Three Things Thursday

I am fortunate, and I recognize this fact daily, that haven’t sustained any serious injuries since I hurt my knee from pushing myself too hard and over extending myself back in early March. I am very clumsy and I also tend to have unfortunate luck when it comes to injuries so I am pretty lucky to have made it 6 months injury free. *Knock, knock, knock* yes, I am knocking on wood as I type this 😉 Although I haven’t suffered through any sidelining injuries I do still in fact have problems/issues that arise pretty frequently. Yesterday was no exception. I went to back-to-back boxing classes (one was a boxing/boot camp class and the other was kickboxing) during which I hurt myself. The first injury I received was, get this, chaffing on the underside of my boob. LOL! Yep, it’s pretty awesome. I think this occurred when I was changing into my sports bra, you know the one that is crazy tight and has five million hooks, and somehow didn’t get my boob all the way in. When I realized this I pulled it in and somehow scraped the skin off the underside of my boob which ended up getting very irritated locked away in a sweaty sports bra for hours. Thank God for baby powder; is there anything it can’t fix? I hurt myself the second time from doing plank position (on my elbow) while wearing boxing gloves. Having the gloves on makes it difficult to distribute my weight evenly from elbow to hand and I end up with most of my weight back towards my elbow. The floor at the boxing studio is rubbery and as my sweaty arms slid I basically gave myself rug burn. So not only did I give every ounce of energy to boxing yesterday, I also gave them some of my flesh too 😉 Oh, and things like this don’t just happen at boxing. At Nia class on Monday I smacked my elbow on the hardwood floor. Owie! I felt that one for the next couple of days!

Speaking of Nia, guess what Adelle sent me last night? Some pictures from our little photo shoot. Here they are as promised!




I am happy to report that I have two new activities coming up in the next week; Ecstatic Dance and Thai Yoga! This Friday night is Ecstatic Dance, a special class being held at the Synergy Studio, and I have been anxiously waiting to participate since I found out about it a few weeks ago. Here is the description of Ecstatic Dance from the information I received about the class.

INFO ABOUT CONSCIOUS ECSTATIC DANCE; movement, rhythm, and music have been used by cultures throughout the world for millennia to induce healing and ecstatic states of being. Gathering together in community, on the dance floor, in movement, music and breath, activates potent life force energy for transformation and creation. It frees our joy and inspiration! Ecstatic Dance is a form of active meditation or prayer where music from around the world, free-form self-guided movement and breath are used to shift brain wave patterns from the day-to-day busyness, to the more meditative and insightful alpha state. In this state you may easily access creative & expanded visions of your life & purpose. At the very least you’ll release tension, touch authentic emotion & feel inspired.

Yes, please! I am ready for all of the above!

The other new activity I am trying out is Thai Yoga with my favorite yogi Tricia Messinger. You may have heard me mention her before; she was/is my Yogic Arts and Hot Vinyasa Yoga instructor who hasn’t been teaching at Synergy due to a shoulder injury. However, Tricia offers one on one Thai Yoga classes in her home which are not limited by her injury. Next Wednesday is my first session and I am super excited to see Tricia and experience Thai Yoga for the first time. Here is a short description on Thai Yoga taken from Tricia’s website.

Nuad Boran or Thai Yoga is a deep one to one yoga practice that focuses on breath, rhythmic movement and supported yoga poses. The practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while using hands and sometimes feet to stimulate the body’s energy (“Sen”) lines and pressure points. This allows the recipient to find new levels of openness, flexibility, tension release and calm within their body.

Just as in Hatha Yoga, Thai Yoga is practiced on a mat on the floor. Both the practitioner and the recipient wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. Thai Yoga is a deep and powerful system. It can take you and your yoga practice (if you have one), to a new level. **Please note: Thai Yoga can be customized to each person’s wants and needs; this is one of the things that makes it so powerful.

If you live in the San Antonio area and are interested in learning about Thai or Vinyasa yoga Tricia is a great resource. Check out her website Ebb N Flow Movement for more information.

I can’t wait to report back to you on both new experiences. I know both are going to be pretty incredible.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jen replied:

    Cute pics! I know I only know you from pictures, but even in that, I can see the weight loss. Doesn’t it feel great when you can see it in your own face? And when you can buy new clothes? I’m suddenly inspired to work harder.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Jen! I can definitely see my face is getting thinner. I am patiently waiting for the rest of my body to catch up 🙂

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