Weight Watchers Weigh In and Holiday Update

Well it’s been two weeks since my last Weight Watchers meeting and I was ready to get back on that scale. I am kind of weird like that. I worked my butt off through the long holiday weekend to keep my activity points high and staying on plan with my tracking and portion control so I was anxious to see if it paid off. It did. I weighed in at 195.2 pounds which was a loss of four pounds. Yay! That made me very happy and it is really encouraging to me that I will be able to do the same thing again come Christmas and New Year’s.




During the meeting, our leader asked how we did this year compared to last year. Well, last year I was not a WW member and I wasn’t on this WLJ so it was a million times more successful for me. I remember one year waking up on Black Friday and eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. Which might not be too bad but then I followed that up by eating at the Cove for lunch and then the Salt Lick (all you can eat family style BBQ) for dinner. Yeah, I used to go a little crazy on holidays. This year was a complete 180 for me.

I started off my morning with a Green Monster smoothie and then went to a special Thanksgiving Nia class. Lunch was my normal meal of soup and salad and of course some fruit thrown in throughout the day for snacks. I made sure I wasn’t starving when it was time to eat dinner which was, for me, a vegan dinner for one from Whole Foods, which was effing fantastic, and of course some vegan pumpkin pie. I didn’t even eat all of my vegan dinner and took home some leftovers. The pie was a real challenge for me though. It was amazing. The best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had, hands down. I ate one slice and it was fantastic. I was full and I knew I shouldn’t eat more but it was just so tasty. I had an internal debate with my inner fat girl for a few minutes before deciding that if I wanted more pie I could have it another time. I was full so there was no reason to eat more. Instead I went for a walk and enjoyed the warm evening air. Thanksgiving was definitely a win for me.

The rest of the long weekend was pretty awesome, too. It was filled with workouts, Thai Yoga, reading, spending time with Paul, Black Friday shopping at Whole Foods (bought my first pair of Toms, yay!), watching movies and cooking tons of yummy foods. I tried out a couple new recipes, creamy avocado pasta and a mushroom polenta casserole, and both were a hit. Of course the weekend went by too quickly and now I am longing for Christmas to roll around so I can have another day off from work. Until then I will try to focus on my Nia White Belt Intensive, which starts Thursday, and my holiday goals.

Holiday goals; have you made any for yourself yet? I hadn’t really given it too much thought until yesterday when my friend Blogging Molly posted her Christmas goals and then when the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans put out their 25 days of fitness Christmas Challenge. That’s when I realized I should probably set some goals for myself too so here is what I have come up with.

– Hit 186 pounds by the end of the year. I had this goal in place and I don’t really have a specific goal to hit by 12/25 so my goal is to keep working towards 186.
– Complete the Sisterhood’s 25 days of fitness challenge.
– Plan out workouts while my parents are in town
– Plan out some fun things to do while my parents are in town
– Hit the gym at least once a week with Paul. It’s more fun when you do it together 😉
– Blog 3X a week
– Donate to charity
– Try a new recipe every week
– Bake Paul’s very belated birthday cookies

So, that’s what I’ve got going on for the next four-ish weeks. How about you? Any goals or plans you have in place to help you survive the holidays?

If you haven’t already entered please check out my post from yesterday and enter for my ‘pick your own prize’ giveaway! Thanks for reading!


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  1. The Busy Crab replied:

    Dacia – You’ve done so great, and should be VERY proud of your progress (and of successfully avoiding a Thanksgiving blowout)!

    I’ve been off the wagon for a good two months now (work, the renovation, and a death in the family just about knocked the stuffin’ out of me) but started again, in earnest, yesterday. Luckily, I’ve only gained 2 lbs since August, despite all that’s been going on, and despite being without a working kitchen since then.

    Your efforts and stamina are inspiring and have given me the push I need to get back to it, so, THANKS!!

    • Dacia replied:

      You have been through so much these past few months and coming out only up 2lbs shows that even when you were ‘off’ you were still making good decisions. I’m so impressed! You are amazing! So glad to have you back!

  2. NewVeronica2011 (@NewVeronica2011) replied:

    Holy Smokes–Look at those graphs! You are doing so incredibly well! I can’t help but feel inspired by your determination.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! It helps that there are alot of dots smushed together. Lol!

  3. monica (@monica_ms) replied:

    Okay I’m in with the 25 days of fitness challenge! Printed out my tree and today after work I’m off to look for stickers!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Yay! I am so happy to have you joining in! Be on the look out for tons of daily tweets!

  4. Simply Sidney replied:

    another 4 pounds have gone bye bye, congratulations!!! Intensive starting tomorrow!!!! OMG!!!
    What an exciting time in your life 😀

    creamy avocado pasta? I’ve got to hear more about this one!! vblog it please 😉

    • Dacia replied:

      I would love to vlog the creamy avocado pasta however it would be ery loud and there would be alot of mumbling on my end. The sauce is simple and made in a food processor, which I do not have, so I use my blender which is a pain in the butt and doesn’t work very well. It’s a very quick dish- all ingredients except pasta and lemon zest go in food processor to make sauce. Top cooked pasta with sauce and lemon zest. Done! 🙂

  5. sweetopiagirl replied:

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

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