{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: FOOD

I was asked to take pictures of all the new recipes I tried out over the holiday weekend. I failed miserably. I only took a few pictures. Sorry. So I will share what I do have along with some pictures of my kitchen so you can see what I eat and how I stock my fridge and pantry.


Veggie Burgers with Kale, Cabbage, and Leek Grill Mix


Vegan Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce and Spicy Rainbow Rice and Bean Salad


Caribbean Peas & Rice


Back on Track Wheat Berry and Bean Salad



Our freezer is filled with frozen soups, Ezekiel and Alvarado St breads, frozen veggies and veggie burgers, sweet treats: chocolate almond milk ice cream and some no-bake frozen chocolate treats, some frozen bean balls and some flours and seeds.


Fridge staples: tons of fruit and veggies tucked away in the crisper, coconut milk creamer, earth balance, Daiya vegan cheese, Ezekiel and Alvarado St. tortillas, salsa, almond butter, hemp seeds, and of course leftovers.



Pantry: rolled oats, chia seeds, lentils, quinoa and quinoa pasta, rice noodles, brown rice, almond butter and almonds, herbal teas, and my snacks: wasabi soybeans and vegan cookies 🙂

Our spice cabinet is filled with a ton a different spices and an ever growing supply of baking essentials. We have organic (vegan friendly) sugars, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, vegan chocolate chips, nutritional yeast and a various types of hot sauces.

Keeping a well stocked fridge and pantry has really made cooking and meal planning so much easier.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Simply Sidney replied:

    Thanks for this glimpse into your kitchen, pretty interesting!!

  2. NewVeronica2011 (@NewVeronica2011) replied:

    Thanks for sharing your meals & kitchen, your meals looked wonderful!

  3. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Ok, you can come out whenever you like to help me stock up…lol That all looks great!

  4. Bella replied:

    Your food looks delish! That spicy rainbow rice, especially.

  5. kitchentutor replied:

    Hey, I belong to a food buying club that buys from this site… http://www.azurestandard.com/. They carry a lot of vegan friendly food and you can get them at wholesale prices. I get a lot of gluten free stuff from them. If you’d like to check it out I’ll send you my login info and you can shop around and price check. Then I think you can locate a buying group in your area. We get a delivery once a month at someone’s house and we just pick up our stuff. Email me if you’re interested… kitchentutor@gmail.com

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