{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: My Wolfpack

I realized today that I really take alot of photos of my dogs. Probably because I think they are cute as hell and I love them to death. It’s been easy to make it through the long stretches Paul and I are apart because of their companionship. Dogs rule!

They make funny faces when they close their eyes!



Maggie’s favorite spot is lying in the yard usually chewing on sticks or playing fetch


Ruby’s favorite spot is on Paul’s WHITE bath mat 🙂


Me and Ruby after our Sunday morning walk/jog on the river


Thanks for reading!


September 28, 2011. Tags: , , , , . wordless wednesday.


  1. shrinkingwmn replied:

    I want to dog-nap your dogs, they are sooooo cute! 😀

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! I just love them to death!

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