Five Things Friday: That’s what’s up edition

Weekend Plans

Our weekends are usually busy but this one is more jam-packed than usual. So much so I had to put together an itinerary (in excel, of course) so I wouldn’t forget to do something. Tonight we only have one thing on the agenda but it will occupy our whole evening. Paul and I are helping out at the Haunted House on post over at the Warrior Transition Unity for the wounded soldiers and their families. I am going to be a zombie and last night I made my costume. I took some of my way-too-big clothes and ripped, cut, burned, and bloodied them up. After work I will head over to the haunted house and get dressed and zombie myself up. Thankfully my friend Whit is highly talented with theatrical makeup and gave me some tips. Although good makeup or bad makeup I will still be pretty scary looking 😉

Tomorrow I have my normal Saturday morning classes, Tai Chi and Nia, and afterwards Paul and I are heading my company’s employee appreciation picnic. I’m not going to lie; I am pretty darn excited for this picnic. It is at one of our locations that have a big park and they are having all sorts of free food and activities. Some of the things I am looking forward to are the rock climbing wall and the Euro Bungee Trampoline. I have never done either so I am going to try and do both if I can and of course I will be making Paul take plenty of pictures. After the picnic I have to run to the grocery store to pick up dinner stuff and ingredients to make soups on Sunday morning. Then Paul and I will be heading to the Rampage game. That’s Saturday.

Sunday is even busier. First thing in the morning I am going to make up two batches of soup for weekday lunches. At 10am I have Journey Dance which goes to 11:15. Then home for a shower and a quick bite before MS comes over to my place at 1230p. Then the two of us will be heading over to the Synergy Studio for Sound Journey with Jodi Roberts (the gongs and Tibetan bowl lady) at 1pm followed by a 330pm Rampage hockey game which MS is attending with me. Then afterwards home to change and back out to Synergy for the 7pm Kundalini Yoga class. That’s Sunday. This weekend is definitely jam-packed but it’s filled with all fun things so I am really looking forward to it. What’s on your agenda?

Non-Scale Victories

I had a few NSVs this week and wanted to share them with you. The first was Monday when I went to the PX (Post Exchange, our Wal-Mart/Target like store on post) to buy a new pair of pants. I bought a pair of size 16 pants from the regular size section instead of the plus size section. Yes, I realize that 16 is still plus sized but this means I can fit into size 16 pants from non-plus size stores which makes me happy. Then I went over to grab some new socks and ended up looking at the Hanes underpants. I looked at the size chart on the back- size 8 fits size 14-16 women. I desperately needed new underpants since I had yet to buy new ones since I started losing weight. Don’t judge, buying new shit all the time is expensive and underpants were not high up on my list. Any who, I decided to spend the 8 bucks for a 6 pack of Hanes underpants figuring that if they were too small now I would fit in them eventually. Guess what? I fit in them now. Score! Double score for no longer having to buy my underpants from a plus size store which by the way tries to rob you blind in my opinion. At best the sell plain cotton panties for $5 each on sale but the usually are around $15 each which is nuts for plain cotton underpants. I mean yes there is more material being used but not that much. Sheesh, what a rip off.!

My second NSV came on Tuesday when my Pilates instructor stopped me after class. She came up to me and told me she has noticed improvement in my form and that she also noticed how much weight I have lost and that my clothes are fitting me better. That was pretty awesome to hear. Of course I love having people tell me they are noticing my physical changes but I also love to hear I am improving my physical form as well. Some things we do in Pilates and in yoga I struggle with because my belly or boobs get in the way. It can be discouraging at times but as I lose weight and my body changes I am having an easier time at it. It’s nice to know people can notice these things as well.

Fake Exercise

If you follow me on Twitter (which if you aren’t, you should @dacialee33) then you probably already know this story but too bad, you have to hear about it again. On Tuesday after Weight Watchers I was having a conversation with a co-worker about my weight loss. This is how it went:

Him: “you’re doing pretty well so far with your weight loss”

Me: “yeah”

Him: “especially since you don’t exercise”

Me: “What? What do you mean? I exercise on average anywhere from 800-1000 minutes a week.”

Him: “yeah, you do that tai chi stuff. It’s not real exercise”

Here’s a newsflash in case you didn’t already know I fake exercise. That was some bullcrap if I ever heard it and I can go into detail about how annoying it was to hear that or how rude this person was but I won’t. Exercise is exercise; it doesn’t matter what you do it only matters that you are doing it. Find something you love, whatever that might be, and just try to incorporate it into your life whenever you can.


I’m going to Houston not next week but the week after. I found this out yesterday. It’s only for two days but I am pretty excited. I am going to attend a training class for Tableau, analytics software I use in my job, and I cannot wait. I doubt I will have much more than one free night but if you have any recommendations of things to see, places to eat, etc. let me know. I have only ever driven through Houston, en route to New Orleans, but haven’t really seen much of the city. I am staying in the Galleria area which I think is downtown. I am pretty excited to check it out. Hopefully I can stay on plan, get some exercise in and not jeopardize myself in Shrinkvivor if I am still in the competition at that point. Oh, and I should tell you that my tribe, Hodari Gray, received immunity and we are all safe. Yay! One of my tribe mates logged over 2600 minutes exercise, she had a two day danceathon, which I am sure made our tribe a lock for immunity. So much good news and so many good things happened this week. Yay! J


I just wanted to share with you some photos from the walk I took at lunch today. Although it was cold it was a beautiful day. It’s weather like this that makes me happy to live here.








Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    I said it before and I will say it again, I am going to punch that guy in the nose!

    Also, I went out and bought some new cute undies. I have the same problem. Most of my undies are too big. I never realized how much underwear can move around when not sized correctly…lol.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    I’ll help you knock him out Kathleen!! jeesh what an a_ _ hole!! But so many good things are going on right now it just doesn’t matter. I hope you are enjoying your busy weekend!! I too need to go undie shopping, looking forward to buying a smaller size!! I had to get dressed up this am and I put on a pair of pants that I have not worn since last winter and they kind of look like clown pants. I wore them anyways b/c I didn’t have any other dress pants to wear. Cant even pass them off as baggy b/c the big poofy thing hangin around my pelvis, too funny. Yeah for fun reasons to Go Shopping!!!

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