Three Things Thursday: TV, T-Shirts and Thai Yoga

TV Shows

Well fall is finally here and with that comes football, hockey and new TV shows. This comes at a time when I have finally adjusted to my scaled back TV viewing and now I am getting hit with hundreds of new shows I want to watch. What is a girl to do??? I need to make sure I am keeping my priorities in check and continue on with my evening workouts. Nothing, not even prime TV viewing, is worth me sacrificing my health. With that being said, yes I will watch TV at night, I will watch Sunday football and I will go to as many Rampage home games I can squeeze into my busy schedule. I just have to work at achieving the right balance.

So far I have this week I have watched the Biggest Loser and the New Girl. I also watched Raising Hope twice but fell asleep halfway through both times. The Biggest Loser premier had me bawling like a baby almost the whole time. I have seen a lot of discussions on Twitter about BL and it seems people either find it inspirational or prefer not to watch because it is unrealistic. I agree with both sides but I still watch. Yes, it is unrealistic for me to think I will ever step onto a scale at my WW meeting having lost 16 pounds, 22 pounds, 35 pounds, in one week. That is how much some of the contestants lost in their first week. But I am also not living on a ranch with personal trainers working out 8 hours a day. So for me, I know better than to expect to lose 5% of my body weight in a week. I like to watch BL to see people push themselves and fight every day to save their life. It was scary enough for me to put my story in a blog and show the world my weight, insecurities, doubts – I cannot imagine how hard it must be to do that on national TV. Those people pushed through that fear and that in itself is inspiring.

During the premier of BL I was tweeting with some friends who were also watching the show. We were discussing how we used to watch the BL while eating junk food. Yes, I see the irony in an obese person watching a weight loss program while mindlessly eating an entire bag of chips. That was me during season 10. Season 11, which aired last spring, helped to inspire me to get me off the couch and into the gym. Over the course of season 11 I lost 26 pounds. On Tuesday I sat and watched the BL season 12 premier and found myself snacking again. Of course, this time I had just come home from back to back classes, Pilates and Nia, and was hungry. The big differences between now and a year ago are; I chose healthier snacks (apple and ½ serving of low fat cheese crackers) and I was eating because I was hungry not because I was bored. Wow! That’s a big change for me and its habits like these that make me feel like a completely different person.

Sorry, I kind of went off on a tangent there. The purpose of this segment was to talk about some new shows, which I kind of did, but somehow I made it all about me. Ooops. I do want to mention that I watched the new comedy The New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel (LOVE her!) on Tuesday and it was fantabulous. I laughed through the whole show. It is definitely going to be one of the shows I will continue to watch regularly. I am so happy there is a show out there that makes me feel like my behavior, making up songs at random, is completely acceptable. If you haven’t seen it you really should stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. If you don’t fall in love with her character then I am guessing you were born without a heart 😉


As you know, Paul and I went to Austin City Limits Festival this past weekend. On the drive up there I had asked on Twitter whether or not I should buy a t-shirt in my current size or smaller. Everyone said smaller. Paul and I decided we would buy them in his size so that way we can both wear them. Paul wears a men’s medium but when it comes to 100% cotton shirts he will buy men’s large. So, that is what we did, we bought two men’s large t-shirts. I just started wearing men’s extra-large shirts so it will be awhile before I can fit in them but when I do I will be so freaking happy. This is the first time I knowingly purchased something in a smaller size. I am thinking I might hang my Arcade Fire shirt somewhere I will see daily as motivation to keep moving. I can’t wait for the day that I can wear it and trust me there will be photos and posts dedicated to this shirt! Do you have an article of clothing you keep around for inspiration?

ACL Shirt



Arcade Fire Shirt


Not a shirt but equally cool; autographs from all members of AWOLNATION


Thai Yoga and Ecstatic Dance

This past week I tried out two new activities; Ecstatic Dance and Thai Yoga and really enjoyed them both. Friday night was ecstatic dance and I was nervous that two hours of dancing might be too much for me to handle. It turned out that I had nothing to worry about because we only ended up dancing for 70 minutes. The first half hour was spent just kind of hanging out; some of us were stretching, some people talking, others just bopping around. Then we had a brief discussion explaining ecstatic dance and how it would work, we danced for 70 minutes, and then wrapped up the class with a feedback discussion. For me, I would have liked to have had a longer time dancing, even if it was only 20 minutes longer, and I also thought that the music could have been more upbeat. Not every song but a majority should have been a little more fast-paced. I think that would have made for a perfect evening. Would I do it again? Yes, because I enjoy free dance and although I think this class could use a little tweaking it is still a lot of fun and I felt great afterwards.

Yesterday I went over to Tricia’s house for my first Thai Yoga therapy session and oh my word it was fantastic. Thai Yoga is like a cross between yoga and a massage. Basically I just laid there and she moved me around into different positions and used her body (hands, feet, whatever) to stretch out my body. When I went in I felt pretty relaxed, no tension or soreness, or at least that’s what I thought. Man I had no idea what it felt like having an actual relaxed body. I think we just grow accustomed to feeling tight and tense that it seems normal. I have never, honestly never, felt as relaxed and calm as I did after our session yesterday. Afterwards Tricia told me to drink lots of water, take a bath with Epsom salts, and that last night I would sleep like a baby and I did. I signed up for sessions on October 5th and 19th and cannot wait to go back. I want to bring Paul to see her once he is cleared from the doctor from his broken rib. I know he would love it. The great thing about Tricia is that she does these sessions based off of donations so that people who need it can afford it. She works with clients who suffer from chronic pain and her sessions are the only thing that brings them relief. For me, I wanted to try it because I know it will help heel my body from the stress of a newly active lifestyle coupled with years of neglect. I can already tell it has helped. Thai Yoga, more specifically Tricia, is amazing and I highly recommend you try it.

I know I mentioned in my post the other day that I earned my first 7 Day Chip but I just received this yesterday and wanted to share it with you. My 7 Day Chip

Thanks for reading!


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  1. monica (@monica_ms) replied:

    I have a skirt that I keep in my closet that I refuse to get rid of. When I’m “on track” I use it to help keep me motivated because I fully believe that 1 day I’ll be able to fit into it again.

    • Dacia replied:

      See I couldn’t commit to buying smaller clothes before but now I can definitely see that there is merit to using clothes to help motivate us.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    ok I started crying when you were talking about BL and then you started talking about the shirt 🙂
    1/2 of my closet is full of clothes I hope to one day wear again. I think I will pick out my fav and hang it where I can see it everyday. Thanks for again inspiring me!!!
    I don’t even want to thing about the calories I used to consume in a night of tv, no wonder I got fat!! night tv wasn’t my only bad time of day though. I too see a big change in my attitude towards the day and how I spend it. So cool that changing my attitude has made some of my pitfalls easier to manager!!
    The New Girl is fab, she’s so silly, I love it!!!
    Thai Yoga sounds very amazing, I so want to try it out!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      I agree, night time tv watching wasn’t my only bad time of day either but for me I think it was the worst when it came to mindlessly eating.

      Glad you like the New Girl too!

      You should definitely try Thai Yoga sometime. I highly recommend it!

  3. shrinkingwmn replied:

    Me too! I used to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while watching the BL for seasons and seasons lol. I always felt so smug sitting in my living room not being yelled at by a trainer but also not noticing that I was not-so-slowly getting bigger an bigger. *rolls eyes* When I watched the season premier I didn’t eat anything and I kinda felt like I was missing out on something but that’s just cause of habit and I’ve gotten used to having to break those bad habits over the past year. shrug.
    My solution to all the great new tv shows that are on now cause it’s September is to tape them and watch when I get home from exercising – that way it’s like a treat after busting my butt off boxing. 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      That’s a great strategy. I am the same way- tv is a reward for working out. I watch everything off the DVR.

  4. juleen76 replied:

    I have a pair of jeans that I bought several sizes too small and I went to try them on last week (as it is now finally cool enough to actually wear jeans) and discovered that they are already too big! I’m extremely pleased that I’ve shrunk so much, but still a little bummed that I can’t wear the jeans. Guess I’ll have to get them altered, because they’re super cute!

    • Dacia replied:

      You should definitely get them altered! 🙂

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