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Holy smokes, today is December 1st. Although I am not shocked by the date, I have been waiting for this day to come for months, it certainly doesn’t feel like December 1st for me. That’s probably because I live in Texas and was just walking around downtown on my lunch break sans coat- its 74 degrees outside right now. Isn’t that crazy? I am very excited that December is here. December brings Christmas and a visit from my parents as well as my Nia White Belt Intensive and the 25 Days of Fitness challenge (through the Sisterhood) both of which start today. This month is going to be busy but I know it will be great!

Today was also exciting because it was my monthly weigh in to see if I reached my November goal of losing seven pounds. I should note that I try to measure myself on the first day of every month but I had an awful nightmare last night and woke up 30 minutes later than planned so I didn’t have the time this morning but I will make sure to do it tomorrow and post my results on the measurements page. I did have time enough to weigh myself and take my BMI and body fat percentage and here are the results.

Weight 11/1- 205.0 pounds, weight 12/1- 193.0 pounds

Monthly loss: 12 pounds! Woot! Goal met!

BMI 11/1- 33.6, BMI 12/1- 31.6- down to whole points! Yay!

I would like to note something here; when I first started tracking BMI/body fat 8 months ago my BMI was 45.2 which put me in the worst category, obese class III, and now I am less than two points away from the overweight category. That makes me so happy being so close to mobbing from obese to overweight because after that comes normal/average- where I am working hard to get to.

Body Fat Percentage 11/1- 35.2%, BF percentage 12/1- 33.8%- a change of 1.4%

My initial body fat percentage on 4/2 was 41.8% (which is crazy) so I am happy to be down 8% in eight months. That’s progress, baby!

My Nia White Belt Intensive starts this evening. I will be heading to the Synergy Studio straight from work to dance with the 530p class and then our training officially begins immediately afterwards. Tonight is only a couple of hours and they expect us to be finished by 830p. The rest of my training schedule is as follows; this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am-645pm. Back to work Monday through Thursday (6am-5p) and then the following weekend I will complete the Nia WBI; training classes Friday & Saturday 7am-645p and then Sunday 7am-3pm. After we finish at 3p on Sunday December 11 there is a 4pm Nia class and I will be participating in that as well. My friend KH, whom I box with, said she will come to the class to celebrate with me completing the WBI. KH also came to the studio on Thanksgiving for Nia and she really liked it so I was really glad she was willing to come back and dance with me again. I kind of have an idea of what to expect for the six days I will be in training as my friend Simply Sidney just went through it a few weeks ago but I am sure it will be much more intense, informative and eye-opening than I can imagine. I am excited though and I can’t wait to come back and talk about with you once I have finished. Until then, here is (vague) description of what the Nia White Belt Intensive entails.

“The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student.

Over the course of one week, you will comprehensively explore physical sensation through five core-competency areas of study including movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy. This joyful journey into the self is instrumental in helping you develop body knowing by learning to listen, interpret and consciously respond to the information your body communicates to you via sensation.”

From the Nia website

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans has come up with a great challenge to help us all keep active this holiday season- the O Fitness Tree 25 days of exercise challenge. I keep calling it the 25 days of fitness because for whatever reason that’s what is stuck in my head. They provided us a pdf of a Christmas tree (that looks like an advent calendar) and every day we exercise we give ourselves a sticker. Currently my tree is bare and hanging up at my desk but when I am back in the office Monday I will be decorating it with four stickers 🙂 There is also a tree hanging up on my fridge but it’s not mine; it’s Pauls. He decided to do the challenge with me to be supportive which just made me so happy. This morning I saw the tree and the pack of stickers hanging on the fridge and I almost started crying. I know it seems trivial but having him support me through things like this means the world to me. I am one lucky girl!


Since I am going to be out of commission the next few days I decided to post my fitness plan for the next week and then next Thursday I will report back as to how I did and show you pictures of my tree. I think weekly updates will work much better than daily. If you are also participating and blogging about it please leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out.

Thursday: Nia WBI

Friday: Nia WBI

Saturday: Nia WBI

Sunday: Nia WBI

Monday: yoga at lunch and kickboxing at 6p (hopefully I have enough energy to box)

Tuesday: Nia at 530p

Wednesday: yoga at lunch and hot Vinyasa yoga at 6p

Check back next week to see how I did!

I mentioned earlier in the post how I am excited that my parents are coming for Christmas. I mentioned the other day that I wanted to plan some fun things to do while they are here. Yesterday I got an emailed monthly newsletter from Jodi Roberts, who does the Sound Journey sessions with gongs and Tibetan bowls, and she has a concert on December 21st. The event is the Christmas Solstice Bells and Bowls Concert at the Boerne Yoga Center so I checked with my parents and they want to go. So there’s one activity planned; only 6 more days to fill 😉 I frequently talk to my parents about the things I do and although I would love for them to take a Nia or Journey Dance class I know they can’t do that so I am glad they can do this with me. They are hippies so this is right up their alley!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. justapilgrimsoul replied:

    I am so grateful for this fitness challenge. Before this morning, I hadn’t exercised in over a month. Depression, and stress have been getting the best of me. Not anymore.

    I do hope that we can continue to have monthly challenges like this. Not just for the stickers, but to get to our goals.

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