MB Challenge: Week One Results and Week Two’s Challenge

How was the first week? Were you able to get in 30 minutes of activity a day?

Well, the results are in and our current leader is Amy W. (@yerttlesblog) with a loss this week of 2.90%. Woo hoo!

I know most of you are thinking WTF – 2.90% is crazy. Let me just tell you that Amy was very sick this week and I am sure she is not celebrating this loss. Right now she is trying to keep down solid food. Today she ate a banana. Yay! So, yeah, the number is kind of high this week due to her extenuating circumstances.

Just try to keep in mind that we are all different and lose differently. Don’t fall into that trap (I know I’ve been sucked in) where you compare your progress against that of others.

Just be proud of your week ; loss, gain or no change, because you spent it dedicating yourself to getting healthy and that makes you a winner. Hey, it may sound corny but it’s true. Just being here, determined and persevering, means you have already done the hardest part- taking that first step. I’m so proud of all of Monica’s Losers which maybe I should rename Monica’s Winners 🙂

Are you ready for week 2 and the new challenge?

Sticking with an activity related theme for week two I challenge you to create your own challenge and then complete it. Ok, I know that sounds lame but here is what I had in mind for this week.

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? The other week one of the contestants was challenged to climb 103 flights of stairs in an hour. Then the next day I decided I would climb 103 floors on the stair master in honor of that contestant.  Tuesday night on BL all the contestants were challenged to row 10,000 meters as fast as they could. The contestant who did it the fastest won $10,000.  I thought that would be a great challenge for this week (minus the $10K prize of course) until I realized not everyone has access to a rowing machine. So, I decided that we should each create our own challenge and then complete it this week.

I’m going to do the rower challenge but since I have rowed to 10,000m before I am going to challenge myself to row for 15,000m. What are you going to do? Is your challenge for endurance (like mine) or intensity?

I also think we should try to keep active this week so I am re-challenging you to getting in 30 minutes of activity a day too.

My friend says, “eating right helps you look good, exercise helps you look good naked.” So let’s get moving people! 🙂

Good luck and thanks for reading!


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  1. Diva on a Diet (@divaonadiet) replied:

    Congrats to Amy, although I feel bad saying that! I hope she is starting to feel better! I was not so great at keeping up with the 30 minutes of activity challenge last week.. I didn’t have my beloved fitbit for a few days, and I had social plans that didn’t allow for it almost every night! It was a crazy week. So for my challenge this week, I want to get in 45-60 min of activity 6 days this week. I didn’t say 7 days because Friday is my birthday, and I fully expect that I will not be working out, and will definitely be going out! 🙂

  2. Erica Zamsky Hunt (@MommaHunt16) replied:

    Heck Ya Amy W- Just watch out because I am gunning for the title this week! All joking aside I really enjoyed this challenge I am going to try and get some fitness in three times this week. I know that is not a lot but I have a meeting everyday after school and its the hubby’s bday on Tuesday. So working out is going to be hard as heck but I am hoping to hit the gym or my basement for a video workout Today (monday), Thursday, and Friday. I also need to keep an eye out on my eating if i want this weeks title. I hope you are all having a great week

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