New You Challenge: Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the New You Challenge. I hope everyone is doing well and using the challenge to help get healthier. I know I am. It is true, I haven’t been perfect these past four weeks but having the guidelines to fall back on makes it easier to transition back into a healthier lifestyle when I do stray from the path.

When I posted the challenge on mindful eating it was a two-week challenge. Well, the same is true for exercise. This week will be an extension of last week’s practice. Last week we monitored how we felt before, during and after our workouts and the reason behind that was I wanted us to learn whether or not our bodies and minds reacted positively to what we were doing. I know I learned a few things last week like if I think about whether or not I am giving 100% while I am working out I will start to recognize when I am not and push myself harder. For example, there have been times were I finished working out and felt like I could turn back around and do it again because I left with so much energy. So this week when I recognized I was half-assing my workouts I would push harder and every time I left the gym or class I felt like I gave it everything I had.

I also learned that I am not a track runner. I am not a big fan of a treadmill either but will use it once in a while to work on my running.  This week I was out at the track with Paul, who was off running laps around me, while I struggled to figure out how to run outside. It’s difficult when you don’t have a machine to set your pace. I found it very frustrating because I would end up running too fast and get winded and fatigued very quickly or walking too slow. I was a mess. I did a 5K walking/running slower than if I walked it. It’s not that big of a deal really but the reason I mentioned it is because having a difficult time out there will cause it to become harder to make it a regular activity. I know I need to improve, via the treadmill, and build endurance before I attempt to make outdoor running a regular activity. For now, I will reserve for federal holidays when all the gyms are closed 🙂

With that being said, I want us this week to evaluate and start tweaking our routines. Are you finding it hard to push harder/stay motivated during workouts or even dreading them before you start? Try something new, try to find things you love doing. Are your workouts getting too easy? Increase resistance, levels, weight amounts, whatever you can to take it to the next level. Are you not seeing the changes you expect (via scale or measurements) although you are pushing yourself during workouts? Switch it up. Don’t continue doing the same routine week in and week out. Muscle memory people. Once our body learns something it’s time to move on to something new or at least tweak it so that same activity starts to work different muscle groups.

Just like last week the questions are the same:

How did you feel beforehand? Were you anxious, miserable, happy, dreadful? Were you looking forward to your workout or dreading it? Was it hard to find motivation to get yourself to the gym, class, on the track, wherever?

Were you actively engaged in your workout or was your body just going through the motions? By this I mean did you give 100% effort or were you just half-assing your way through? I’m not going to lie- I have done this before. It happens.

How did you feel afterwards? Tired, sore, in pain, happy, miserable- what word or words best describe how you feel post workout?

Don’t forget, this is a cumulative challenge so in addition to changing up our fitness routine we should also be; drinking half our body weight (or 64, whichever is larger) in ounces of water daily, practicing mindful eating and adjusting our meals/snacks according to our bodies needs, and also practice being mindful of our bodies before, after and during workouts.

We are now half way through the challenge. How are you doing? Notice any changes?

Thanks for reading!


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