Slowly Fading

Gosh, it’s really getting hard to write for this blog anymore. In the past few weeks I have started countless posts but I just can’t get past the first few sentences. I don’t know why this is happening but I certainly know that I feel completely uninspired to write and I don’t feel guilty about that in the least.

A few weeks ago I wrote about trying to challenge myself to have two weekly losses in a row and when the second week came around and I lost I couldn’t muster the energy to write about it. I was excited about it, too. Breaking the yo-yo cycling was great. So I tried for a third week in a row and despite suffering through my time of the month I came out with another loss. I am working my butt off hoping to pull another loss next week which would make June the month of losses for me. The thought of that makes me very happy.

Happy because I am losing? Yes. Happier because I am doing it on my terms? Hells yeah!

I have spent the past few weeks getting in the activities that I love and spending my time in ways that make me happy. I’ve been to parties, movies, bars, and out to dinner at least once a week but I’ve also been running, cycling, and Nia-ing whenever I felt like it. My exercise has become my passion and I just can’t get enough of what I’m doing.

So much so that starting tomorrow I am going to try commuting to work on my bike.

And just last week I rode down to our favorite bar/hangout on my bike to find the best/easiest route from our house.

If I could, I would ride my bike everywhere. And I am working on making that a very real possibility.

And the running. I have no idea what happened. I wrote in a post after I ran my first 5K that I was done with running. I told you that I had signed up for a second 5K but after that I was going to focus more on cycling. Then the second 5K came and it was brutal (finished with .5 mile uphill climb) but for whatever reason I still wanted to keep running. So I started running after my bike rides, and through my neighborhood, and out on the trails and now I just love it. So much so that I signed up for four races in July; three 5Ks and one 4-miler.

I’m actually going to meet a running group tonight for a run along the river walk (one of my favorite places to run in San Antonio) and of course I am trying to figure out the logistics of how I can ride my bike to and from the run meetup.

I just don’t know anymore. My life is interesting but I think it’s just interesting to me. I don’t have any great stories, deep thoughts, of words of wisdom to share with you – and maybe I never did- which is making it that much harder to post.

I’m still around posting on Facebook, tweeting when I can, and of course via email if you want to reach out to me. I’m still the same person working towards a healthy life and I will try to drop in and give you updates once in awhile but for now I think this blog is becoming less of a priority for me. And I’m ok with that.

So, thank you for being the best support team a girl could ask for. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of you. I appreciate your friendship and guidance more than words can express.

Until next time- thanks for reading! I love you guys!


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It’s Time to Vlog

I’m home sick from work. I woke up with a killer headache and choose to wait it out hiding under the sheets in the comfort of my bed. I’m still not feeling 100% but with lots of water and rest I am getting there.

While I’ve been relaxing I decided that I wanted to do another vlog. It has been months since the last one and it was so much fun I thought it would be great to do it again.

But I need your help.

What do you want to see? Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer? I’m open to almost anything; weight loss, veganism, marriage, etc. Or would you like to see another cooking vlog? I’m leaving this one up to you. Leave me a comment, shoot me an email (, Facebook message or tweet (@dacialee33) at me your responses. I’m hoping to vlog this weekend so please get your questions/requests in by Saturday 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

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This Is Not Goodbye

I need a break.

A break from the blog, a break from social media. Just a break from it all.

After this contest ends I am going on a temporary hiatus from blogging. I have already cut way back on my Twitter and Facebook time and keep going back and forth about deleting my Twitter account entirely.

You have my email- it’s posted on the blog page. You know how to get in touch with me. I will still be here if you need anything at all.

I just need a break.

I need time to reevaluate my situation.

I don’t feel like I am doing my best to help anyone right now, especially not myself.

Right now I am at a point in my journey where reading people’s blogs or going on Twitter is just frustrating to me. It’s hard to explain what’s going on in my head right now and I know if I tried to I would just piss people off so let’s just say I need a break.

I’m drained.

There is no use to keep pushing myself towards these expectations I have set for myself, in regards to this blog, when I know I am never going to get there.

So, I am just going to step away for a bit and decide what my next step will be. What I want from this blog. What message I want to send. I have changed so much and so I think it is time for this blog to change as well.

This is not goodbye. This is just a quick break. I’ll be back and hopefully this blog will still be something that interests you.

Take care and as always, thanks for reading!

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My First Year Blogiversary Celebration

This past Monday was my one year blogiversary. I was too sick to celebrate. That’s life, I guess.

I am feeling somewhat better now, thank you for asking, and am excited to finally have a diagnosis from the doctor; Vitamin D deficiency and anemia. I won’t bore you with the details other than I am going to start taking once a week vitamin d supplements and daily iron supplements and then in twelve weeks back to the lab to check my levels. Hopefully the supplements will make everything all better 🙂

Any who, today I want to celebrate this past year and all of the changes that have happened in my life. It’s amazing to look back on it and see how different my life is now. A year ago I was miserable and at my breaking point. The blog was my last hope. I desperately needed it, and the support of my six friends I told about it, to help push me and keep me accountable. I never thought that in a year’s time (which to me seemed so far in the future) I would grow into something so powerful and lead me here, healthy and happy.

When I first started I weighed 286 pounds which seemed like an impossible number to overcome. In order to get to the top of my healthy weight range (150 pounds) I would need to lose about 48% of my weight- almost half of me! That’s crazy! I needed to lose a healthy 5’5” woman in order to get to a healthy weight. Yikes! That was too much. So I started with small, realistic, short-term goals and rewarded myself when I reached them. That helped me focus on the progress I was making, instead of the giant mountain that lay in front of me, and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I wasn’t always successful, it wasn’t always easy or rewarding but because of this blog and the amazing support team I have I was able to push through the tough spots. Because of this blog, and all of you, I am pushing through a tough spot right now. I am going to make it through all of this….because of you.

Thank you!

Over the course of the last year….

I walked a 5K for WordPress worldwide 5K day, for Weight Watchers, and for fun…



I took up boxing, which I now love, and after just six months was asked if I would write a testimonial for their website


Boxing helped my confidence grow and because of it was able to try new things. I found Nia, my second great love. Nia became a passion of mine and it translated into confidence, self-love and personal acceptance. I was chosen as Nia San Antonio student of the month for September and in December I completed my Nia White Belt Intensive…


My blog was featured in the Blog Watch section of the Edmonton Journal…


I’ve been able to reconnect with my friends scattered around the country. These amazing ladies keep me in check!





I’ve made new friends and found great inspiration. My kindred spirits. I always know they are just a tweet/email/phone call away!






I went on vacation twice. New Orleans in April and PA/NJ/DE in February…




I went to lots of hockey games…. with and without the doggies



There were season ticket holder events, too…



I became a vegan and my compassion for animal rights grew exponentially…


I climbed mountains…ok, more like really big rocks


I laughed, cried, danced, stumbled, climbed, and fell…

I ran a mile without stopping.

I biked a 50K at the gym.

I started a new job.

I became the person I wanted to be; I started living the life I wanted.

I took more time for myself and in turn found the things that were truly important in my life.

I did all of this for me. I did it all with him. My love, my best friend, my number one supporter. Thank you, Paul! I love you!




This year has changed me and my life so dramatically and I am thankful for these changes every day. I am truly blessed for all of this. I could not ask for more. Last year I was thirty-three and counting, this year I’m thirty-four and freaking fabulous!

Thanks for being with me this past year and I hope you will be with me for many more to come!

Thanks for reading!

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My First Vlog AKA 15 Minutes of Torture…

Here it is, live and in living color, my small screen debut.

Ok, it’s not that exciting.

Here is my first ever vlog (video blog)- well actually you get my first and second ever vlogs. The first one stopped recording because I didn’t have enough free space on my iPhone to store it. Hmmmm, I wonder why. Could it be the five million pictures I had on there? Yep, so I deleted some videos/pics and filmed the last segment, which is only a of couple minutes long, instead of starting from scratch. So, I apologize for the two videos. I also apologize for the video quality and the fact that I babble as much when talking as I do when writing. I hope you stick it out to the end. All in all I think it is about 15 minutes of video. Hopefully you can understand my nonsense talk and  you don’t immediately regret your decision to watch. As always, I appreciate your open and honest feedback. Should I ever do this again?

Part One

Part Two

Thanks for watching!

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I need your help!

I have an idea and I need your help to execute it. I decided the other day that I wanted to do a vlog (video blog) but I wasn’t really sure what I should talk about. Knowing how I talk, if I go into this without a game plan, you would end up seeing ten minutes of nonsensical babble. Trust me; you don’t want to see that. I think it would be best if I had specific topics to talk about so I am asking for your help. I think it would be fun for me this vlog was dedicated to answering questions submitted by you. It would help give me things to talk about and at the same time, hopefully, make it interesting for you to watch. If you would like to ask me a question or have a topic you would want me to talk about leave me a comment or you can email, tweet, Facebook, or text me your question- whatever is easiest for you. I will compile the list Friday and will record it hopefully Saturday afternoon. Feel free to ask whatever you want- I will answer pretty much any question within reason. I am very excited about this and hopefully you are too!

Thanks for reading! Now get to work! 🙂

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The opposite of thought-provoking

Here are some random thoughts I have had in my head the past few days that I wanted to share. I jotted down (well, texted myself) some notes so I wouldn’t forget 🙂

* The Synergy Studio is offering Journey Dance Module 1: 5-Day Intensive Teacher Training in January. I am going to do it. I have already told Paul that it is what I want for my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present (which all happen in the same 2 week span) and he said ok. Originally I wanted an iPad but when I found out that this would be happening here in San Antonio and would be taught by Toni Bergins, the creator of Journey Dance, herself I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Not only will I get to spend five days with some of the most wonderful people learning more about Journey Dance I will also be granted a provisional license upon course completion that will allow me to teach Journey Dance classes. This is a big deal for me because I know it is only a matter of time before we leave San Antonio and more than likely we will end up somewhere that isn’t in or near a city. I may end up relocating to the sticks, to the middle of nowhere, and what will I do when I can’t find someplace like Synergy nearby? If I can’t find a studio that offers Journey Dance classes for me to take maybe I could teach some myself. I could teach at a yoga studio or at the Army post gym or even a YMCA but at least I will be able to still enjoy Journey Dance and possibly even introduce it to others who have never experienced it before. I look at this class as an investment into my future happiness.

Synergy is also offering Nia White Belt training five times next year and if I can afford it (it is three times as expensive as the Journey Dance seminar) then I will do that as well. The white belt allows you to teach too so again I have to think of it as an investment. It would be great if in a few years I could turn doing something I love, something that brings me such happiness, into a part-time career. Although this has nothing to do with teaching I wanted to tell you that I signed up for a yoga seminar that runs for five weeks, two hours every Saturday, starting Saturday 9/3. It is an introduction to yoga class taught by the Synergy yoga instructors and although I have been practicing yoga for months I feel it is important that I expand my knowledge base. I am not sure how strong of a foundation I have when it comes to the basics of different poses and techniques since I kind of just threw myself into yoga. I know I could definitely learn a lot from a course like this. I am very excited to start that next week and will definitely let you know how it goes.

*My IRL BFF JH ( James & Jax) told me that I needed to go to BlogHer12. It will be in NYC next year and because she lives close by she would be attending. I, of course, said yes. Then I asked Paul and thankfully he said yes, too. JH and I have been discussing logistics and planning ever since they announced the location and dates a few weeks ago. Yeah, we’ve been going a little crazy for an event that isn’t happening until August 2-4 2012 but we are both so excited we can’t help ourselves. Then today to add to the BlogHer12 chaos Hilton Hotels (where the conference is being held) put out a discount code, ‘BLOG’ in case you hadn’t heard, which knocked 100 dollars off their rate so we had no choice but to book our room. There was no way I was missing out on the chance to save 300 bucks! Now that the room is booked I just need to buy the actual BlogHer12 tickets. I am going to try and do this in the next week because they are currently offering 20% off the early bird rate through August which brings the price to a very reasonable $158 for the two-day event. While JH and I were texting about the hotel and the tickets this morning I came up with an idea for a new goal. I would like to be at my goal weight by the time I go to BlogHer. That means I need to lose 79 pounds in 11.5 months. It’s a plausible and realistic goal which I am going to work like gangbusters towards meeting it. We are 49 weeks out (exactly) so that means I need to lose 1.61 pounds per week on average to meet that goal. I know it will get harder to lose as much as fast as I get lighter but I think I can get there. Wish me luck!

Are you going to BlogHer? If so, I hope we can meet! I know I am still pretty small-time when it comes to the blogging community but I am still looking forward to spending the weekend with some amazing female bloggers and getting to learn some tricks of the trade. I am not necessarily going there looking to grow my blog, honestly I have no idea how bloggers who get hundreds of comments per post keep up with it, but I would like to improve my writing ability and learn how to create posts that are worthwhile and helpful to others reading. Regardless of the outcome I know it will be the experience of a lifetime and am thankful to get to spend it with my best friend.

*When my Dad was in the hospital after complications following his neck surgery Paul and I ended up going back to NJ to be by his side. Being that neither of us is from Texas we have no family here that could help take care of our dogs while we were gone. We reached out to our former dog walker (from when we lived in the apartment) knowing she would love to spend some time with the girls but sadly she was on her way back home to France because her father had passed away. So we turned to my friend MS- my first SA friend- in hopes that she would be able to take care of them. She kindly agreed to come and stay in our home in order to make sure the dogs were out and fed and taken care of. It was a lot to ask of someone, especially someone who is not a pet owner, and we sprung it on her with one day’s notice. Oh, and did I mention that we had lived there for four days, there were still unpacked boxes everywhere, and no food/drink to be found. Yeah, she was a saint- she never complained once. So, I just wanted to take a minute to give her a long overdue THANK YOU. Paul and I really appreciate you taking care of things while we were gone. You rock! We totally owe you one! Woo, Woo, Woo -Arsenio Hall style!

*Do you remember when Paul fell in the bathtub, hurt his ribs, and then didn’t go to the doctor to have them checked out? Well it happened again. Not the fall but the injured ribs. He was in combatives practice (kind of like wrestling mixed with MMA) and he landed awkwardly after someone threw him. He ended up in the ER the next day because the pain was too much for him to tolerate. They took some x-rays, told him it was a contusion (why they can’t say bruise is beyond me), gave him some pain meds, put him on profile (exercise restrictions) and sent him on his way. That was Sunday. Today he went to the doctor because he was still in tons of pain. The doctor reviewed his previous x-ray and told him he thought there were signs of a fractured rib but that it had healed, probably from the first fall. They sent him for more x-rays and sure enough he actually has a broken rib- not fully healed- more than likely from this recent injury. This sucks for multiple reasons. One, it’s obviously really painful. Two, he is now on a two month profile which will restrict what he can do training wise. It will definitely make it harder for him to continue his marathon training. Three and this may be the worst part- he cannot compete in the Soldier of the Quarter competition next week. Combatives is a part of the competition (why he was training in the first place) and since he cannot participate in that event he is not allowed to compete at all. This is really bad news for Paul because he missed the last one while he was off at training and now he will miss this one, the last one of the year. Poor guy. He can’t seem to catch a break these days.

In other Paul news, he and the other guys that tend to hang out at our house finished the first keg in the kegorator in like three weeks. Geez, that was fast. I think we were all hoping it would last a little longer. Oh, well. What can I say, they like beer. Tonight Paul and one of his friends are going to get another one and just in time since Paul will need a beer or three after the week has been having.

*Starting next Tuesday I will be joining in Weight Watchers program offered where I work. This may not seem like a big deal to most but for me it was a decision I went back and forth on for quite some time. I am nervous about changing my weigh in day to Tuesday (at lunchtime nonetheless) from Saturday mornings. I know what I weigh on Tuesdays and what I weigh on Saturdays and usually I am heavier on Tuesdays. Also, weighing in at lunch time means I will be weighing in wearing my work clothes after having eaten breakfast opposed to my normal routine of weighing in on an empty stomach. But I know it is the best thing to do for me. Doing WW at work means there is a possibility of partial reimbursement from my employer by meeting certain goals, it means Saturday mornings open to do whatever I want, it will help me save of gas money not having to drive out to the meeting location, and possibly creating a bond with some of my co-workers as we work through our journey together. So once I got over my fear of seeing a huge gain on that scale come Tuesday, as well as being reassured that I wouldn’t lose my WW history I had built up for five months, it was an easy decision to make. Plus, it will only be bad that first weigh in and then after that it will be back to business as usual. Keep an eye out for my Weight Watchers updates as they will now be posted on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

*Do you use Klout? I am somewhat obsessed with it. Not because it is awesome- it really doesn’t do anything but measure your social media influence- but because they give you free stuff. I have yet to receive any of the said free stuff but I am growing obsessed with trying to. My friend JH told me I should join (do you see the pattern yet? She’s turned me on to so many things; blogging, Twitter, BlogHer, Klout, etc.) and so I did. She has Klout and because of it she received a year’s supply of clinical strength deodorant. Not that I am in desperate need of clinical strength deodorant (actually JH gave me some when I saw her a few weeks ago) but I am hoping that anything I receive, that I can’t use myself, I can in-turn donate it to the USO to go into care packages for deployed soldiers. This is now my new goal- trying to get free stuff. I think my friend KG would approve! 🙂 If you want to help me try to get some free stuff via Klout friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter- @dacialee33.

Thanks for reading!

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Versatile Blogger Award

I am excited to announce that today I received this:


This is my first blog award so I am pretty thrilled. I kid you not; I almost did a little dance when I saw my blog listed in Ginger Couturier’s post as one of her recipients. I love Ginger and was honored to receive this from her. Her blog was one of the first one’s I subscribed to when I started blogging and have been faithfully following her journey ever since. In case you don’t subscribe to her blog, which you totally should, you may remember it from this post that included the best-ever brownies which I won from her blog giveaway. This chick is pretty rad; brownies and then a blogger award. I am so lucky!

As I read through her post and checked out the other blogs she listed I realized that this meant that I would have to figure out who I would be giving this award to. I was excited to accept this award but in order to do so I had to meet two conditions: share 7 things about yourself and pass on the award to other wonderful bloggers.

I am ok with the sharing part but trying to pick others to receive this award is comparable to Sophie’s Choice. This decision is made only slightly easier by having two blogs eliminated from contention; Ginger’s and Yerttle’s– as she was another recipient of this award from Ginger. I really would like to give this award to everyone on my blogroll but I will follow along with the conditions and will choose seven, although it doesn’t specifically say how many, bloggers to receive this award. I hope I get more of these in the future so I can pass them along to other bloggers not on the list this time. You all deserve this!

Recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award- please show them some love!

* In no particular order…..

Haath Se [By Hand] / Simple Beauties – one blogger, two blogs

Kitchen Tutor / Team Dewhurst – one blogger, two blogs

Simply Sidney

Cassie Behle

James and Jax

My Happily Ever After

Amy’s Journey to Health

Hopefully you are still reading and not unsubscribing from this blog instead 😉 Seriously, it was very difficult choosing just seven because I love and read so many that are deserving of this award.

Well, I still have another condition to fulfill which is to share with you seven things you might not know about me. Here you go:

  1. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic
  2. As an adult I have lived in nine different states, six of which I have lived in with Paul since we were married six years ago.
  3. My career goal is to become a college professor and to get a PhD
  4. I have a birthmark on my upper left thigh that somewhat resembles the state of Florida
  5. I only cut my hair once a year.
  6. I am very superstitious and believe that any change in my routine or even wearing certain articles of clothing can impact the outcome of things.
  7. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know me outside of this blog, Dacia is my real name and it is pronounced day-sha; the –cia make a sha sound like in Marcia or Patricia.

Don’t forget to enter my blog giveaway– the deadline is 1159 pm CST TODAY! Thanks for reading!

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