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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to check in for Shrinkvivor. I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale and was very excited to see this number when I looked down:


Damn I am getting close to leaving the 200’s! I can’t wait!

Last week I weighed in at 206.8 pounds so today’s weight of 204.0 pounds gave me a nice weekly loss of 2.8 pounds. Over the past five weeks of Shrinkvivor I have lost 13.2 pounds which is 6% percent of my starting weight of 217.2 pounds. Yay!

I know that every week I talk about our Shrinkvivor challenge- exercise minutes- but I haven’t mentioned the mini-challenges they set up for us as well. This is because the past mini-challenges were things I already do. One week the mini-challenge was to eat something green with every meal. Since I already eat a metric shit-ton of veggies I didn’t see any point in mentioning it here. We also had a mini-challenge to drink 64-oz of water per day which is also something I do regularly. Actually I try to drink at least 128 oz of water a day. Aside from my morning tea (or coffee on the weekends) I only drink water. It’s a great habit I picked up on this WLJ. I am happy to report that this past week’s mini-challenge was one that I did participate in; the Halloween candy challenge. We were asked to avoid overindulging on Halloween candy and limit ourselves to two fun-sized pieces. I opted to challenge myself to avoid Halloween candy altogether and am pleased to say I made it through without eating any candy whatsoever. I think this challenge was easier for me because I am more of a salty food eater not so much a sweets eater and because I have been following a vegan diet for a few weeks now and most Halloween candy is not vegan.

Since I gave up eating dairy (October 8th was the last time I had any) I have pretty much been following a vegan diet. For whatever reason once I decided to stop eating dairy I also stopped eating meat. Not sure if I will stay with a vegan diet or if I will slowly incorporate meat back in but so far I am loving how I feel, I have tons of energy, and I don’t feel limited by food choices. There are so many great cookbooks and vegan bloggers out there it is never hard to find new recipes to try out. Heck, even this week’s ‘Menu Plan Your Butt Off’ on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans was all vegan recipes. I am not too concerned about sticking with it through the holidays since I will be the one cooking. I foresee a Thanksgiving dinner that includes Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheeze and Holiday Soup for the Soul and Vegan Lasagna for Christmas. Of course, we will still have turkey for Thanksgiving and steaks for Christmas; I just won’t be eating that.

All in all this was a great week for me for Shrinkvivor; I lost 2.8 pounds, racked up 878 exercise minutes, and avoided Halloween candy. I definitely consider it a success. Let’s hope it’s enough to keep me in the game for another week. Go Tribe Hodari Gray!

Weight Watchers Update

As you know, if today is my Shrinkvivor weigh in then yesterday was my Weight Watchers weigh in. I woke up feeling great and weighing in at home at 205.0 pounds. That was a 2.2 pound difference from what I weighed at home last Tuesday so of course I expected to see a 2.2 pound loss on the scale. Unfortunately, that’s not what I saw. I weighed in at 207.0 for a weekly loss of 1.2 pounds. Still a loss, I am still super happy about it, but not really sure why it wasn’t 2.2 pounds. Oh, well. It happens. Even though I wear the same clothes and eat the same foods every Tuesday I still can’t control how my body is retaining the food/water. By the time 12p rolls around it’s pretty much a crap shoot as to what number is going to appear on that scale. Still, a 1.2 pound loss is nothing to complain about and I am super excited to be only two pounds away from earning my Weight Watchers 75 pounds lost star. Does anyone know if there is charm for my WW key ring that goes with 75 pounds lost?

Next Tuesday I will be in Houston and so I will miss my Weight Watchers meeting. I am not going to be able to make up the meeting until Saturday November 12th so it’s going to be a long stretch between WW weigh-ins followed by two very close together (the 12th and the 15th) followed by another long stretch because we have no at work meeting on November 22nd. No worries. I am still going to attend my meetings weekly, although the days may be all screwy, and continue to track, portion, hydrate, and exercise and I know I will make it through November successfully.

Monthly Update

Since yesterday was the first of the month it was also time for me to weigh in to see how I did against my monthly weight loss goal. Back in September I set up a monthly goal of losing 7 pounds a month for each of the remaining months of 2011. These monthly goals, if reached, would help me achieve another goal; to be below 200 by the end of the year. I weighed in on October 1st at 217.2, yesterday morning I weighed in at 205.0 for a loss of 12.2 pounds this month and a two month total loss of 23 pounds. Yay!

Yesterday was also the day for measurements and BMI and body fat percentage results. I have been slacking pretty hard on the weekly BMI and body fat%; the last time I took it was the week of October 18th. I keep forgetting to do the measurements on WI day but I will try to get back in the habit of tracking them weekly. I haven’t updated the monthly measurements or the weekly weigh in pages yet so here are some results I wanted to share with you.

Inches lost in October: 7” (most of which came from my chest, goodbye boobies – LOL)

Total inches lost since initial measurement (07/02) is 31.5”

BMI as of 11/01: 33.6, body fat % as of 11/01: 35.2%

BMI on 04/02 (first recording): 45.2, body fat% on 04/02: 41.8%

BMI difference: 11.6 points, body fat % difference: 6.6%

*Goal is a BMI below 25 and a body fat % below 32%

Wow! What a huge difference. More than any number on a scale I really just want to get that BMI and body fat percentage to a healthy range.

Echotone DVD Giveaway

One last update; yesterday I posted a giveaway on my blog, which I am very excited about, for the Echotone DVD. I forgot to include blogging as an entry method so I have gone back to the post and made that update. If you read the post via email subscription or if you read it yesterday please go back and check out the update. There are now five ways to enter giving you five chances to win this amazing movie. The contest runs through November 14th and I am hoping for a big response. You should enter even if music documentaries aren’t your thing; you can always re-gift it 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    204.0 wow!!! 4 pounds probably never looked like so much fun 😉
    7″ in Oct and 31.5″ since it all started, no wonder you feel like such a new person!!

    Although I am thrilled I get to stay with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s going to make staying good this year hard!! It’s making it really hard to look forward to all the festivities this year 😦 which is such a bummer…I’m going to work on my attitude 🙂

    Congratulations on your continued success!!!

  2. thedailydish replied:

    Congrats!! And I feel so honored to be “part” of your upcoming holidays!! We love that vegan lasagna and I’m SO happy you do, too!! 🙂

  3. Ann Gregory (@annsgonnablow) replied:

    Great job on the loss!

  4. Shrinking Carrie replied:

    Holy cow! You are doing amazing! I am loving your positive post and your numbers are looking so good! Way to start out your holidays. I only wish that I could say I didn’t let Halloween candy hinder my progress 😦 Oh well! Back on now and that’s what matters. Keep it up!

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