Eighty Reasons to Read This Post

Well ladies and gentlemen, and by gentlemen I mean Paul since I am pretty sure he is the only man reading this, the day has come for me to announce that I have LOST 80 POUNDS! Yesterday, I said I was just ounces away and that I needed to start thinking of things that weigh 80 pounds to feature in a post once I got there. I didn’t realize I would reach it overnight and I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even think about it until the scale said 206.0 this morning and I realized I needed to come up with something clever, fast. Thankfully my great friend JH (James and Jax left me this comment;

‘Two 4-year-olds weigh about 80lbs. and from Googling I can tell you that the World’s Largest Ball of Tape weighs 80 lbs.’

Sadly, after Googling to find an image of the World’s Largest Ball of Tape I found that it is actually 117 pounds. Oh, well. Remember this for when I have lost 117 pounds. I can still use it, just not now. Intrigued but what other large oddities out there that might weigh 80 pounds I decided to Googled ‘World’s Largest 80 pounds’ and here is what I found.

World’s Largest Gold Rush relic: an 80-pound gold brick

World’s Largest Catfish on Record: 80 Pounds, caught in Indiana in 1934- probably not accurate anymore


Photo from Wikipedia

*I was curious as to how big an 80 pound fish actually is and found a picture on Wikipedia of an 80 pound Halibut. Yes, I know that’s not the same as a catfish but still. This fish is freaking huge!

The jackfruit tree bears the largest tree-born fruit, reaching 80 pounds in weight. It’s actually the national fruit of Bangladesh


Photo from Wikipedia

*I think you could feed a small army off of one jackfruit!

Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria (California) offer the biggest deliverable pizza in the world which weighs in at 80 pounds. FYI- you need at least 24 hours notice if you want to order this pizza.


Photo from bigmamaspizza.com

There is a YouTube video called ‘River Monsters: 80 lb. Piranha’ – eff that. I hate piranhas, I am not going to watch that but Google it if you want.

World’s Largest Matzo Ball weighs 267 pounds- it was made with 80 pounds of margarine

Similar result: World’s Largest Sushi Roll (330 foot) contained 80 pounds of avocado, world’s largest burger (123 pounds) used an 80 pound beef patty, and the world’s largest pumpkin pie (350 pounds) used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin

In my searching I also found 80 pound dumbbells and 80 pound kettlebells (that’s some craziness, I get exhausted swinging a 15 pound kettlebell I can’t even imagine an 80 pound one) but what made me the happiest was finding the heavy bags, for boxing, weigh 80 pounds. How cool is that? Something that is such a big part of my journey weighs 80 pounds. Boxing has given me, and continues to give me, the confidence I have never had. Every class is a challenge for me and after each one I feel a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. Boxing was the first scary, difficult, challenging, intense thing I did since starting my WLJ and surviving and growing through boxing allowed me to develop courage. It helped me realize I was stronger than I thought and that nothing was impossible. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful trainers at Club K.O. for expecting 100%, pushing me to my limits, and making me stronger. Every time I step up to that heavy bag I will remember the changes boxing has made to my life and recognize that 80 pound that used to be a part of me physically but now resides in my heart as love and my mind as a fabulous (and torturous) memory.


Photo from amazon.com

Yay for 80 pounds gone!

Better watch out 199 – I’m coming for you!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Shanny replied:

    Wow! When you think about an 80 pound punching bag and then think that same 80 pounds used to be spread out all over you…man, that has got to feel GOOD! Asskickingly good. Imagine having to grasp that 80 pounds bag and carry it around with you for an entire day. Your back would ache, your shoulders would scream, you’d be exhasted and cranky and sweaty and uncomfortable. MUCH better without it, methinks!

    GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!

  2. averageinsuburbia replied:

    Good for you!

  3. cassiebehle replied:

    Congrats!!! Woot, woot!

  4. jakennicksmomma replied:

    You worked so hard for each pound! You are amazaballs! 😉

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