An Afternoon in Austin

I was extremely excited this past Sunday because I had an opportunity to spend the afternoon with my super awesome friend Ashley who flew into Austin on her way up to Waco for work. Ashley is not only one of the smartest and coolest people I have ever met she is one of my bestest friends. She was one of my maid’s of honor at my wedding; she is my big sister (sorority) and just one of my favorite people. Just ask Paul, he was our third wheel in college 🙂

Although we have lived apart from each other since 2005 I am lucky that she so kindly came to visit me in some of the places I’ve lived.

Like Ohio


And Philadelphia



I only got to hang with Ashley for a few hours on Sunday; I really wish it could have been longer.

We met in Austin at a Mexican restaurant on 6th Street for lunch.




Then, because I’m a giant dork, I asked if we could walk to Whole Foods’ flagship store so I get some kombucha. Our store in San Antonio, like the ones in Austin, has kombucha on tap and they carry a variety (Buddha’s Blend pineapple and super greens) that is not bottled. Over the past few weeks they have been out of the pineapple super greens kombucha (I usually treat myself to one whole shopping) so I have been craving it like crazy lately. Thankfully Paul and Ashley obliged so off we went.




On our way back down 6th street we walked past a billiards place and through the window we noticed skee ball. We had no other choice to go into said billiards hall and get our skee ball on.

Ashley totally kicked my butt.



This picture is not staged. We both just happen to stand like that. Weird, isn’t it?


We even let Paul play some skee ball, too.


It was hard saying goodbye to Ashley especially not knowing when our paths will cross again. I hope it is soon but I am thankful to be able to stay connected to her through this blog, FB, texting, etc until then.


Thanks for reading!


March 2, 2012. Tags: , , , , , . Friendship, Life.

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  1. mrsdentonorahippopotamus replied:

    That Museum of the Weird looks really fun.

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