MB Challenge: My Progress

I have been really struggling with my blog lately. It’s been a combination of not enough free time and not enough new topics that have kept me from getting in regular posts. I apologize about that and am going to try to do better with posting more frequently.

Having a lot on my plate is not really a good excuse though. Who doesn’t have a lot on their plate? Everyone I know is busy so if my fellow bloggers can write multiple posts a week then so can I.

Today I want to share with you my progress in Monica’s Birthday Challenge. Although I am not eligible to win it I am still tracking my progress and participating in the challenges. So far I have lost 4.61% percent of my starting weight going from 178.0 down to 169.8 pounds. I am pretty pleased with my progress so far. Getting my workouts in during the AM definitely helps as well as tri training and having a new bike that I love to ride. I am guessing you figured that out when you saw this week’s miles challenge.

Speaking of the miles challenge so far I have rode for 27.27 miles (20.4 on my bike, 6.87 at the gym) and have walked/ran 2.69 miles. I am over halfway to my 50 mile bike goal but less than 20% to my 15 mile walk/run goal. Definitely need to step it up on the walk/run portion.

I planned on going for a walk last night but I was just so exhausted, my body had a different plan. I hit the gym in the AM and then had my lunch time yoga class so no, I didn’t feel guilty not getting in a walk last night. Yes, I want to reach the 15 mile goal but not if it means overexerting myself. My body was tired; it needed rest so that is what I gave it.

Tuesday is my Weight Watchers meeting at work so I don’t normally workout. I try to take it easy on my weigh in day and so I won’t be hitting the gym at any point today. I will, however, be heading out for Girls Night later this evening. We are having our second girls only outing at the roller skating rink. I am super excited. Not only is skating a great way to have fun while being active it also allows you to be carefree for a few hours. I totally feel like a 12 year old when I am out there. I don’t think about work or other life stressors and just focus on skating and having fun with my girls. It’s great.

My workout plan for the rest of the week includes; swimming (W, F), yoga (W), Couch to 5K week 6 days 2 &3 (Th, Sat), stationary bike (Th, Sat), cycling (W, F, Sun) and walking (Th, F, Sat) and I am pretty excited. Oh and how can I forget Kick-Ass April and Six-Pack March from the Sisterhood? I am doing squats, burpees, wall sits, push-ups, sit-ups and planks daily, too.

I wanted to point out that if you are following the Kick-Ass April routine set up by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans the burpees are in seconds, not reps. So for day one it was 30 seconds of burpees not 30 burpees. Just wanted to clarify that since I have heard from several people that they thought it was reps. It’s not, don’t kill yourself doing burpees. 😉

Although I have been doing really good with tracking I have not been doing really good with food choices. This weekend I ate a lot of junk and drank more than I probably should have. So for this week I am trying to make better choices. For my lunches this week, I made a batch of Asian Inspired Vegetable Soup (recipe courtesy of Weight Watchers) to which I added some thin rice noodles to make it a little more substantial. I will be having my standard salad with that, too.

For breakfasts I am going to start my day with a pre-workout meal of a banana and an almond date roll. Post workout I will have a Vega recovery drink and then a Vega One nutritional shake. I switched over to the nutritional shake instead of my normal green monster smoothie because it is filled with so much good stuff and so much faster to prepare in the morning it is totally worth the additional cost.

For dinners this week we are having; BBQ mushroom sandwiches, pasta primavera, pitas with veggies and healthy hummus, pad thai and a red quinoa lentil tart. I am still not sure if we will have a special dinner for Easter Sunday but I do plan on making baked quinoa oatmeal for breakfast that day. I did just see that Engine 2 posted on their blog some Easter meal ideas so I am going to definitely check that out.

So, that about wraps up my week; how I plan to complete the two fitness challenges along with what I am eating which will hopefully help me conquer the food challenge as well. I would love to see another loss this week and am hoping this plan helps me get there.

How are you facing your challenges this week?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Erica Zamsky Hunt (@MommaHunt16) replied:

    Hehe I love that you clarfieid about the Burpees because let me tell you I got about ten in-I didn’ t have a timer so I just went until I almost died..thank god no one was around because i am sure me trying those was not a pretty pictures. I also decided to get my booty in gear. I have a hard time getting to the gym (both my kids are sick now) plus meetings, cooking, and grading for school. But I decided I need to do something most days. So my goal is walking the dog (20-25min of walking) a short exericse video (20 min turbo jam) and the challenge as well. I figured something is better than nothing.

  2. Shrinking Carrie replied:

    Awesome weightloss!!! Too bad you can’t win the prize! Stellar exercise, it makes me think I need to start riding my bike again.

  3. Racheal K replied:

    Thank goodness for the clarification on the burpees. I was doing them until my legs felt like they were going to give out, a lot longer than 30 seconds but not quite 30 reps. The next day I was so sore I couldn’t walk extra after work. I’ve been pushing myself though. I’ve been doing some running mixed with my walking while holding my core so I’m not just flailing about while keeping going. All I can say is the Biggest Loser makes it seem really easy.

    You are doing so amazing. I really appreciate your blog. You help keep me motivated on some of the days that I almost feel like I want to quit. I started yoga a few weeks ago, mostly because of what I’ve read about how you’ve found such enjoyment and fulfillment from it. It’s awesome, just like you are.

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