{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

It’s so dry in San Antonio or grass looks like hay. It feels like it too!


On Saturday we had friends over for a barbecue. Our lab Maggie had a friendly visitor.



***no babies or puppies were harmed during these events***

I got my 50 pound star!!! FYI- that goal
weight of 224 is a short term goal; it’s my 20% weight loss. It is not my overall goal weight.


This was my Word Press app for a few hours this morning. I had no idea how to fix it. Luckily it fixed itself.



Some great photos/images posted on Facebook.




Thanks for reading!


August 24, 2011. Tags: , , , . Life, wordless wednesday.


  1. cassiebehle replied:

    Love the picture of the baby and Maggie! Adorable. 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks! It’s like they are in prison together or like some kind of baby/doggie time out. I swear she went in on her own and was not harmed. I of course found it hysterical and had no choice but to take some pictures.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    The baby and Maggie are pretty precious!! My oldest used to do that when my parents brought their dog. Very sweet

    • Dacia replied:

      The baby’s name is Maddie which is pretty confusing for her and our dog. Lol! At least she wasn’t eating the dog food or something else dog-like, right?

  3. cassiebehle replied:

    Wasn’t she, Dacia? WASN’T SHE?!? 😉

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