Working Towards the ‘7 Day Chip’

I love Twitter but I am still somewhat new to it and get confused trying to figure things out. Since I have become the resident stalker for anyone mentioning Weight Watchers, fitness, healthy living, dieting, weight loss, etc, my Twitter feed has become increasing full of people talking about getting their #7daychip. Based off what I was seeing I knew it must have been weight loss/healthy eating related but I had no idea what this 7 day chip was or how I would go about getting one. Finally, I just broke down and asked someone about it. She kindly sent me this link: #7DayChip The 7 Day Chip is about healthy controlled eating – something I needed this week to put my attention back on. After four days of not tracking and eating whatever my body would tolerate I needed to get my butt back in to the routine I had grown accustomed to. The 7 Day Chip seemed like a great challenge to motivate myself to make smart, healthy decisions daily for the next week. My focus this week will be on portion control and tracking everything I eat. These ideas are keys to being successful on WW and pretty much healthy eating in general. Even though I have measured out the same portion size for weeks now I still would be unable to accurately judge what ¾ cup of Kashi cereal looks like. If you don’t know how much you are eating you cannot accurately track so these two ideals go hand in hand for me.

Brad Gansberg is an amazing person for putting together a support group that helps people celebrate their successes, encourages setting small, attainable goals, and is all based from his own personal success. We need more people like Brad in this world encouraging us to be cheerleaders for those trying to change their lives. Brad also has a 30 Day Chip and 100 Day Chip group but for now I am focusing on earning my first 7 Day Chip and then who knows. One day at a time, right? Or I guess maybe I should say seven days at a time, right? 😉

I am doing well so far having tracked everything that I have eaten and having brought my food from home today everything was already portioned out for me. I am not as concerned about making it through the work week- I never have problems sticking to my meal plan during the week. I am mostly concerned with the weekend (as per the usual) but more specifically, Sunday- day seven. I will be at the Austin City Limits Festival ALL day and of course you cannot bring in your own food so I see this as a challenge. I am up for it though. If there is anywhere in the state of Texas that would have healthier options at a concert it would be in Austin and I am hopeful I can make it work. I may try to smuggle in some healthy snacks just to be safe but don’t tell anyone 😉

What do you think of the 7 Day Chip? Would you be willing to try this challenge with me? If you are a healthy eater already, is there some habit or trait you would like to challenge yourself to control for seven days?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Rose D (@RoseD78) replied:

    well that’s awesome!! Good Luck on your 7 Day Chip challenge!!!

    Something not related to your blog, it was funny that at the end was Domino’s pizza advertisement on your blog. I know not something you can control, just funny.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! You should join me some time!

      As far as the advertisements go- I had no idea my blog had them. Lol! See, you learn something new everyday!

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    I’m so in, what a great idea, so simple, I love it!!!

    Festivals, uggg, well I survived a few fairs this summer and it helps that you’ve been eating healthy. Most of the bad foods wont even sound/smell that good…well that might not be true, but remember how bad you’ll feel if you eat crap!!! And by golly yes, sneak in some good food and I don’t have to tell you to keep your water intake up!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Aren’t the simple ideas always the best? I am glad you will be joining me. When do you think you will start?

      We are allowed to bring in a sealed 1L bottle of water into the festival so I will be doing that and drinking nothing else but water all day. It will be hot and I will need to keep hydrated. Another thing I have to keep in mind is eating food that will help give me the energy i need to dance all day and wander across the 46 acre park going from stage to stage. Need to be smart about it!

  3. Simply Sidney replied:

    Simple is the best. I was just grocery shopping and at check out I saw a mag with the main Doc from “The Doctors” tallking about how water is the sceret weightloss weapon. We knew that!!!

    OMG, I just started a twitter account 🙂 there is some good stuff out there, I guess I’ll start working on my 7 day chip tomorrow

    • Dacia replied:

      In case you didn’t already know my twitter handle is @dacialee33

  4. Ginger replied:

    Simple is better! Twitter is not simple though. I’m so confused, but I guess I’ll figure it out after doing it more right? Jeeze, I feel really old

    • Dacia replied:

      I was the same way. It took me forever to understand twitter and most times I had to ask people because I just couldn’t figure things out. I am still not great but I have improved enough to enjoy it. Feel free to message me (or DM, direct message, if you prefer) any questions you might have.

  5. Scale Day etc. v11 | Simply Sidney replied:

    […] will be to, per recommendations from My Plate, fill 1/2 my plate with fruits and veggies.  ThiryThreeandCounting brought a fun challenge to my attention the other day, #7DayChip, which lead me to joining […]

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