Five Things Friday

This week has been rough, I have been battling a stomach virus and it isn’t pretty. I am very glad to be back up and around. I hate just sitting around feeling like crap; not having strength/energy to do anything. Today I am about 70% better which is a very good thing. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired 😉 So for my first post back I decided to follow the ‘three things Thursday’ format but since it is Friday I have tweaked it to five things Friday instead. Hopefully I can come up with five things to talk about.

-My friend MS has been bugging me to tell you guys about this one thing that happened to me last week. Actually there are two things but one of them isn’t set in stone so I am not going to talk about it- I don’t want to jinx it. Any who, what she wanted me to tell you is I have been selected as Nia student of the month for San Antonio. With the title comes a short write-up about me (and my photo) to be featured in the upcoming issue of the Nia San Antonio newsletter. I was chosen for this honor by Adelle Brewer, the owner of the Synergy Studio and Nia instructor extraordinaire, and when she told me I completely freaked out I was so excited. Adelle later told me that she only gets to choose the student of the month twice a year and when her turn came around she knew immediately that she wanted to pick me. What an honor! I have only been taking Nia classes for three months and to have someone pick me to be recognized is pretty remarkable. I am flattered and very grateful to have been chosen! Oh, and the newsletter is electronic so hopefully I will be able to link it to the blog. If I can’t link it I can always email it out to anyone interested in reading. It comes out next Thursday so we will just have to wait and see!

-The Lee household has gone completely football crazy and the NFL regular season just started yesterday. We have DIRECTV with NFL Sunday Ticket so we will be able to watch all of the Steelers and Eagles games which is very exciting for us. Not to mention Paul bought a new TV last Friday; just in time for the season to begin. He then later asked me if I mind if he moves the TV out of the bedroom on Sundays so we can watch multiple games at once. I of course don’t mind although I am curious as to how the logistics of it all will work. The football frenzy isn’t just affecting Paul. I am participating in two NFL fantasy football leagues as well as two NCAA fantasy football leagues. Last night I downloaded the applicable apps onto my iPhone so I can track my teams and make changes when I am away from home. I also downloaded the DIRECTV Sunday Ticket app so I can even watch football while I am at Rampage hockey games. During the period breaks, of course.

-Next Sunday, the 18th, Paul and I are heading to Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. I am so unbelievably excited for this even if it will be 100 degrees outside. ACL Festival is three days long and since we bought our tickets the day they went on sale we had the choice of what day we wanted to go. We chose Sunday because it was the day that featured bands we both loved but neither of us had seen live before. I am excited for all of the acts we will see that day, AWOLNATION, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, the Airborne Toxic Event, however I am most excited to see Arcade Fire. I have been listening to ‘Funeral’, ‘Neon Bible’ and ‘The Suburbs’ on my iPod non-stop for weeks now. As I mentioned earlier, I have never seen any of these groups live but I did see Arcade Fire perform live at the Grammy’s and they were awesome. It’s been a long time since Paul and I have been to a concert together and years since our last music festival so anticipation levels are high. I can’t wait to share pictures and stories from the festival with you. I am also thrilled that I will be able to buy an event t-shirt and actually fit in it. The last concert I went to where I bought a t-shirt was in 2007, The Killers, and it took over 4 years until I was able to fit in it. I wear it now, proudly!

-On Monday, while I lay in a food/beer induced coma, a blog post email notification popped up from one of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere- Average in Suburbia This post was about the Versatile Blogger Award she had been given and in turn passing on to other versatile bloggers. I was fortunate enough to be one of her recipients and am excited for the chance to write up a post giving this award to other bloggers. I also realized that I had received this award from The Kitchen Tutorback in June, after I received it for the first time, and had never wrote up a post for receiving it a second time. So, this post I will be writing will include two times the information and recipients since it will be for both accounts. I was going to do that today but since I write these posts on my lunch break in a Word doc, send it to myself in an email, copy and paste it from email into a new post on my WP app, and then create all the hyperlinks and add pictures that way I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to link to 14 blogs, not to mention write about each of them, during my lunch hour. This post will have to be written at home, where I can actually access your blogs from a computer, and I don’t have to type on tiny little keys. Even though I don’t have the time now to write up the official post I just had to mention it now as it was the highlight of my week 🙂

-I have received nothing but positive feedback (thank you) in regards to first vlog so I have decided I will continue doing them regularly. The next one is scheduled for tonight and I am planning on doing a cooking vlog. Paul has agreed to film it for me. Hopefully it turns out ok, not too shaky, and I don’t end up burning anything or cutting off my finger. That would not be good. I hope you all tune in to watch- there may or may not be an announcement about my next giveaway at the end. Well, I am planning to tell you all about the next giveaway at the end of the vlog but there is a good chance I might get too caught up with the cooking and the filming and forget. Either way the details of the giveaway will be included in the post so definitely check back in this weekend to enter!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for reading!


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  1. The Busy Crab replied:

    Hope you start feeling MUCH better stat! And, looking forward to the next vlog. Last time, I finally got to hear how your name was pronounced (I kept referring to you as “Day-See-Ah” to my husband).


    • Dacia replied:

      LOL! Not sure if you saw my Tweet in response to your comment but I totally wanted to say something about the pronunciation of my name in the vlog. I was curious how many people thought ‘oh, so that is how you say her name’ It’s definitely not a common name and you are not the first person to pronounce it Day-See-A, i get that alot 🙂

  2. amysjourneytohealth replied:

    Congrats on Student of the Month!! That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re feeling better… stomach bugs are yuck! I can’t wait to hear the second thing either. 🙂 Looking forward to your next vlog!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you Amy! I am pretty excited to have been chosen. We actually took some photos tonight for the newsletter and they came out pretty awesome. I am not one for having my picture taken but Adelle just puts me at ease. I was very comfortable and just had fun with it. Even with a whole room of Nia students looking on.

  3. Simply Sidney replied:

    Austin City Limits, OMG!! You are so lucky!!! Wait till I tell the huz 🙂
    You highlighted in the Nia San Antonio newsletter, you know I’m going to check out the link, so proud of you!!! Congrats on getting a blog award again, you so derserve it!!! And you also know I’m going to be watching your next vlog, burned things or not 😉 oh and I love me some football too!! My Lions aren’t that bad this year, which is pretty awesome!!

    • Dacia replied:

      I was watching Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN and one of the Mikes actually picked Detroit to get a wild card slot in the playoffs. They are definitely a contender. If GB wasn’t in their division I would say they would be able to win the division but I think GB is just too good.

      Thanks again for all of your support through my journety. I can’t wait to share the newsletter with you and I cannot wait for you to start White Belt training! Very exciting for both of us! Yay! Love you!

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