass off! 😉

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