My Plateau

On January 1st I weighed 179.4 pounds. This morning I weighed 178.6 pounds. Over the past twenty-five days I have watched my weight fluctuate between 180 and 177 and I have no one to blame but myself. At first glance it may seem that I am hitting a plateau and yes, by not continuing to lose weight I guess that is true, however I am the reason for the stagnation not my body.

When I first started this weight loss journey my biggest fear was seeing my weight loss plateau. I was afraid that I would work really hard, hit the plateau, and not be strong enough to persevere through it. I didn’t think I could emotionally handle the ‘defeat’ of being stuck at the same weight for an extended period of time. I thought for sure it would break me.

Then January rolled around. I had just hit my 100 pounds lost mark in December when I reached 186 pounds. *I am still working on hitting my 100 pounds lost mark with Weight Watchers, I was 280 when I joined* I had decided to not set any weight loss goals going forward and to focus on my health. Paul decided to adopt a vegan diet (which he has successfully maintained) and so a lot of focus went from my diet and my workout routine to his diet and making recipes that worked for him and that he loved. I spent much more time in the kitchen in the evenings cooking. This meant late dinners and sometimes skipping workouts. But I was ok with that because for 10 months our marriage revolved almost completely around my schedule and what best met my needs and Paul picked up the slack. The least I could do was spend a few weeks helping him transition into eating vegan.

My eating habits and patterns changed, then I got sick (and became a toast-aholic), I ran out of my probiotics, my workouts although less frequent were growing more intense and more challenging, and my weight has just flip-flopped back and forth between those few pounds. But that’s normal. It happens. I am just lucky that I have ideas as to how I will get out of it instead of being stuck doing everything ‘right’ and not being able to work through it. So going forward here is what I am going to change to help kick this self-made plateau.

– Eat dinner early (pre-workout) and make it a smaller meal than lunch
– Limit ‘bad’ snacks to once a week, not every day or two
– Buy more probiotics, they really help
– Track daily
– Make sure to take care of my body after intense workouts i.e. drink Vega Recovery Accelerator. It’s a plant based drink (Paul actually used all Vega products during his marathon and still does to this day) and this is what it does “muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis, hormonal support, soft-tissue repair, immune function, inflammation-reduction and rehydration.” *Taken from the product description on Now they my workouts are more intense I really need to help my body recover better afterwards.
– Continue to challenge myself but make sure to rest when needed. Same as above, I need to learn how to treat my body better now that I pushing it so much harder.

I think if I stick to these six guidelines I will start seeing the scale reflect my efforts. Yes, I will continue to focus on my health first but part of that is losing pounds. I am still overweight after all.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. sweetopiagirl replied:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    So very interesting!! So many little things go into pushing us forward. Sometimes it’s unconscious things and sometimes it needs to be very conscious. It has been 11 weeks since I lost at least 1 pd two weeks in a row!! In the last 4 weeks I’ve lost 2.5 pounds. Can you say snail’s pace? This post is greatly timed for me, thank you very much for your insights, so helpful!!

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