Finding Her Muchness: a Guest Post by Yerttle

What’s up, Shipmates! I’m Yerttle from over at BloggingMolly. Dacia asked me to write a guest post for her and since I love her and her blog, I agreed wholeheartedly.

And now this guest blog entry is late…because life happens.

I’m an Army Wife, FRG Leader, a Girls on the Run coach, a Religious Education teacher, have three kids, classes, a dog, a couple of blogs and a camera. …I’m busy. 🙂

During the Spring of 2011, I was just as busy as I am now, only I was carrying an extra 25 pounds. I was grumpy, hated looking in the mirror, and complained about the effort it took to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. I’d been Blog Stalking (don’t act like you don’t do that, too…) over at Ginger Couturier and saw a comment by “Dacia”. Being an effective Blog Stalker, I clicked on over to her blog and quickly fell into cyber love with the positive tone. I found recipes, information about Weight Watchers, and other bloggers who were looking to improve themselves, as well.

Dacia was generous enough to chat with me on the phone about Weight Watchers and I felt instantly at peace. Dacia is just as nice on the phone as she is in her blog. 🙂

Anyway, I joined WW as Monthly Pass member and I’ve never regretted a day of it. I’ve lost weight and dress sizes, to be sure, but I’ve gained so much more than that…

I’ve gained my Muchness back.

I remembered that I am strong, physically and emotionally. (three natural deliveries, deployments, a marathon, a happy marriage…) I forgot all that, you see. I forgot that I am worth taking care of. My husband is loving and supportive and wonderful, but I never believed anything nice he told me. I thought he was telling me those things because he had to. I forgot that I can run fast when I really want to, that I am good at helping my kids with their homework, that I have things to offer the world. Those 25 pounds weren’t just hiding my quads…I was allowing them to hide me.

Me and my Muchness.

So I’ve been wittling away the extra fat, slowly but surely. I now buy only food that is really Good for us: organic and/or sustainably grown produce, whole foods with ingredients that I can actually pronounce and NOTHING from outside the United States. I got back to running and those happy endorphins it brings. I go to Zumba twice a week and play it at home on the Wii. I drop and do push ups in the kitchen while I wait for dinner to cook. …the change has been slow and sometimes challenging, but I remembered…

I remembered finally that I’m worth a challenge.

I dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 (loose fitting now…). I dropped 10 inches off each thigh, two inches off each arm, and 8 inches off my waist. Sadly, my bra size has decreased, too…

…the fun stuff always goes first…

Dacia and WW helped me see light at the end of the tunnel, even gave me a leg up when I needed it. The thing is, though…my hard work belongs to me. Just me. I sweat. I run. I lift.

This year, I’ve signed up for the Bataan Memorial Death March 26.2, the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon, and will, on March 7, sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon. I’d have never had the guts to dream so big if I hadn’t been inspired to sweat my ass off. I’d have never thought I even deserved a chance at such great things. Now, though…with a little help from my friends, I have discovered the old me, the strong me, the me who really does deserve all the Sweet Nothings from my husband.

I found my Muchness again…hear me roar 🙂

Did this story make you cry? It did for me. Thank you Yerttle for sharing with us! Please stop by Blogging Molly and check out her amazing blog! Thanks for reading!




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  1. skinnyshae replied:

    Brilliant! Love the “muchness!”

    • Dacia replied:

      Right? That’s such a great word!

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