Weight Watchers Update – Week 27

So today I had my Weight Watchers meeting which of course meant I also had my weekly weigh in. Did I tell you that our last WW leader quit after three weeks? She basically left us to go be a leader at another at work location that had 80 people instead of our group of 17. That was kind of a crappy thing to do especially since she was brand new. The leader before her moved to Houston so she was her replacement. Then two weeks ago we find out that she isn’t coming back and that we may have to move (or cancel) our session because WW couldn’t find another group leader to come take over for her. Luckily, they found us a replacement and boy was I happy when I found out who it was. It was Sally, my group leader from my Saturday meetings. I love her. She is a great leader and motivator and I really missed going to her meetings. It is nice to be able to see her again and she was actually very happy to see me. She mentioned both this week and last that having me, someone she already knew, in her groups makes her feel more comfortable. I thought that was pretty cool. Isn’t it funny how things work out some times?

Well, today was a pretty crazy day for me. I woke up this morning and weighed myself- 217.2 pounds! I was ecstatic because this meant I had reached and passed the halfway point on my journey to getting to a healthy weight. I started off at 286 and am hoping to get to 150 (the top of my healthy weight range) which makes 218 is the halfway point. Score! It only took 7 months and 5 days for me to get there. Amazing! Another thing I was excited about was my WW weigh in later in the day because I knew I had lost some substantial weight over the past week. I couldn’t gauge what number I would see on the scale at my WW meeting (having had breakfast/snacks/water, weighing in midday) but I was pretty confident it would be a loss. Man was it ever. I lost 7 pounds this week! At my meeting I weighed in at 219.4 pounds, a whopping 7 pound drop from last week. That’s just crazy. That is a baby-sized amount of weight. I lost a freaking baby! I can’t get over it. LOL! Even better, I am now only 0.8 pounds from reaching my at work goal which will get me 50% reimbursement at the end of the 17 week session. Sweet!

Now I know what you are thinking; 7 pounds is too much, it’s not healthy, she must be starving herself, or something along those lines. I agree, 7 pounds is too much to lose in one week but I feel like really this is more like two weeks weight loss being reflected in one. First of all, last week when I weighed in it was my time of the month. I was bloated and that definitely affected my weight last week. Once the bloating was gone I noticed a significant drop in the pounds. Another factor is that I changed up what I was eating when I noticed I was becoming constipated and knew that what I was eating was affecting that. Once I changed my diet I became more regular and that helped a lot too. Yes, I am basically saying I was full of crap and that I pooped a lot this week. I know its TMI but if I am going to be honest with you and tell you what changed, what caused a 7 pound loss; those two reasons would be why. And no, I don’t expect to see a 7 pound loss next week or even ever again but I am happy for making good changes that helped push me through a rough patch.

Tomorrow is our first official weigh in for Shrinkvivor. I will be getting up at 4:45am with Paul so he can photograph the scale. I need to document my weekly weights for the contest and although it means getting up a half hour earlier I am ok with it. Tomorrow is my first at work lunchtime yoga class so I need to get to work a half hour earlier anyhow so really it works out perfectly. I am excited for the class and for this contest. I love that I am putting myself out there and trying new things. Old Dacia would have been too ashamed of that number on the scale to ever have participated in a weight loss contest. New Dacia knows she is so much more than that number on the scale and I hope you do too! That is the most important thing I have learned on this journey; don’t let that number define who you are or determine your worth!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    You are amazing! What a freakin’ rock star. Im glad your WW leader worked out so nicely. Have fun with yoga tomorrow!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! It really worked out nicely. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    So you pooped a baby, that’s amazing!! All kidding aside, if you hadn’t listened to your body and already had a firm healthy structure in place it would not have happened. 217.2, that is so freakin awesome and you got your fav WW leader back in your life, plus you get yoga at lunch. Yow!!

    oh and go Team Gray, go Dacia!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Yes! So many good things going on right now! I am loving this new life. Can’t wait for yoga at lunch! Thanks!

  3. Steph...In Motion replied:

    Halfway!! YAY!

    • Dacia replied:

      Yay!!! I am thrilled! Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Stott (@JenSto2t) replied:

    Seriously amazing!! I’m super happy for you!

  5. jamesandjax replied:

    Wow, whatever the reason, 7 pounds is really something to celebrate! Fantastic!! Next time I see you, will I be able to recognize you?!

    • Dacia replied:

      I actually hope you don’t. That would be a great feeling having my best friend not be able to spot me in a crowd. 🙂

  6. juleen76 replied:

    I’ve been having problems with constipation the last month or so, and have been stalled in my weight-loss. I’ve been eating lots of fiber, plus ungodly amounts of fruits and veggies. I’ve even taken some laxatives. What did you change about your diet that made the difference? I’d sure love to poop out a baby this week! 🙂

    • Dacia replied:

      I’m going to email you a response. I hate typing on my phone! Lol!

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