New You Challenge: Week 4

Sorry for the delay in this post. Last week was rough for me. I had the flu and although my flu symptoms weren’t nearly as severe as some of the other people we know who also came down with the flu (no projectile vomiting for me) it was still a big hit to my system, my routine and my habits. I missed three days of work last week and was completely off schedule. I was drinking plenty of water yet I was still dehydrated and would get dizzy spells. It was awful. In addition to being congested, having a sore throat and all the fun that comes with that I also had serious digestive issues. Since I was battling trying to just eat foods that didn’t make me sick I pretty much ate nothing but carbs for three days. I think one day I ate six pieces of toast. Oh, and I didn’t track because I didn’t care. I just ate what my body wanted and got lots of rest. I was pretty weak and run down so I skipped exercising until I felt healthy enough to do so without serious repercussions. Last week was a mess but it happens. Getting sick is just part of life. Now that I am (mostly) better I am getting back on track, back into my routine and back to my healthy habits that keep me going.

So on top of drinking lots of water (week 1), practicing mindful eating (week 2) and adapting my meals to fit my body’s needs (week 3) I will also be incorporating fitness into my routine. Exercise is the basis of the week 4 challenge. In the same manner we have worked to finding foods our body loves we will be doing the same with fitness. If you saw the article in Edmonton Journal that featured my blog post on motivation then you already know that my belief is that you need to do what you love in order to successfully change your lifestyle. It is the way I feel about food and exercise. If you don’t like what you are eating or you don’t like your workouts then you will not be able to sustain that lifestyle long term. It’s why most diets and severe exercise regimes don’t work in the long term.

For this week’s challenge I want us to focus on exercise. Regardless of where you are on this journey it is always good to evaluate your routine. For me, I find that my body responds well to variety and so I like to switch up my workouts. Maybe you are the same way, maybe not. Maybe your body responds well to doing one type of exercise and progressing at it, continuing to challenge yourself and grow. So, this week let’s take some time and focus on our exercise.

Questions for this week focus on the before, during and after of your workout. It is up to you to decide when, what, and for how long you workout. My only recommendation is this: if you are new to exercise start slow (like 2-3 times a week) and build from there. Give your body time to adjust to this change. If you have a workout routine already in place and you have been at it for some time then for this week don’t change it. This week follow your workout routine as planned and focus your attention on the following questions.

How did you feel afterwards? Tired, sore, in pain, happy, miserable- what word or words best describe how you feel post workout?

How did you feel beforehand? Were you anxious, miserable, happy, dreadful? Were you looking forward to your workout or dreading it? Was it hard to find motivation to get yourself to the gym, class, on the track, wherever?

Were you actively engaged in your workout or was your body just going through the motions? By this I mean did you give 100% effort or were you just half-assing your way through? I’m not going to lie- I have done this before. It happens.

As in the previous weeks make sure to journal your responses. Continue to drink plenty of water, practice mindful eating and make necessary dietary changes based off of how your body reacts to the food you are eating. This is an ongoing process and it is important to continue to tweak and modify as needed. Throughout these 8 weeks we are trying to find the best foods and fitness for our body that will help us becoming healthier in 2012.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    No fun being sick! My house is in week two of a revolving door of sick, blerg! I was in a similar situation, but instead of toast I ate half a sleeve of unsalted saltines. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Im not so good at the journaling. 😦 Keeping mental note of things. Trying to be mindful. I need more exercise in my life right now. 🙂

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    Sorry you were sick!! Sounds like you were making good decisions and I’m glad you are finding your way back into your routine. I’ve had two issues lately baulking their way into my routine and I found it incredibly frustrating, mostly b/c I’ve come to love and rely on my routine. Life is just hard sometimes to shake free of and get out of your own way.

    One of the major reasons I was able to increase my workout minutes was b/c of the enjoyment I get from my working outs. Who knew a weight loss journey could be so much fun!! 😀

  3. New You Challenge: Week Six « thirtythreeandcounting replied:

    […] this challenge; staying hydrated (week one), mindful eating (week two and week three)and fitness (week four and week five) as these are key players in the lifestyle you are […]

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