Three Things Thursday

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Last Thursday kicked off the 25 days of fitness (O’ Fitness Tree) challenge and so I posted my week long plan of how I would be getting in my activity. I am happy to report I went 7 for 7 this past week even though I did tweak my activity plan slightly. As you know, the
Nia White Belt Intensive started last Thursday so I was able to get four days (Thursday through Sunday) of activity in because of it. Monday I went to the lunchtime yoga class offered at my place of work but instead of boxing that evening (I did not have the energy to box after the long weekend) I went to the gym and biked and sat in the sauna. Tuesday I went to Nia as planned. Yesterday I went to the
lunchtime yoga class and then instead of doing my normal hot Vinyasa
yoga class I went to Nia. This change had nothing to do with how I felt energy wise but was due to my work schedule and the fact that Paul had 24-hour duty so I needed to be home to take care of the doggies and Nia got me home sooner. My poor dogs; by the time I got
home last night they just looked like they were on the verge of exploding. I think Maggie would have run straight through the back door to get outside if I wasn’t there to open it for her.

Keeping with last week’s post here is my plan for this upcoming week.

Thursday- Nia class after work followed by the gym to bike and hit the sauna.

Friday through Sunday – Nia White Belt Intensive

Monday- yoga at work and Thai yoga session after work with Tricia.

Tuesday- boxing

Wednesday- yoga at work and hot Vinyasa yoga after work

Battle of the Lees

Paul and I both participate in the same two fantasy football leagues; one is run by my father and is made up of his friends plus my mom, Paul and myself. The other league is run by one of Paul’s army buddies and consists of a bunch of army dudes, and me. This week is the first week of playoffs for both leagues. I am happy to announce that Paul and I both made it to the playoffs. Yay! Unfortunately we have to play against each other. Boo! In BOTH leagues! Double Boo! How does that
even happen? Rhetorical question, I know how it happens but come on-
what are the odds? 🙂 I know you are thinking that I want to beat Paul
in both leagues and be crowned (with a crown I will make myself) the
ultimate fantasy footballer in the Lee household but you would be wrong. Ok, just slightly wrong- I do kind of want a crown. No, the best case scenario is that we each win one game so that way both of us can continue playing for at least another week and both of us stand a chance at winning the whole thing. I would prefer to win in my Dad’s
league and have Paul win in the Army one because I have a better, more
reliable team in my Dad’s league and based off of our teams I am thinking that is exactly what will happen. I will make sure to let you know what happens on Tuesday after all is said and done.


I received my first Christmas card yesterday and it made me realize
that the only Christmas like thing in our house right now is Paul’s Fitness Tree hanging on the fridge. Today I started thinking about the time left between now and when my parents arrive (December 21st) and everything that needs to be done in preparation. I have some Christmas shopping done but I still need to buy for Paul, my mom and the dogs. What? You don’t give your dogs presents? That’s my favorite part of Christmas. We buy them a whole mess of cheap toys and let them go
crazy for the day. It takes a few weeks to get rid of all the stuffing and toy remnants but it sure is entertaining to watch.

I bought Christmas cards but haven’t filled them out yet. If I was smart I would have brought them to work today and did that during my lunch break. We need to clean and get the spare room set up for my parents. Right now it has become a depository for junk that doesn’t have a home and the ‘to be shredded’ pile of papers. It’s the least
used room and, of course, the one in the worst shape. We also need to
decorate and order our meals from Whole Foods. There are two weekends
left for me to get everything done however I will probably not be able
to do any of it this weekend because of the Nia WBI so it is time for me to put together a schedule so I can make I can get all of this taken care of by the 20th. It’s times like this when being a planner comes in handy. On the upside, my Christmas list is done 🙂

While I am on the topic of Christmas, I wanted to ask you what are your favorite holiday movies? I was thinking about a few of mine as I wrote this post. I love watching ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Love Actually’ ever year. ‘A Christmas Story’ was the movie of choice in my household growing up- we watched it at least once every year. When Paul and I lived in Ohio my mom came to visit us for Christmas one
year and we went to Cleveland to see the house from the movie. It was
pretty cool to see and there was even a small gift shop up the street from the home where you could buy anything Christmas Story related including the famous leg lamp.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Caryn replied:

    Love Actually is definitely my favorite holiday movie. I can’t believe I haven’t watched it yet this season, now that I think about it. JB likes to watch Die Hard this time of year. I guess it can be considered a Christmas movie! I’ll be in Cleveland for Christmas this year, I should check out that house! Happy Holidays!

    • Dacia replied:

      You should definitely check it out! It’s very surreal to pull up in front of it. I had flashes of the movie popping through my head. It was crazy. I think Paul would consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, too.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    I love Love Actually, DH and I just went through our DVD collection (lots of stuff to sell, yeah!!) and Love Acually is staying here with me, love it!! In my family we always watch Christmas Story in the weeks leading up to Christmas and then on Christmas Eve night we always watch It’s a Wonderful Life, good stuff!!

    • Dacia replied:

      It’s a Wonderful Life is playing Thursday at the Drafthouse. Going to see if mom wants to go see it with me. What a great movie!

  3. jakennicksmomma replied:

    I like the ones mentioned above and don’t forget Miracle on 34th Street. The original black and white is the best.

    Don’t worry about all your Christmas stuff! Its just your parents. They don’t care what your place looks like, or how festive it is.

    • Dacia replied:

      True but they also need a place to sleep and their bed was covered, I mean COVERED, in junk. So yeah, I know it doesn’t need to be spotless but it does need to be livable.

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