MBC Week 2 Personal Challenge

Do you remember week two of Monica’s Birthday Challenge where I asked everyone to create their own fitness challenge? Initially I had set out to do a rowing challenge as mine but then as the week progressed I decided to do something different.

Something that was mentally challenging and still very physical. Something I hadn’t done in 14 years. Something I was afraid of doing.

Something that Paul had taken me to do when we lived in Washington and I absolutely refused to try as I was completely paralyzed with fear.


It had been 14 years since I put on a pair of skates but last week I just felt like I was ready to give it another shot.

You see, back in 1998 I fell while rollerblading and did a number on my back. I broke my pelvic bone. It was awful. That accident not only kept me off any type of skates for almost a decade and a half it also left me with an overwhelming fear of injuring myself again and was how I stopped doing most physical activities.

It was there that my road to obesity all started.

But I don’t want to dwell on that story. That is my past. My future is now completely different because of this new road I decided to travel down.

And this road lead me to roller skating.

It was time to get back on that horse.

I was super excited to be able to push through my fears and get back out there. I asked Paul to record me skating around so I could share it with you and also as a reminder of how far I’ve come. He kindly obliged and took four videos. On the way home I stole his phone so I could check out the videos- I was thrilled to see how they turned out.

The first one- one second.

The second one- two seconds.

The third one- five seconds.

The fourth one- 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Yes! One minute and twenty-five seconds. I was so excited to watch since clearly he had some issues with the first three.

Sadly it was one and a half minutes of him filming the ground. WTF Paul! Really? No video! Blerg!

Well, at least I have this picture.


We had so much fun that night. It took me some time to move away from the wall and get comfortable enough to skate. I never really got the hang of turning so I kind of skated in a rectangle. Straight line- stop at wall- turn- straight line- stop at wall- turn- you get the idea. I definitely was rusty to say the least but damn did I have fun.

I kept telling Paul that it might not look like it (because of my tense, serious facial expressions) but I was having a really good time. Surprisingly, he did too.

We skated for about an hour and a half and it wasn’t too crowded either which was nice. I felt like a giddy school girl watching Paul skate around during the boy’s only fast skate. Yeah, we were the only adults there not with kids but we didn’t care. It was awesome.

Afterwards we headed to Blue Star for some beers and sweet potato fries- it was the perfect date night.

And since I had so much fun and was super excited to go back again I decided to organize a girl’s night out this upcoming Tuesday. I’m not sure how many people are going to show but I guarantee it will be a blast!

I would love to know what your perfect date night or girl’s night out would be. Have you been roller or ice skating recently?

Also, do you have any fears keeping your from trying something?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. sweetopiagirl replied:

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  2. sweetopiagirl replied:

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  3. Racheal West Koontz replied:

    Most everyone that knows me, knows about the hand surgery I had in early 2007. From that surgery, I lost most of my upper body strength from fear of doing anything that might cause more problems with my recovery, so I did nothing really with my arms that was beyond the necessary things. I’ve been afraid, on some level, since then that I’m going to do something that will cause me to have to go through that all over again (turns out it’s easy to reinjure). This past week, I went for it anyways. I went to a yoga class for the first time. I found that I do have some limitations from the surgery still (cant put my body weight on my hand flat on the floor) but I stuck it out and the instructor really helped me to modify the poses so that I wasnt putting any unnecessary stress on that hand. I wanted to cry just from the help she was giving me because I’d honestly thought that I would never really be able to do yoga because of the requirement on the hands – and yet there I was, doing it. So yeah, happy tears. I’m going back, that’s for sure. I want to be at a point one day to where I dont feel like I’m just rolling around on the floor and am actually doing the poses.

    Oh yeah – for the challenge, my challenge was to fit in exercise. Not only did I get a couple of dog walks in (when the weather allowed), I figured out how to get going to the gym into my schedule better. I went to the yoga class and also went to a Zumba class this week.

  4. jakennicksmomma replied:

    What a great night out! I wish I lived closer so I could go to your girls night out!! Also, you look wonderful in that photo!!

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