Naan Pizza and Giveaway Winner Announced

I think I have found a new addiction in this vlogging stuff. It’s so much fun. I like it even more when I get to make something for the video and then eat it afterwards šŸ™‚ That’s what I did tonight, made some yummy Naan Pizza and then I devoured it as soon as I was done recording. Not to toot my own horn but it was mighty yummy. You’ll see Paul in the video telling you what he likes best about the pizza but I would like to add that my favorite thing is the garlic. I hope you try this recipe out some time and if you do you have to let me know what changes you made to the recipe and how it turned out. Also, I neglected to mention in the video what exactly Naan is. It is a leavened flatbread. It is common in Indian cuisine but it is eaten all over Asia, not just in India. I used to eat it all the time when we lived in WA and shopped at Trader Joe’s. Now though you can find it at most grocery stores. It’s usually near the deli or wherever your store carries pita.


This is the package the Naan came in. There are lots of different varieties available and I know stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s carry their own brand Naan.

Veggie Naan Pizza

1 piece of whole grain Naan

1/4 cup of sauce (marinara, pomodoro, pizza sauce- whatever you have on hand)

2 Tablespoons shredded mozzarella

1 Tablespoon grated pecorino romano cheese (parmesan will work great too)

1 clove of garlic, chopped

Few sprinkles of crushed red pepper flakes

Assorted veggies of your choosing. I used; sliced/chopped mushrooms, thinly sliced onion (about 1/2 of a small onion), sliced red bell pepper (1/2), sliced roma tomato (1)

Pre-heatĀ oven to 450. Assemble pizza. Cook on baking sheet or directly on oven rack for 10 minutes (check progress around 5-7 minutes), broil for an additional minute to get it crispier and cheese golden brown.

My pizza was:

468 calories, 15gĀ fat, 69.5g carbs, 10.5g fiber, 17.5g protein and 12 WWPP

Paul’s pizza with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese (1/4cĀ instead of 2 tbls) was:

538 calories, 21.5g fat, 62.5g carbs, 9gĀ fiber, 28gĀ protein, and 14 WWPP

What we learned;

-1/4cĀ of mozzarella cheese is too much, stick with 2 tablespoons

– turkey pepperoni is pretty tasty and adds a decent amount of protein to the pizza. I will try it on mine next time

– yeah, there isn’t much of a difference between my recipe (nutritional value wise) and maybe eating a personal sized takeout pizza or even two slices of pizza but this tasted much better, left me satisfied, and was much more fun adding whatever toppings I wanted. I will definitely make this again!


Oh, and in case you didn’t watch (or couldn’t watch) the video, the winner of this week’s giveaway is Ashley! Her word was zealous, by the way. Although I am thinking I should probably pick another winner, I mean the girl is in Germany for Oktoberfest right now. Lucky!

Just kidding Ashley! You are still the winner.Ā You should probably pick me up a steinĀ or some lederhosen while you are there just to make sure I don’t change my mind šŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!





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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    Loooovvvee Pizza!! I used to say my down fall was potato chips, burgers, fries and pizza and they still are but not in the same way. I prefer baked chips now to the greasier version and oven fries over McD fries, maybe I’m going crazy. I can’t believe that I no longer prefer McD fries, but it’s true. But pizza I will always love!!! I’ve been making pizza at home for a while, but I’ve only ever made my crust with regular white flour. It is definitetly time to try something new and I love the Naan!! I will have to add whole wheat naan to my shopping list, along with more supplies for breakfast tacos šŸ™‚

    Thanks for another great vlog!! Little sad that the only thing that got drop was saved, oh well. Paul is the cutest and I must add that your face looks so much thinner from your first vlog!! You go girl.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks! The Naan was super yummy! I highly recommend it! And yes, the pizza fell on the floor but you know Paul still ate it. Lol! He’s a man, he’s ok with that. I wouldn’t have. Your weaknesses and mine are the same! I am a salty foods person more than sweets. People say I am so good at work because I can pass on birthday cake but if it was birthday pizza I wouldn’t be able to resist.

      Thanks for saying you noticed my face is thinning out! I am pretty sure the only things shrinking lately is my head and boobs! It’s a good look for me. Lol!

  2. jakennicksmomma replied:

    I make homemade pizza from time to time and have never thought of Naan. What a great idea. Homemade pizza dough doesn’t take long to make but still is an extra step!

    The top is very cute! You guys are adorable!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thanks Kathleen! Do you make dough from scratch or store-bought? Any recommendations on your favorite pizza toppings?

      • jakennicksmomma replied:

        We are pretty boring and stick with the standards. I do a made from scratch dough. I use tomato sauce that I spice as the sauce, then usually top with mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, cheese, and pepperoni. An oldie but a goodie ;-D

      • Dacia replied:

        Sounds fantastic!

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