My name is Dacia and welcome to my blog. I am a thirty-four year old Army wife, married seven years, no kids, two furbabies. I currently live in San Antonio, TX with my husband who is stationed at Fort Sam Houston.  I love to read and am addicted to going to library sales and buying any book that looks remotely interesting. I work in the electricity and natural gas field. I love watching and attempting to play sports and would consider myself an outdoorsy person. I am a native Philadelphian, I listen to altrock and was raised by two wonderful hippies. I started this blog 02/2011 to help me change my life. Since then I have started a new job, reconnected with old friends and made dozens of new ones, found many new hobbies including yoga and Nia (if you don’t know what Nia is please check out their website: nianow.com), became a Weight Watchers member, lost over 100 pounds (110 and counting as of 01/28/12) and adopted a vegan lifestyle. Yep, my life has changed so much for the better since I started this blog. I am so thanful you are here and happy to have you follow me on my journey! Thanks for reading! xxoo Dacia



  1. Sarah replied:

    Hello! I just came across your blog from some impressive creeping through wordpress land, and I like it! I did (and continue to do) ww, too — it’s such a freaking awesome program and is a great way to just learn how to integrate healthiness into life!

    Anyway, Hi! I’ll look forward to continuing to poke around here!

    • Dacia replied:

      That is awesome! I am glad you found me! I am always happy to have new readers and am happy you are a WW member too. I am always looking for feedback from my readers so please feel free to comment any tips or suggestions you may have! Thanks for reading!

  2. myblogject replied:

    Hi Dacia, I got interested in looking at your blog, as Ginger mentioned you’re a fellow WW’er. Also, if GInger likes your blog that’s a great recommendation!
    Love all your content, especially the very open weight loss goals, impressed! Well done!

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you so much! I am glad you food my blog and I can’t wait to check yours out too!

  3. yerttle replied:

    Hey! I found you through Ginger, too. 🙂 I’m an Army wife and my husband and I were at Ft. Sam a few years back while he went to PA school. (he was also there as an enlisted soldier for medic training, etc.) I LOVED SA. We’re on the East Coast now, still Army, still missing Central Market… (((sigh))) enjoy it all for me, my dear! I’ll keep following your blog!

    Go Army Wives!

    • Dacia replied:

      I am in line at Central Market right now! How weird!

  4. thoughtsappear replied:

    I’m headed to San Antonio for week in about a month, and I’ve never been. Any suggestions on what to see/do while I’m there?

    • Dacia replied:

      That really depends on what kind of things you like to do. I have done pretty much all the touristy stuff since I have had friends and family come visit when I moved here. Shoot me an email and let me know what kind of stuff you like to do and I will give you some suggestions. axid200@gmail.com

  5. Don't Make That Face replied:

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for subscribing to my little bloggie. I appreciate it. Trust me, it’s totally worth it (probably not).

    Nice to meet you.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! Nice to meet you too! It was totally worth it- you are hilarious! I love your blog.

  6. Caryn replied:

    Hi there! I found your blog through Average in Suburbia’s latest Versatile Blogger post and I really enjoyed your posts and can definitely relate to being a 33 and counting! I am a native Texas girl (Dallas), but I understand trying to adapt to a new place, especially while working and going to graduate school and everything else! Look forward to reading more.

    • Dacia replied:

      Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed reading my posts. I have been ‘off the grid’ this week but will definitely be checking out your blog soon! Yay!

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