Weight Watchers Update

I am glad to report that this week’s weigh-in went extremely well. I lost 4.2 pounds bringing my total lost on Weight Watchers up to 51.2 pounds. I was very excited to have hit my 50 pound milestone and I cannot believe it has happened in less than five months since I joined WW. Another exciting thing that happened was that I weighed in at 228.8. I am in the 220’s! I can’t believe, I am on pace to set a personal monthly weight loss record. Just three weeks ago (7/30) I weighed in at 239 and was ecstatic to be in the 230’s and here I am today, in the 220’s. Crazy! It makes me happy knowing that I can realistically be below 200 pounds by 2012, which is a goal of mine.


Although I had another great week on the scales there were some areas I struggled with. There are definitely still things I need to improve/change because it is not all about the scale. One thing was my workout schedule. I switched up the days I take classes and I found that taking the combo boxing/boot camp class followed by poi spinning is a really bad idea. The arm workout at boxing/boot camp was so intense that I had a hard time holding my arms over my head for an extended period of time at poi spinning, which is kind of a necessity. I should have realized from previous week’s that if I want to take a boxing class on the same night as anything else I need to do boxing second or else I will be too physically exhausted to enjoy anything else. So it’s back to the drawing boards again this week trying to find a schedule that works better.

I also had a difficult time meditating nightly. I think I meditated 3 out of 7 nights so there is definitely room for improvement. I like meditating before bed because it allows me to turn off my mind and prepare for sleep. On the nights where I meditate I have peaceful, sound sleep. On the nights I don’t I have nightmares about a sniper wearing night vision goggles trying to shoot me down as I run through my grandparent’s house. Hmmm…can you see why it is important for me to try for 7/7 nights of meditation?

Another thing I really need to work on is my weekend diet. This has less to do with how it impacts the scale as it does with how it makes me feel. Now I am all for having fun on the weekends and allowing myself to enjoy eating out or having BBQ or whatever but I need to be better at listening to my body’s cues when doing so. During the week I keep pretty busy, my food choices are pretty much planned out, and this is a good thing for me. It helps me stay consistent in my diet/exercise routine. When the weekend hits things tend to happen more spontaneously and because I don’t want to limit myself from activities ( I don’t want to live in hiding, I need to learn how to control myself under any circumstance) I find myself in situations where I may not have control over what food options are available for me. I will admit I have gotten pretty good at finding the balance between eating smaller amounts of ‘splurge’ foods mixed with larger amounts of healthy choices though I do still have my bad days. Like Saturday. We had friends over for a barbeque. I ate a cheeseburger, a hot dog, two servings of pasta salad, a small serving of black bean salad, a small serving of cucumber salad and fresh fruit for dessert. Did I need two servings of pasta salad? Nope. How about a burger and a hot dog? Not at all. What happened? I was hungry. I let myself get to the point where I was a five on the hunger scale (ravenous) and what ended up happening was me overeating big time. Sometimes this happens on the weekends though, you get caught up doing one thing or the other and next thing you know you are starving and you eat too much.

Although I can’t plan out every single activity that may happen I can plan to make sure I am snacking throughout the day, like I do during the week, so that I don’t get to the point where I want to eat everything in sight. I also need to work on my water intake during the weekends as well. Between bad eating choices and not staying hydrated I end up feeling exhausted and lazy by the time Sunday evening rolls around. Not a good thing. This means I end up on the couch watching TV instead of taking care of household chores or getting in other activities. So next weekend I am going to try and pay closer attention to both my water intake and my hunger cues or else I will risk sabotaging all the good choices I make during the week.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    220s!!! OMG!!! Ok, ok, I’m not going to say 210s, b/c that’s just going to happen too quickly…watch out 190s Dacia is coming to get ya 🙂
    All of your efforts are allowing you to be human. I mean there are going to be times no matter what where your choices could have been better. But you know what, when they are in the minority it really doesn’t matter and that’s what we’ve been missing these past years. Well you’ve got it now sister!!!
    I have to say that when my schedule changes a bit, my water intake suffers. Before I know it I’m at my next meal, I’m starving and thirsty (which you know can make you think you are even higher on the hunger scale than you really are). It’s at that point that I stop, drink 16 oz of water, wait a short bit and than make my food choices. During that short waiting period I regain my senses and make better choices.
    Good luck on working out your workout schedule, I hope you find a pattern that works for ya. Congrats on listening to your body and DOING something to help. You’re such an inspiration, no pressure or nothing, but you keep me going. thank you!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Man, I cannot wait to see the 190’s for multiple reasons. One, I hope to see it before 2012 and make my goal. Two, because it has been a very long time since I was under 200. Until this year I never owned a scale but my guess is that it has been at least 9-10 years. That’s too long to be this fat. I am ready to be healthy again!

      I am so proud of you! You have made so much progress these last few months! You are amazing and inspire me every day. Thank you!!!!

  2. jakennicksmomma replied:

    What a great loss!!! You are doing great!

    I could just about copy and paste the part about weekend eating for a post of my own.

    • Dacia replied:

      Yeah, weekends are rough even for the most hardcore ‘dieters’. My friend Kelly whom I box with follows a very restrictive diet and she looks fabulous but she also struggles with getting in enough water and making sure to snack on the weekends as well. I guess being ‘good’ five days out of seven is still a heck of a lot better than zero out of seven.

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