Finding My Balance

I’m trying to find balance in my life. Searching for that happy median where I am dedicated fully to my WLJ and getting healthy but not to where it controls me. Does that make sense? Maybe I should explain.

Until last December I was fully engulfed in my routine and the activities and diet that kept me losing weight. This routine was evening workouts during the week coupled with a few hours during the day on the weekends. I chose to not eat out or eat anything not on my planned meals before weigh ins. I skipped/avoided making plans with Paul and friends that didn’t fit around my schedule. My life, day in and day out, was ruled by my quest to lose weight.

Then December rolled around and I had to completely rearrange my schedule to fit with working long hours, taking the Nia White Belt Intensive, and having family in town for the holidays. I switched from evening workouts to morning workouts and because I wanted to have more free time I switched from a couple hours of activity at a moderate level to an hour a day at a higher intensity. December, although it was chaotic, was a great month. I was able to spend more time with Paul, friends and family and started to feel like a normal human being again. It was great.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have an easy time in January when I tried to transition back into my routine from November. I had grown so accustomed to spending time with Paul and being able to do stuff in the evening s that it was really difficult to give that up in order to go back to evening workouts. Getting the flu didn’t help me stick to my routine either and then last week, once I finally had my head back in the game, I decided I really needed to go back to morning workouts.

So, that’s the new plan; morning workouts with the exception of Mondays when I go to boxing classes in the evening. Meal plans that include fast and healthy dinners so I am eating at a reasonable time, at least a few hours before I go to bed. To help keep me honest- and by honest I mean keeping me from spending the evenings zonked out in front of the TV- I will spend an hour or so after dinner helping with dishes, making lunches, cooking future meals, whatever needs to be done for the next day. These are tasks that Paul has been pretty much doing on his own for the past 11 months. After the kitchen stuff is finished I will do my evening ab/core workout and then, when all of that is done, I will watch some TV or read a book (something relaxing) before bed.

I’m excited for this new schedule because it will allow me to be at home more, spend time with Paul, help out around the house, get in my workouts, plan and eat healthy meals, and still manage some relaxation time. I think it will bring me the focus I need and the balance I crave. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


February 2, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Health, Life, Weight Loss.


  1. Latina Barbi replied:

    My husband likes to go to dinner on Fridays, but I weigh in on Saturday mornings…but my gf can;t go on Sat anymore, so now I weigh in on Wed…and we can go out for dinner now..muah!

  2. Simply Sidney replied:

    Balance, the magic word
    When I’m feeling out of sorts, like I have been lately, it takes me some time, but than I realize I’m out of balance
    How to correct the situation is not always obvious to me, once I start to try, balance usually finds a way back in…magic
    It makes me happy to see you finding your way!!!

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