My Life These Days…and a Winner is Announced

First and foremost I need to address the business of the giveaway and announce the winner. At about 530am I went to my blog and using excel notated the names of everyone who entered. There were 17 entries in total so I used to generate a random number for me using 1-17 as my range and the lucky number was….drum roll…..da da da da da da….eleven! Number eleven is my friend Racheal and I contacted her this morning to let her know the good news. She had chose prize number 3 which was the Michael Pollan books. I am hoping she will let me know her thoughts of the books and whether or not they changed her eating/purchasing habits at all. Maybe I can even get her to guest post about the books, who knows. It’s totally up to her but Racheal, if you are reading, let me know if you would be interested in doing something for the blog.



Thank you all who entered and thank you to those who tweeted the link! You guys are awesome and if I could afford everyone who entered would have won! I am looking forward to the next giveaway, whatever it might be, and am open to any suggestions 🙂

In other news, life has been pretty hectic- especially this past weekend. The first half of my Nia White Belt Intensive is behind me and I can’t wait to write a post dedicated to the whole experience that includes a schedule and details as to what it entailed. For now I am just going to give you a few thoughts running through my head. I love Nia, which you already know, but do you know why I love Nia? Nia is a great workout; it is a cardiovascular activity yet it’s not too intense. The dancing, the music, and the community make it such an amazing way to spend an hour of my life. But I love other activities too like yoga and tai chi but I don’t have the same emotional connection to them as I have with Nia. This weekend I realized why that is, why I love Nia so much.

I was talking with DG, another Synergy member and Nia participant yesterday about her weight loss- she looks fabulous by the way. I had asked her about her story and she told me that she was at her heaviest about ten years ago, while still in high school. Then she started running and going to the gym and she lost a lot of weight which she subsequently gained most of it back. Then about two years ago she found Nia and it has brought her to where she is today- about 80 pounds lighter and in great shape. I asked her if she changed other areas of her life or was it just Nia and she told me how she needed something that was spiritual as well as physical and that Nia gave that to her. It made her whole as a person.

I knew exactly what she meant. Nia is good for your body, mind and soul. It has changed my life because it is the first time that I actually love myself. Nia has taught me acceptance and self love and that is why I am where I am today. I have dieted/exercised before and lost weight and it never stuck because I never fixed the cause instead I just tried to fix the effect. Once I found Nia and the self-hate, self-doubt, embarrassment, disgust, all of the negative feelings I had about myself, started to go away I started making better decisions for myself, putting my health first, and really wanting to change and become a better person. I truly understood what I wanted out of my life and set out to try to make it happen. Do you know why? Because I freaking deserve it. I am good enough. I know now that as long as I keep my mind, and my body, and my spirit whole then I will be successful at anything I set my mind towards.

Another great thing about Nia is as I learn more about the principles and ideas it was built on, the mystery of why it has been so life changing is uncovered. As we are taught to ‘dance through life’, view ‘life as art’, and live in ‘the joy of movement’ (in universal joy which is a sensation, opposed to joyfulness/enjoyment which is an emotion) it becomes more and more clear why this practice has transformed my life. I couldn’t be more thankful for where I am today and having the fortune to be learning more about something I hold so dearly. I hope one day to dance with you, my readers, my friends and have you experience this with me.

One last thing before I go I wanted to share this with you.

The Club KO

Pretty cool, huh? One of the owner/trainers asked me if I would write up a testimonial for the gym’s website. The version on the site has been edited since I tend to go a little overboard when I write (I know that’s a shock to you, right?) and if you want to see the full piece, I think it’s three paragraphs, let me know and I will post it. I was just so thrilled that they had asked me to be on their website even though I am still 1/3 of the way from my goal but they said they want to inspire others, people that were/are in my shoes, to not be scared to try boxing. Isn’t that great?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    oh Dacia, one day we will dance together!! I love Nia for the same reason!! I love dance, always have, but in my 20s I discovered it wasn’t enough for me and until finding Nia did I learn what the straight study of dance is missing: the universal joy, the community, the connection to my mind and soul. Nia gives me inner peace, wow, love it and I love you sweetie

    I love that the gym has you as their poster girl, smart people!!

    • Dacia replied:

      We will totally dance together! I would love to do the Journey Dance training in January and then bring it to MI and do some classes where you are teaching and introduce it there. That would be so amazing!

      I cannot wait to Skype and talk all about the WBI! Wishing you were here so you could be at my graduation. I know you will be there in spirit though! Love you!!!

      • Simply Sidney replied:

        Yes yes, YOU bringing journey dance to MI, love it!!!!
        I will so totally be at your graduation, my spirit will be there all the way!!!
        I can just see us Skyping with our white belts on 🙂

  2. Debra Garansuay replied:

    Dacia, you are amazing! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy dancing with you. Nia is practically my life, and I thank my Creator for guiding towards this beautiful light. I fell in love with it for all the same reasons you did, knowing each time I danced, I would experience a different feelings/emotions. The dance became a calling, and now, it’s beyond amazing and exceeded any expectations I had. I can’t picture my life without moving to the dance. Here’s to Nia, a truly life changing experience! ::Hugs:: Love you girly!!!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you Debra! You inspire me every day. I am so lucky to have found Nia and this wonderful community! It’s been a blessing.

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