This Is Not Goodbye

I need a break.

A break from the blog, a break from social media. Just a break from it all.

After this contest ends I am going on a temporary hiatus from blogging. I have already cut way back on my Twitter and Facebook time and keep going back and forth about deleting my Twitter account entirely.

You have my email- it’s posted on the blog page. You know how to get in touch with me. I will still be here if you need anything at all.

I just need a break.

I need time to reevaluate my situation.

I don’t feel like I am doing my best to help anyone right now, especially not myself.

Right now I am at a point in my journey where reading people’s blogs or going on Twitter is just frustrating to me. It’s hard to explain what’s going on in my head right now and I know if I tried to I would just piss people off so let’s just say I need a break.

I’m drained.

There is no use to keep pushing myself towards these expectations I have set for myself, in regards to this blog, when I know I am never going to get there.

So, I am just going to step away for a bit and decide what my next step will be. What I want from this blog. What message I want to send. I have changed so much and so I think it is time for this blog to change as well.

This is not goodbye. This is just a quick break. I’ll be back and hopefully this blog will still be something that interests you.

Take care and as always, thanks for reading!


April 12, 2012. Tags: , , , , . Blogging, inspiration.


  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    We all love you and will happily wait for your triumphant return.

  2. Whitney (@whitgetsfit) replied:

    Dacia, I am in the same boat as you, and I completely understand! I started by booting people from my feed, but I know the issue is with *me*. It is hard to inundanted by constant updates and success (and failures). Good luck as you re-focus on yourself. This is YOUR journey, after all. Don’t let anyone stand in your way!

  3. Ginger replied:

    Have a nice break, Dacia! I will see you when you come back to us 🙂

  4. Carbaholic Mama (@CarbaholicMama) replied:

    Take what time you need for you. Sending you hugs! ❤

  5. Diva on a Diet (@divaonadiet) replied:

    I totally understand! But know that you HAVE helped and inspired many people, myself included! And it isn’t about other’s successes, or how successful your blog is, how many followers you have, or yada, yada, yada. At the end of the day, it is about taking care of yourself and doing what is best for you! You are amazing! A break is good! Hugs!

  6. Latina Barbi replied:

    I’ll be here when you come back!

  7. jamesandjax replied:

    I hope it is a quick break. I have been where you are a few times over the year and a half I’ve been blogging, and sometimes a break is exactly the right/best thing to do to reenergize you and your blog. Please don’t delete your Twitter account, though. You may regret it later, and it takes time to build up a following like you have. My advice is to just stop going on there for a while, instead of deleting it altogether.

    I actually have a blog post all about this (blog burnout) in my draft folder. Maybe I’ll get around to finishing it one of these days.

    Have a nice break. I’ll be here when you get back! 🙂

  8. Simply Sidney replied:

    oh sweetie, I’m going to miss you for sure, but what is most important is how you are doing. You come first and it pleases me that you feel the need for a break AND you are taking it. You also know my email/cell, use them if you need cause I’ll be here. Looking forward to your return and whatever that return looks like.

  9. cassiebehle replied:

    The real world awaits, right?! No worries – we’ll all be here when you get back and I totally get it. Blogging demands so much time! Good luck, take care and keep up on the wonderful course you’ve set for your life! I believe in you!

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